Leadership Words That Start With A

The word leadership refers to a person’s skill of guiding or directing a group of people. It talks about the quality of leadership. In English, we use a lot of words to describe the quality of leadership. But in this article, we will learn about the leadership words that begin with the letter ‘A’. Let us know Leadership Words That Start With A.

Leadership Words That Start With A

There are numerous words that start with the letter ‘A’ to describe leadership. The following are the Leadership words that begin with ‘A’

  • Ability
  • Able
  • Above-Board 
  • Accepting 
  • Accommodating 
  • Accountable 
  • Acknowledgment 
  • Action-Orientated
  • Active
  • Adaptable 
  • Advocate
  • Alert 
  • Appreciative
  • Approachable


Problems always arise for a leader. A leader should not step back by looking at the problems. He should possess the knowledge or gather techniques to solve the problem. The assessment of knowledge or gathering techniques to solve a problem is known as ability.


To solve a problem a leader needs resources. For example, when a country faces a shortage of food the leader of that country should try to get food for his people in any terms. The word ‘able’ refers to the capability of a leader to obtain things or resources. 


The meaning of the word ‘Above-Board’ is, to be honest. A leader should not tell a lie to his people in order to escape from a problem. Instead, he should tell the truth to his people and get suggestions from people or experts to get rid of the problem. A leader is a role model for everyone, If the leader is not honest his people will also be not honest. So It would lead to the collapse of his society.


The meaning of the word accepting is to receive or welcome something that is offered. A leader should accept the tribute offered to him by his people. A leader should not be self-righteous. He must also listen to the counsel of his elder because it will lead to the betterment of his country.


The meaning of the word accommodating is eager to help. People always need the help of a leader. When people approach the leader for help, he should always be ready with a helping heart. A leader’s helping tendency will encourage the helping tendency of his people. This will create a society with love and care.


The meaning of the word Accountable is responsible. A leader should always be responsible for the actions he and his officers make. If a leader makes a mistake he should admit the mistake to his people and take necessary action to rectify the mistake as soon as possible. This will enable the people to trust their leader and that the leader would not leave them under any circumstance.


Acknowledgment refers to the act of accepting something as true. If an official under the leader suggests a better idea than the leader, the leader should not reject the official’s idea. Instead, the leader should appreciate and acknowledge the official in front of other officials and the public.


The meaning of the word Advocate is to suggest an idea in public. Society always needs betterment than the previous condition. A leader should always suggest better ideas for the betterment of society in public. A leader is not a leader when he does not suggest ideas in public for the betterment of society.


The meaning of the word Alert is to be watchful. A leader should always be watchful to avoid dangerous circumstances. A leader should watch out for his enemies to defend his country and take precautionary measures to stop the spread of diseases, disasters etc. A leader should be watchful because prevention is better than cure.


The meaning of the word Action-oriented is to take steps to turn the given words into action to solve the problem. People give credit for their leader’s advocacy but they dont give credit for their leader’s Action- orientation. Many leaders advocate during election time. After their victory in the election, leaders fail to fulfil their advocacy into action.


The meaning of the word ‘Active’ is to take part. A leader is a commander. As a commander, the leader should not sit idly by just giving instructions alone. He should take part in the war with the soldiers for victory. Jesus said A leader is said to be a leader only if does the role of a servant. So a leader must take part in the action by doing the role of a servant.


The meaning of the word Adaptable is getting flexible with respect to the new situation. A leader was fighting with his enemy using a sword. Suddenly the enemy made the leader lose his weapon. Now the weapon is with the enemy but not with the leader. The leader did not since he had no weapon. The leader took a handful of mud and threw it into the eye of his enemy. The enemy lost control. The leader grabbed the weapon and killed the enemy. The leader did not panic at the time when he lost the weapon rather he adapted himself to the new condition and killed his enemy.


The meaning of the word approachable is easy to meet. A leader should not keep himself away from the people. If a leader kept himself away from the people he would get to know the difficulties faced by the people. A leader should mingle with the people, then only he can know the difficulties faced by the people.


The meaning of the word Articulate is to speak fluently. Speaking skill is essential for a leader because it is the only tool to express his ideas to convince people that he can do everything for their good. A person without articulating skills cannot become a leader.

The above are the various leadership words that start with A. I hope these words would add value to your resume. Thanks for your valuable time.My best wishes for your future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 types of leadership?

The four types of leadership are Autocratic, Democratic, Laissez-Faire, and Transformational.

Who is the father of leadership?

Warren Bennis is the father of leadership.

Leadership Words That Start With A

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