How To Be A Model At Shein? 

You must have probably heard of Shein. It is an online shopping retailer for trendy and affordable clothes. Coming from China, it had now become a well-known brand name in the US. The popularity of this brand skyrocketed due to its marketing on social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. But do you know that Shein looks for models for its store? These models earn a lot with just one shoot or two. Do you also want to become a model for Shein? Can you become a model at Shein? Let’s take a look. let us know about that the How To Be A Model At Shein? 

How To Be A Model At Shein? 

Shein models mostly come from the age group of 15 to 25. But they also hire models for every age group that can also have an age of 50+. Also, the models need not be professionals.  Most of the time, Shein hires models that are influencers or even normal people. 

So, how to be a model at Shein? Do you need any special training for that? Is there any special process to do modeling for them? 

The answer is NO. The process of hiring models at Shein is quite simple. Let us take a look at their hiring process. 

The hiring process at Shein 

Shein hires models through several social media platforms. Most of the Shein models are influencers, so they look for them on the internet and choose the one that matches their conditions. To be chosen by Shein, your account must have the following things: 

  • A Large number of followers
  • Great fashion sense
  • Personality that attracts people
  • An age of 15-25
  • A well-maintained body

These conditions are applied to all sizes and weight groups. Also, do not think that if you are not an influencer, you cannot be a model at Shein. 

For Non-Models 

For people with no social media or you can say non-models, you can follow this process to achieve your dream to be a model at Shein.

  • Firstly, set up your social media profile. It can also be a simple one. Just make sure to post some of your best photos there. 
  • Contact Shein. You can contact them at [email protected]
  • Write an email to them and include all the necessary information like the reason for your email, contact information, and some photos of yours. 

Now, wait for their reply. If they find you eligible to be a model of their brand, then they will contact you and inform you about the further process. 


The next step is, passing the interview. They will schedule an interview with you that you need to pass. Remember not to be late for that. 

The questions they can ask during the interview are: 

  1. Why do you want to become a model at Shein? 
  2. Have you done professional modeling before? 
  3. What are the strengths where you are confident about yourself?
  4. What is interesting about you? 

After the interview, they will decide whether to hire you for modeling or not. If you’re selected, then you may have a demo photoshoot to see which clothes look better on you. 

The pay at Shein 

Shein models usually earn from $15/hour to $20/hour. This is enough for new models and if you do more projects, you can earn more by just investing your time and efforts. Also, some of the models get paid even higher than that. 

Not to mention all the perks you get being a Shein model. You can

  • Travel when your shoots are in other cities.
  • Get free clothes.
  • Get a discount on Shein clothing.
  • Eat different kinds of food while traveling. 


Becoming a model at Shein is good for both those who are looking out to become professional models and also those people that are doing modeling for other purposes such as earning extra income, or gaining some experience. You can also do modeling if you just want to try out something new. Once you have decided that you want to become a model at Shein, you can start working towards your goal. And with some effort, you can also achieve it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 
  1. What is the most one can get paid at Shein? 

The average highest pay is considered $35 per hour at Shein. Your pay is also decided by the fact whether you are a new model at Shein or an old one. 

  1. Can I be a plus-size model at Shein? 

Yes, you can become a plus-size model for Shein. They have clothes available in every size, so they also have models for every size and age group. 

  1. Can a child become a model at Shein? 

Although the age necessary for becoming a model at Shein starts from 15, there are many child models for their kid’s section.  

  1. What is the Shein influencer program? 

The Shein influencer program is for Shein Ambassadors. It is a marketing strategy where Shein products are advertised on social media platforms through influencers.

How To Be A Model At Shein? 

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