Target Market Of Colgate & Marketing Strategy

Colgate or Colgate-Palmolive is an American multinational consumer product company. The Peet Brothers, soap manufacturers from Kansas City first merged with the Palmolive company and was named the Palmolive-Peet company and later the Peet Brothers acquired the Colgate company and was named the Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Company. But in the mid 1900’s the Peet was dropped from the name leaving it as the Colgate-Palmolive company. Let us know ‘Target Market Of Colgate & Marketing Strategy’.

Target Market Of Colgate & Marketing Strategy

Target Market Of Colgate & Marketing Strategy

From the beginning the Colgate company has tried to make a brand name in the world and it has proved it by being one. From small soaps and candle business, Colgate has come a long way. In todays’ time Colgate is one of the top most brands that deals in personal care and dental care products that are used all over the world. Over the years Colgate has been selling its products to the underperforming brands. 

Competition with P&G 

During the late 1800’s the Colgate company had introduced its Colgate toothpastes in jars which was later shifted into tubes. Since its beginning the Colgate Company has been in a competition with the most streamlining company, P&G. As P&G is the world’s largest soap and detergent makers, so in the beginning of the TV, the Colgate-Palmolive wished to compete with P&G as a sponsor of the soap operas, as initially Colgate had its own soap, starch and candle business back then. Over the years Colgate has been acquiring or merging with several brands to grow in the market and in 2021 it has been ranked 15th on the list of the most trusted brands. 

Social and Community Involvement

Since Colgate has not only been working for dental care but also other personal and pet care products as well, therefore it is a caring, growing and innovative company that reimagines a healthier future for all people, pets and the world. Colgate has always taken initiatives towards the society’s growth and well-being by introducing several community services like the Bright Smile, Bright Future, Colgate Women’s Games and Food, Shelter, Love which is specifically made for pets. 

Since 1991, the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Future has helped over a billion children in over 80 countries by promoting oral health education, free dental screenings and treatment referrals. The company doesn’t work alone in promoting such an important message to the masses so they partner with parents, teachers, government and NGOs, dental professionals and other health professionals through proper curriculum and advocacy in order to maintain good oral health as a top global health priority.

The company believes that the best way to make a social impact and to keep thriving in the market is by helping young people, supporting girls and encouraging them to pursue education, for which the company sponsors the Colgate Women’s Games. This is one of the largest track series for young girls and women in the U.S.A. since 1972. It has provided young girls and women athletes with the opportunity to complete their education grants and acknowledges them with the importance of educational achievements. Each year, thousands of girls participate in the track series. Finalists compete for trophies and receive education grants. 

Hill’s food, shelter and love program is the one in which the company makes sure that the nutrition is accessible to every shelter, every pet and helps them send home faster. Under this program the company has provided around $300 million of food to support shelter animals and it makes sure that all the pets have the chance to access balanced nutrition 365 days a year. The Colgate company also plans to reach 15 million pets by 2025. 

Target Market of Colgate

Colgate market targets all income groups and its marketing policies to reach the mass population. However, its major portion of sales comes from the middle-class. With time the market has been divided into various segments and to find out various audiences who can be the potential customers and buy the product, Colgate had segmented their audience on grounds of geography, income-based, demography and behavioural based. They also used the age-based segmentation for the toothpastes. The company always targets each segment by providing them with particular products based on their segmentations in order to reach a larger audience. By this it creates a good image in the minds of the audience so that they buy the products. Colgate has been very active in health communication and awareness creation which gives them a lead in the markets even in the presence of competitors.

Marketing Strategies of Colgate 

The way of branding and marketing strategies of Colgate has brought the company among one of the leading brands and helped it maintain a competitive position in the market in the USA as well as internationally. The brand is known for its affordability, quality, goodwill and the product range. Whenever a company launches a product, they need to analyse where their competitors stand in the market and make their product better than the competitors either at the same price or less than that. The Colgate company works according to the customers’ needs and other market segmentations, be it demographically or customer behavioural pattern wise, the company has never seen a great downfall in the market. 

The company has been on top if we talk about the ad campaigning. They make different campaigns based on different locations using different marketing strategies for particular target audiences in specific areas through which it gains a lot of success in terms of positive response and leading generation. 

Other than the campaigns and advertisements the company is very witty when it comes to product packaging, it has a very creative packaging pattern with a strong message. It is very bright, youthful and appealing to all kinds of masses. Every product commercial of Colgate signifies what they are offering by showing the apt solutions for specific problems. The company also shows stories in their commercials that touch the sentiments of the audience and build trust. 

The subsidiary of Colgate is the best distribution support to the business worldwide. But in spite of having such a subsidiary system, the company depends on the global transportation system. 


Colgate has been a company that focuses and works on the core products and makes out ways for new areas where they can have strong roots. The company aims to continue to grow its journey by serving all the customers with passion and dedication by creating awareness using various marketing also looks up new strategies and ideas to maintain the customers trust in the product. 

Target Market Of Colgate & Marketing Strategy

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