Reporting Manager To HR

Unfortunately, in the world we are living in, there are many instances where someone finds themselves in a situation where they have to lay a complaint against the manager. To report a manager, first, make sure you know the procedure. All companies should have an HR department, but they may have different procedures when it comes to reporting a manager, so you want to stick as precisely as possible to it so that you avoid any legal loopholes that may come against you.

Reporting Manager To HR

Reasons To Report Your Manager

Many reasons can cause an employee to report a manager. Here are some of the most common.

1. Violating company policy

Now you want to make sure you understand what the company policy is in regards to certain things before you determine whether your manager has done a violation. Examples of policy violations are hiring people based on race, religion, or gender, selling company services outside the grounds of the company’s authority, or misuse of funds.

2. Bullying

Bullying is the most common cause of people reporting their managers. It can present itself in many forms, such as physical assaults, racial or gender discrimination, regularly unfair criticism that puts you in a humiliating situation, and even giving you an unfair amount of workload. Bullying creates a toxic work environment and may badly affect your work.

Other examples include interference in your work targets, insults, and offensive images.

3. Harassment against you or other people

This is another form of bullying, but it is so common that it deserves its own category. Harassment could be constant remarks and actions that you have already warned your manager to stop. One particularly common form of harassment tends to be sexual in nature. 

You should report sexual harassment as soon as you can. Often, people who are being sexually harassed tend to lose their sense of self-worth over time and may not have enough willpower to report their boss. If you know your colleague is experiencing sexual harassment, you should communicate with them and take the matter into your hands by reporting it to HR.

4. Slacking

Another good reason to report your manager is when he or she is slacking. Slacking means, in short, not fulfilling their duties. A manager slacking off work could have a very negative impact on your work performance, cause work safety issues, or cause you to have a bad reputation.

How To Report A Manager To HR?

HR stands for “human resource.” Every company has to have a human resources department to deal with the management-employee relationship. 

Deciding to take an issue with your manager up to HR can, understandably, be a difficult decision. It is very important to follow the procedure carefully to protect yourself and your colleagues from unfair treatment and avoid losing your case due to not properly following the procedure. Here are some tips before you report to HR.

Talk to the manager

Your manager might be acting in a way they do not realize is wrong. Ask a colleague to come along and be a witness when you talk to the manager, as a witness might come in handy in a potential court case.

Document the incidents

Keep track of your manager’s unethical activities and behavior. Record the details, including the time, the witnesses, and your response towards him, carefully in a diary and store it somewhere safe.

Reporting to HR

If it has come to you having no choice but to lay a complaint to HR, then you absolutely must. You should always follow the company’s procedure when doing so. By following company procedure, you will protect yourself the company attempts to deny that they were never aware of any problems happening in the workplace.

Sometimes, companies want to protect high-level managers. Show HR your documentation. Doing this will make sure they take you seriously and prevent them from trying intimidation tactics against you. Produce any witnesses you have. They will want to avoid any court cases if you have these.


Reporting your manager to HR can be a daunting task, but every company’s HR exists to intercede between employer and workers. If you ever find yourself having to report a manager, then take that step. You are protecting yourself and your colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I lose my job by reporting a manager?

No employer has the right to fire an employee for reporting his manager. If you are fired, you can take the matter to court.

  1. Can I report to HR anonymously?

Some companies may have processes where people report the workplace environment. If yours does not, you should go directly.

  1. Is overtime bullying?

It is not bullying as long you, as the employee, have an agreement with the employer. The employee’s responsibilities should be outlined in the employment contract.

Reporting Manager To HR

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