Kroger Union – Know More

Kroger is a multi-departmental store that operates in 35 states of the United States of America. It also has many subsidiaries. Around 400,000 employees are working in Kroger and its subsidiaries.Do you the name of the Kroger union? Let us know more about that the Kroger Union-Know More.

Kroger Union-Know More

Kroger Union

The name of the Kroger union is UFCW. The full form of UFCW is The United Food Commercial and Commercial Workers International Union. The union was started in 1979. Currently, the union has 1.3 million members. Now we will learn about some of the interesting facts about it.

The reason behind the formation of Krog’s union

During the 1900s laborers in the United States were not treated properly. They were treated as slaves. They were made to work for more than 10 hours a day but in turn, they received little wages. The working environment was very unhygienic. Laborers got affected by many diseases. Despite all these sufferings, laborers didn’t have the right to raise their voices against their bosses. So laborers decided to raise their voices against their bosses through the formation of unions. There were many unions such as RCIU, BSWU, PWOC, AMCBW etc. In 1979 AMCW and RCIU joined together to form UFCW or Kroger union.

Composition OF Kroger union

UFCW includes laborers from various professions such as health care, pharmacy, meat packaging industries, etc. Laborers from rural to urban areas are part of this union. Within the union, they treat every other member as a friend or a neighbor.

Objectives of the Kroger union

The main objective is to raise their voices for better working conditions and better salaries for the laborers who are all a part of Kroger union. Act as a representative of laborers to settle disputes with the management. Focuses on solving issues by maintaining neutrality without affecting the relationship between the management and the laborers. Ensuring that workers are treated fairly. Fight legislations that are in contrast to the wellness of employees. Monitoring whether the administration is offering various benefits to its employees. It works to eliminate the gender wage gap and discrimination in workplaces.

Structure of Kroger Union

It has 1000 local unions in different regions of the USA and Canada to address the issues of workers living in different geographic regions.  There are a total of 8 regions. Out of these 8 regions, 7 regions are in the United States and another one is in Canada. A regional director heads all these 8 regions. The regional director has to monitor the staff providing support to the local union. 

Various departments in Kroger union    

14 departments in the Kroger union does various functions. The departments are as follows:-

  • Bargaining Department – Works to enhance the job positions and salaries of the UFCW members.
  • Capital Stewardship Program- Works to safeguard its member’s retirement security.
  • Civil rights and Community Action Department- Works to keep in place the practices of equality, freedom, and economic and social justice in workplaces.
  • Communications Department – Responsible for campaigns and puts effort to grab the attention of the public in general.
  • The distillery, wine and allied workers division- Represent UFCW workers involved in the production of wine and distillery.
  • Food processing, Packing and managing division- Represent UFCW workers involved in the production of wine and distillery.
  •  Global Strategies Department-Responsible to connect with labour unions all over the world.
  • Legal Department- Works to ensure that union members are receiving the benefits according to the law.
  • Negotiated Benefits Department- Involves in bargaining deserved insurance and pension of an employee.

A few other departments are the Legislative and Political Action Department, Occupational Safety and Health office department, Organizing Department and Retail Stores Division.

Are all Kroger departmental stores a member of the Kroger union?

No, not all Kroger departmental stores are a member of the Kroger union. Only ⅔ of the departmental stores are a part of the it. It is taking steps to join all the Kroger departmental stores to join the Kroger union. 

Benefits of joining Kroger 

Workers working which are not a part of the union may face difficulties in getting the benefits they are deemed to get. They won’t get support from other Kroger stores and they need to face the issue alone. By becoming a member of the union, non-union Kroger workers will get support from all the stores that are part of the union. It will help them to fulfil their demands as soon as possible.   

How to join Kroger union?

One can become a member of its by filling out a form on the official website of it. Name, email id and Mobile number of the credential to be filled out in the form. After the approval of the form, you will become a part of the union.

It is helping out the employees get what they deserved to get. Kroger has improved the living conditions of many employees.Kroger union is always looking forward to uplift the employees by offering its service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the subsidiaries of Kroger Union?

The subsidiaries of it are Ralphs, Fred Meyer, QFC etc.

  1. Who started Kroger’s departmental stores?

Bernard Kroger started the departmental store in 1883.

Kroger Union – Know More

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