Should You Connect With The Hiring Manager On LinkedIn?

In today’s cutthroat environment and competitive world, it has become difficult to get recognized to be considered for getting a job. Hiring is no longer just a process undertaken by organizations; besides being prepared for the questions thrown at them, candidates have to have something to be beyond the usual. The process of taking up a job now has modern steps. LinkedIn is a medium that opens up various opportunities for candidates to stand out. Let us know Should You Connect With The Hiring Manager On LinkedIn?

Should You Connect With The Hiring Manager On LinkedIn?

Should You Connect With The Hiring Manager On LinkedIn?

Contacting the hiring executive over the professional social media platform has different aspects. In this article we will see what can be the consequences when you connect with the hiring manager of LinkedIn before or after the interview process; and if an individual prefers to connect, what should be the appropriate procedure?

Know about LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform today’s date having over 800 million members from more than 200 countries. It is a medium for recruiters to find the right talent, and for professionals to hunt for suitable work opportunities. LinkedIn envisions connecting every member of the global workforce and making them more productive and successful. LinkedIn offers various business solutions –

  • Talent Solutions
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Sales Solutions
  • Learning Solutions

The Dilemma

Having the option to connect with recruiters through a social media platform opens up many directions, but at the same time, it can result negatively. Let us see various aspects around it:

Pre Hiring Process

After applying for the job, a candidate could contact the hiring manager to get noticed. One can also ask to look out for their profile for the screening process by providing the job application serial code. Asking for professional help does not harm, yet it is essential to keep the image clean in front of the recruiter by not forcing a connection or bombarding them with messages.

Post Hiring Process

Candidates can also opt for connecting with the hiring manager once the recruitment process is completed. Here one could ask for feedback, show interest in working in that organization, or provide his/her response to the whole process. It is only legitimate to ask to put in a good word for the candidate. Such a move can be seen as the candidate’s zeal to work with and perception of the company. Nevertheless, it is wise to play safe; presenting extreme opinions or flattery could turn out to be a negative impression.

Why LinkedIn Connections are Important?

LinkedIn is one such platform that opens up an ample number of doors for one to explore and experience any field or profession of their choice. Making professional connections expands the horizon of an individual. Talking to or asking people that belong to your profession or share the same interests and skills can help you enhance your qualifications. Connecting with not only the hiring associates but also with the people that you aspire to be like brings clarity about your career choices and prospects; it aids in knowing more about the formal dynamics of any occupation as well.

Being in touch with your professional network might turn out to be a positive referral, grabbing a chance to be a part of hard-to-reach experiences, and bagging your dream job.

What should be the Approach?

For connecting with the people you wish to have a career like or the recruiters or aspiring leaders on LinkedIn, these are the few steps one could follow:

  • Utilize the searching feature offered by LinkedIn, and look out for ‘Talent Acquisition Specialist’, ‘Recruiting Specialist’, or ‘Hiring Associates’. Mixing and matches of the related keywords can help to reach the right person.
  • Make good use of available filters; choose ‘people’ and any other conditions you are looking for, like location, company, function, etc.
  • You have a long list in front of you, make suitable connections.
  • Rather than sending a connection request, exerting a “Personal Invite” helps state your purpose for a particular connection.
  • Personal invites are useful in case of approaching the hiring manager for your pending application as well; they can speed up the process of making a connection and starting the interaction.


LinkedIn is an accommodating tool and can be very helpful if used wisely and professionally. Approaching the associate that is leading the recruitment for the organization you applied to, and making a formal or an informal relationship is a good way to lay out the ground for future possibilities. Putting in extra effort for the job shows commitment and will one has to work in a particular company; hence the candidates should try connecting with the hiring managers, if it does not work out for the current opportunity, it can open up the door for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is LinkedIn free to use?

LinkedIn has both free and paid versions. The free version contains all the basic features, and the premium version is comprised of some exclusive attributes.

  • How useful is LinkedIn Premium?

The LinkedIn premium has some exclusive professional benefits like learning job-related skills, messaging directly to the premium members, and having a better algorithm for hiring and getting hired.

Should You Connect With The Hiring Manager On LinkedIn?

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