Happy Retirement Message To Coworkers

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Retirement is the best period for people to take a step back from their professional life, and focus on their endeavors. It is official permission from work to take a break and do what you desire for the rest of your lives. Some employees, though, are so connected to the work they did for so long in their life, they tend to get emotional and miss all the roles they have played in the organization. 

In such a situation, a heartfelt message for such employees can be a huge morale lift for them. The message will tell them how appreciated and valued they are for the organization. Telling them their journey through short snippets of messages, the van makes their retirement journey one of the best. So, be sure what to include in the retirement card by following the article. 

Happy Retirement Message To Coworkers

A quick glimpse at all the messages that you can draft for your beloved coworkers. 

What to write on a retirement card?

Retirement cards can be tricky. They do not need to be letters that pin down all the memories of the employees. It needs to be short, simple, and still carry meaning. To make the retirement card less complicated and more heartfelt, here are a few things that you can include in the retirement card.

How did they help you?

Include a message about the time they helped you in the office. How did you feel during that time, and what impression did the person create for you? Pen down a memory that will forever remind them of their work in the organization. Tell them how grateful you were at that time. It will surely make them feel good and remember their time at the office forever. 

About your relationship

If you are someone close to the person who is retiring, pen down thoughts about your relationship. Start with how you started the friendship and the memories you created with them in the office. If you are very close to the person, add something funny in between the lines. It will make their day. After all, friends are meant to be funny, not emotional. 

Speak about the hard work of the person, and how it motivated you.

Look for a time when they motivated you. The time wherein you got influenced by the person’s strengths, the way they handle work and present themselves. It could be anything that made you look forward to that person. The words will work like magic for them, and they would know how powerful their personality was for the organization. It will surely boost their morale for the rest of their lives. 

A situation wherein you knew the person.

We all misunderstand a person sometimes or the other. It might just be the way they talk or present themselves. If you are someone who misunderstood the person, and later found out who they are, penning down thoughts about the transformation can be a great way to show them, love. Go for something between the line of “how arrogance turned to love”, or ” beast turned angel” scenario to give them a hearty message. 

Your first impression

Another good way to start is telling them your first impression about them. Tell them how you felt when they first saw them, their personality, style, or just the way they looked at you. The message will drift them to memory with you, and will always be etched on their minds for the rest of their lives. 

Your last impression

If you can have a first impression, you can also have the last impression that was so different from the first time you met. It can be a funny moment, wherein they showcased they can be fun outside work, funny in situations, emotional in small things, or anything that set them apart in the first place. It can be the best way to boost their spirits and tell them how you love both their impressions.

The strengths that make them stand out

Write about the strengths that made you admire them at work. There might be situations in which they might have influenced you, but there can be completely different reasons to admire a person. Tell them what qualities make you admire them. Tell them how their strengths, skills, and persistence towards work, people, environment, made you look forward to them every day. The message will come out to be magic for them that will help them remember their days at work.

Now that you know what to include in the retirement card,  you can either draft your message or pick your best match from the words given below and customize it towards the person. 

Retirement messages

To make your card more special, here are a few pre-written messages that you can put on the card. Choose the one that best suits your relationship with the coworker, and give them a heartfelt message. 

How did they help you

  • You have been a great motivation to me, standing strong beside me through every project and presentation. We all love you and thank you for being a wonderful part of the organization. 
  • I still remember the day when you gave your feedback on my first presentation. I was terrified, but your feedback was terrific. It has helped me throughout my career. Thank you so much for being an important part of my professional journey. Happy retirement! 
  • Be it helping in making the final reports, or making me realize my mistakes, you have been there on every part of my professional journey. We love you. Happy retirement!
  • I was asked to pen down one message for you, but the memories we have together can’t be expressed in a few lines. Just know that you have been the best influence on me. Happy retirement!
  • Nothing beats the way you taught me to enjoy my professional life. I would forever be thankful to have a mentor like you. We love you so much. Congratulations on your retirement.
  • Curiosity was my first teacher, but you were the one that created the curiosity for me at work. You are an inspiration for me and the entire team. We love you. Congratulations on your retirement.
  • Can I just talk about the day, you walked up to me and said, “Nice work, Lad”, it was the best day for me. You have inspired me throughout my professional career, and I would forever be thankful for the way you uplifted me at bad times. Congratulations on your retirement. Hope to see you after work for our snippet coffee. 
  • The day when you’re good for me to be confident and do what my heart desires helped me to make the best project of my lifetime. I would never forget the constant support and motivation you provided me during those times, and throughout our journey together. We all love you and I am lucky to have you as my friend, philosopher, and guide. Congratulations on your retirement!

About your relationship.

  • I was a junior the day I entered the organization. I am a friend the day you leave this organization. The journey from colleagues to friends was short, but the journey from here to the end of life is eternal. Happy retirement! Hope you find all that you desire. 
  • The team never thought we could get a friend in disguise of mentors, a dad in disguise of a boss, and a teacher behind the rims of your spectacle. We learned a lot from you. Thank you for being a special part of our lives. We love you so much. Happy retirement. Congratulations!
  • You have always been more of a big brother to me than a normal coworker. Be it gossip-filled coffee breaks, or hearty lunches after presentations, you have always stood beside me as a motivation. Thank you so much and happy retirement!
  • Still, remember the day you walked into my cabin, a frowning me, a confused you, and all you did was tell me it is going to be ok. Well, it did happen. Everything was ok just by your words. You make me the best version of myself. Hope this friendship lasts beyond professional space. Happy retirement! 
  • You always wanted to play golf all day. Here, an official reason to never leave the place to come to the office. Happy retirement!
  • An official letter to slouch on the couch. Hope it feels good. Congratulations on your retirement. Join you soon!
  • The team always thought about how you are calm in the worst situations. As a best friend I know the ungodly hours of work, and the craziness you would put into the project till it was perfect. You are one of the best people I have known professionally, and personally. Hope to keep the bond forever. Congratulations on your retirement!

Speak about the hard work of the person, and how it motivated you.

  • Your 20 years of excellence and continuous hard work to be the best in every project motivated me to be a person like you in the long run. A happy retirement! We know you would keep adding value to the world. 
  • The team was ecstatic to know you were a part of the mentoring, and the ecstasy turned to awe when every word you told us helped us throughout our professional journey. We hope you have the best years ahead, and you keep motivating people like us. Thank you so much. Happy retirement!
  • Throughout my journey as your junior, I have seen you do your best in every project. Motivate every person under your guidance, and help them to achieve the best of their abilities. Your will to keep going and improve yourself every time has motivated me to have a professional journey as meaningful as you. Happy retirement! Congratulations.
  • Your persistence towards work was unparalleled even by the youths. Your energy levels are still unparalleled, and we know you will keep adding value to the world outside the organization. Thank you for your motivation and influence. We all love you. Congratulations on your retirement!
  • The crazy amount of hard work you put after every project was reflected through the success. Your continuous motivation to work and your unparallel zeal to improve yourself have taught me to be the best version of myself. Thank you so much for being an integral part of my professional journey. Happy retirement!
  • The excellence behind every project starts with your research. The essential lesson you taught to the team has always proved to be the best for each one of us. Thank you for your motivation and great influence. Congratulations on your retirement! 
  • Your zeal and motivation towards work have always been a point of amazement for everyone. You are the best person we could ever have in this position. Thank you for your contributions to the organization. We all love and respect you. Happy retirement!


  • Congratulations on your retirement! Hope you have a great life ahead filled with love and support. We love you. Thank you for being a part of the team. 
  • You would be one of the most missed employees in the company. We thank you for all your contributions to the organization. Happy retirement!
  • Your excellence towards work has always proven your attitude, personality, and approach towards work. We all would miss you a lot. But let’s not trouble you anymore with our silly doubts. Happy retirement! Congratulations! 
  • The position in the company can be filled by another candidate, but your position in our hearts is irreplaceable. Happy retirement! Hope to see you at all company parties. 
  • If strength was personified it would take your form. If discipline was personified, it would take your name. You were the epitome of perfection for the company. We all wish you a great life ahead. Hope you stumble upon all the opportunities you have been looking for after retirement. Congratulations, and Happy retirement!
  • I will always remember the smiling face you had on Mondays. The calmness in storms, and the ability to handle every work with excellence. You have always been a huge influence on me and the team. Wishing you a happy retirement!
  • In my professional career, I have never met a person like you. Strong, disciplined, and true to her words. You are the epitome of perfection, and motivation for every one of us. Happy retirement! Hope you have a great retirement, filled with love and joy.
  • Finally, you are starting a new lesson in life. It might be new, but we know you are going to ace the new lesson. Hope you find all you have desired for this period. We all love you. Happy retirement! 
  • If it weren’t for the coffee breaks, we would have not seen the funny side. If it weren’t for hearty meals, we would have known you could sing so well, if it weren’t for parties we wouldn’t have known the humor you placed. But if it weren’t for you, we would have never known what it is to live your life to the fullest. Hope you have a great retirement, and every day be filled with new excitement. Happy retirement! 
  • For all those strict schedules, and timely presentations we might have hated you. But for all the credits and appreciation we got, we forever loved you. Thank you for allowing us to mold ourselves under your guidance. Thank you for disciplining us to carry out work with perfection. You are the best mentor we ever had. Happy retirement!
  • We hope your journey of life gives you all the desired twists and turns, filled with beautiful memories. Thank you so much for being an integral part of the organization. Happy retirement.
  • Congratulations on your retirement! We hope you enjoy the period as you have enjoyed the work in the organization. Best of luck in the future. 
  • Words would be short to tell you how much importance you hold in this organization. We all would miss you and your spirit in the game. We all love you. A happy retirement. 
  • I am glad, we met in coffee breaks. If not a strict boss like you would never have made it to my friend list. Thank you for all the help and motivation you have given to the entire team throughout the time. We all love you. Congratulations on your retirement. 
  • When I entered the organization, you were this strict mentor who would always be stringent on discipline and the way we do our work. When I started working, you were this exceptional support that any person could ever ask for. The journey from hating you to falling admirably in love with your attitude was quite short. But I hope our journey as friends, and coworkers stay beyond the walls of this organization. Happy retirement.
  • Passion and personality were your fashion statement for 35 years. Humor and humanity are your mantras. The entire team has learned so much from you. You are the greatest influence and motivation we could ever ask for. Thank you so much. Congratulations on your retirement. 
  • Finally, you have retired. I would have one craziness to tolerate for one month. I am joining you soon anyway. Happy retirement. Let’s have a retirement club together. 
  • Hope you and your family have a splendid year ahead. Happy retirement. 
  • Congratulations on your retirement! We are grateful for all the hard work, and sincerity toward the s organization. 
  • The coffee breaks would be incomplete without you. We would miss your crazy humorist approach towards a project, we would miss your stand for the wrong deed. We would miss you as a whole in the organization. We all love you. Happy retirement. Let’s have coffee without coffee breaks. 
  • Happy retirement, hope you have a great life ahead, and your retirement brings you u abundance of love and support. We all love you. Congratulations. 
  • Your excellence of 40 years has finally come to a break. But we know it is going to resume as a beautiful climax in the end. Thank you for all the contributions you have made to the organization. Thank you for motivating, and influencing people. Happy retirement!
  • I still remember the day I walked in and you were the most cheerful person present in the company. We might be decades away in age, but you always helped, me last friend. You always helped me, motivated me, and made me push myself beyond my limits. I hope you have a great life ahead. Happy retirement! 
  • Congratulations on your retirement. Hope you live your life to the fullest, and enjoy the further years by doing what you love the most. Happy retirement! 
  • Happy retirement, to one of the most influential people of the group. Congratulations. 
  • The workplace would seem silent without you. Thank you for always supporting the team, and pushing us forward in every situation. It was a great experience working with you. Happy retirement. We will miss you. 

Types of messages you can draft

Messages can be different, and every message can hold different meanings and messages. Some can be heartfelt, some can be funny. What matters is the message that adds value to the person’s special moment. To add a special touch you can give them different types of messages. A few are listed below:

  • An appreciation message, that tells them they have contributed the best towards the organization, and how they will be respected and remembered forever. 
  • General message, that covers congratulatory statements. It can be a good medium for team cards and gifts. 
  • Funny messages, that can reveal a funny memory. Great among close coworkers. 


Retirement is the time in life when a person is ready to move a step forward in their life. Be it towards friends, family, or their loved ones, or exploring themselves again through a different work. Every person is attached to their work, to the place that they have contributed to. So the best way to make them happy during this time is a heartfelt retirement card. Remember it is a memory they would like onto for the rest of their lives. So, add something that makes them happy, emotional, and tells them how their personality adds value to your lives. 

Go through all the messages, and what you can write in your message, and draft the best retirement card for your co-worker. 

Happy Retirement Message To Coworkers

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