Maternity Leave out of Office Message Examples

When you go on maternity leave, you want to make sure that your clients and customers know that you’re still available to help them. Let us know ‘Maternity Leave out of Office Message Examples’.

Maternity Leave out of Office Message Examples

Paternity leave, a brief period shortly the following childbirth, and expanding parental leave to both parents are recent initiatives aimed at encouraging fathers to take care-related leave. Maternity leave is justified to assist women in managing the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

Parental and paternity leave are designed to help with the care and raising of children once they are born, a responsibility that both mothers and fathers should share. There are numerous different formulas used around the world to determine leave entitlements, which can be paid or unpaid. However, many working moms lack access to maternity leave benefits.

It’s crucial to put up an out-of-office message so that your clients and coworkers will know how to contact you while you’re on maternity leave. You can utilize the maternity leave out-of-office messages shown in the following instances.

Send my secretary an email at [email address] if you need to get in touch with me. I will occasionally check my email, but I won’t be available for phone calls or in-person meetings.

Currently, on maternity leave, I’ll be going back to work on [date]. Please get in touch with [name] at [email address] if you require a quick assistance. All additional inquiries will be answered as soon as I can after my return. I appreciate your patience.

Yes, your work-from-home position may also include paid parental leave and full benefits.

What is maternity leave?

Maternity leave is a period when pregnant women and new mothers are away from work. It normally lasts for a few weeks to months, and on rare occasions even longer.

Maternity leave is meant to offer the mother some time to rest after giving birth and spend quality time with her kid. The family needs some time to get used to the new member. In some cases, maternity leave may be used for medical reasons.

There are many different types of maternity leave, including paid and unpaid leave, as well as leave that can be taken before or after the birth of the child. The length of maternity leave varies depending on the company’s policy, as well as the country in which the woman works.

The American College suggests continuing postpartum care from the time of the baby’s delivery until 12 weeks, six weeks has long been the conventional time frame for rest and recovery following childbirth.

The minimal recovery period for an uncomplicated vaginal birth is typically six weeks, and the minimum recovery period for an uncomplicated c-section delivery is eight weeks.

During maternity leave, your fundamental rights are suspended. So, there is no problem if you will not reply to an emergency email.

The different types of maternity leave

There are 3 types of maternity leave, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

  • The most common type of maternity leave is traditional maternity leave, which generally lasts for six to eight weeks. This type of leave allows the mother to bonding time with her newborn and recover from childbirth. However, it can be difficult to coordinate child care during this period, and many mothers find themselves feeling isolated from their work colleagues.
  • Another type of maternity leave is extended maternity leave, which can last for up to a year. This type of leave provides more flexibility for mothers, but can also be disruptive to the workplace. Many employers are hesitant to grant extended leaves, and it can be difficult to find affordable child care during this period.
  • The third type of maternity leave is unpaid maternity leave, which allows mothers to take up to six months off from work without pay. This type of leave can be beneficial for families who cannot afford to miss out on a paycheck, but it can also be challenging to manage finances during this period.

Maternity leaves out of office message examples

Assuming you will be out for your full maternity leave, you should plan to have your out-of-office message cover the entire duration of your leave.

I’m now on maternity leave, but on [date], I’ll be going back to work. Please get in touch with [colleague’s name] if you require assistance right away.

Until [date], I will be on maternity leave. Please get in touch with my manager at [manager’s email] if you have an urgent question.

Hello! I’m on maternity leave right now. I will have limited access to email and will not be able to respond to messages until I return to the office on [date]. For urgent matters, please call my cell phone at [phone number].

How to craft an out-of-office message for maternity leave?

Assuming you want a maternity leave out-of-office message for a work email:

Hello! I will not be in the office until [Date] while I am on maternity leave, but I will still occasionally check my email. Please get in touch with [coworker’s name] at [coworker’s email] if you require immediate assistance. Thank you!

What to include in maternity leave out of office message?

You’re probably experiencing a variety of feelings, from delight and excitement to tension and anxiety. You may be wondering how you’re going to juggle work and motherhood, or how you’re going to afford everything that comes along with starting a family.

One thing that’s important to remember is to communicate your maternity leave plans with your employer as soon as possible. It’s also a good idea to set up an out-of-office message on your email account so that people know how to reach you in case of an emergency.

Here are some things to include in your maternity leave out-of-office message:

The dates you’ll be gone: Let people know when you’ll be starting your leave and when you plan to return to work. If your plans are subject to change, let them know that as well.


There you have it! These are just a few examples of out-of-office messages you can use when you’re on maternity leave. Of course, you’ll want to customize your message to fit your circumstances, but these should give you a good starting point. And remember, even though you’re on leave, don’t be afraid to check in every once in a while, — your clients and colleagues will appreciate hearing from you.

  • How do you say goodbye before maternity leave?

Before I go on maternity leave, I would like to thank everyone for their support and understanding. You all have been very nice to me in the past few months. I value your care and back for me.

  • Do you give a pregnant employee maternity leave?

Setting up an out-of-office response in advance is crucial if you want to take maternity or parental leave. A well-written parental or maternity leave out-of-office message conveys pertinent information to customers, clients, and colleagues in a professional and helpful tone.

  • Is the phrase “leave of absence” correct?

You are permitted to take a set amount of time off from work if you have a leave of absence.

Maternity Leave out of Office Message Examples

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