Farewell Card Message For Coworkers

Sometimes, adulting can be as tricky and challenging as people claim it to be. And people going away is one of the many things you have to come to terms with and deal with it with grace. It may be your next-door neighbor, a classmate you rarely interact with or even your fellow coworker you are going to miss dearly. While emotions move freely within us, words aren’t quite the same and it’s natural for one to stumble across the fitting words or phrases that express exactly what you are feeling. Let us see some farewell card message for coworkers.

Farewell Card Message For Coworkers

Farewell Card Message For Coworkers

Here are a couple of generic farewell card message you can use for coworkers without giving it too much thought and creativity.

  • Wish you well in your future endeavors! 
  • I am grateful for all the help and kindness you have shown my way.
  • I am fortunate to have known and made a friend like you. 
  • You will be a presence we will miss having around.

Based on your topic of conveyance a few more are discussed below: 

List Of Farewell card message for your coworkers

Appreciative messages

  • “Your supportive nature and words of wisdom made us feel heard truly. We were blessed to have you around and you will be missed.” 
  • “As your cabin neighbor, I have watched you excel closely and it is because of attention to detail and diligence.” 
  • “You have always been a people person, from being a comedian to a mentor you are versatile in every way and your influence will be remembered.” 
  • “I have grown to not only value you as a colleague I interact with every day but also as a friend I turn to with hurdles including my personal ones. A heartfelt thank you for everything.” 
  • “Your new workplace has surely scored a diamond in the rough.” 

Funny or witty messages 

As they say ‘Mockery is the sincerest form of flattery’ and rightfully so. You may know if your colleague isn’t the mushy or sappy kind and would rather use humor as their preferred form of affection. Well, this is exactly for them.

  • “I will miss dodging your face in the hallway.” 
  • “If anything the only thing I’ll miss about you leaving is how you would get me a coffee every time you would get one for yourself.” 
  • “Enjoy your high salary!” 
  • “I’d be lying if I said ‘We’d miss you’. Haha, just kidding. We’ll leave out a chair for you at every gossip session.” 
  • “Glad you are moving on to better opportunities. We will miss your sense of humor and your wit that kept the entire office lively” 
  • “This isn’t a goodbye. Did you really think you can get rid of us that easily? Just a farewell for now.” 
  • “Remember us when you are famous!” 

Meaningful messages

  • “Even though I have known of your departure, accepting the same hasn’t been the easiest. So, I’ll save all the tears and hugs until the last minute and for now, focus on the amazing human and impactful presence you have been in our office. From your work ethic to your responsible attitude you have kept us all on our toes and always productively encouraged us to meet our deadlines. All the love and luck for your future ventures and we will continue to hold you in our regards.” 
  • “Your laugh and radiant energy are contagious and infectious and I always look forward to meeting you every morning. You are the life of the party and a team player through and through. It was securing to know that I could always count on you. Work won’t be the same without you and your motivating words. Wishing you all the success and everything you desire.” 
  • “We have always been in awe of your decisiveness, and will continue to do so. Your contributions and fresh perspectives that you bring to the workplace have set a certain standard we are all trying to reach. I can attest to the fact that you will be greatly successful in your new position. Our team shares such good memories and you always have been an amazing friend to us even outside of work when are letting loose and releasing all our stress. We say goodbye to you with a heavy heart as you embark on a new journey.” 
  • “A big thank you for everything, truly! As much as I am sad to bid adieu to you, your next exciting adventure is calling your name. The last few years meant a lot to us, our camaraderie hasn’t gone unnoticed by other members. You have become an integral part of us, a true family. Even though we will be physically divided, it’d be a delight to have your amazing presence at our annual Christmas dinner.” 

Tips to drafting your own message.

  • Knowing someone even for a little while is enough to know them as a person and their likes. Pour it all in, and express your emotions and your best memories. Don’t be afraid to portray your vulnerabilities and your love for them. It is definitely nice to hear all of that especially when you are departing somewhere. 
  • Wish them well regardless of the nature of your relationship. Life is too short to hold on to grudges.
  • ‘Short and sweet’ is the key. With the farewell, any person is bound to be overwhelmed but try to keep it as authentic and brief as possible. 
  • Mention and applaud their achievements, and hard work and goals they have reached. 
  • Express gratitude and mention a thoughtful anecdote that is endearing for them to hear. 
  • Lastly, get creative! Along with a card, maybe you can add in a small gift or even make one. People often appreciate gifts made out of love and warmth. An easy suggestion would be to make a video or even a scrapbook compiling pictures and moments of all your memories and nostalgic times. 


If used right, words sometimes express far more than mere actions do. They are a direct representation of the depth and gravity of a connection people share. So go ahead, let go of your inhibitions and allow the words to pour. 

Farewell Card Message For Coworkers

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