Follower Vs Leader- Everything You Need to Know

A good follower leads to bright future leaders. A leader leads the way to success and a follower follows the trademarks of their leaders. A good leader tends to help people and gives them the courage to encounter the disillusionment of life. The general and basic understanding of a leader is someone who navigates people in the right direction. And the followers are the ones who follow in the footsteps of their leaders. Let us know What are the ‘Follower Vs Leader’.

Follower Vs Leader

Follower Vs Leader

In the present era, it becomes very important for a person to choose their leaders carefully. A good leader can enlighten whereas a bad one could probably ruin a life. This article will demonstrate and discuss some of the basic criteria of being a leader and a follower respectively. In doing so it will first cover the concept of the leader by putting forth the 3 significant questions: Who is a leader? What are the challenges they encounter? and finally understand what makes someone an ideal leader. And in the same way, we will analyze the concept of followers. Let’s read Follower Vs Leader.

Who is a leader? 

A leader guides you, channels your path and shows you the right direction at every point of your life. When a person inspires, motivates, and creates a positive spark in others, they earn the place of a leader. They are popularized because of their distinctive ideologies and philosophical perspectives to perceive the world. They enlighten people for change by showcasing their intellectuality. For example; Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India, is considered one of the greatest leaders of all time. So let’s know what exactly made him a leader. 

He gave rise to his concept of “truth” and “non-violence” which evolved the spirit of revolution among the Indians. He did not just give rise to a new concept to fight the colonizers but he made it work successfully. As a result, people started investing their trust and faith in him. The entire population was so much inspired by a single man that whatever guidelines or protocols he followed the citizens supported him in that. Therefore, a person who can make a move and prove it right possesses the attributes of a leader. 

Now let’s discuss the second aspect 

What are the challenges a leader encounters? 

In the present era where the world is on the verge of development and modernization is at its peak, the new generation is less likely to withstand the established set of norms of all time. People have started to think and analyze things critically which has both a positive and a negative impact. 

– How Good? 

It can be considered a good aspect because they will remain safe from the imposters and frauds of the world. They can easily identify the people hiding their real identity under the garb of virtuousness. 

– How Bad? 

It can be considered bad because sometimes people become too argumentative, defensive, and judgemental and often have a pessimistic approach toward everything. As a result, they may sometimes miss out on inculcating positive attributes for themselves. People have become

great critical thinkers and analyzers who never hesitate to put forth their opinions and ideologies openly to the world. Therefore, it has become very challenging these days to be a leader. 

Now let’s understand the third aspect of being a leader 

How to become an ideal leader? 

Strong determination, willpower and never giving up attitude are some of the other significant traits of an ideal leader. Communication skills also play a vital role in making someone a leader. This will influence the audience they are addressing and help build a connection between the speaker and the spectators. Therefore, to be recognized as a leader one has to be a good orator first to create ethos(build trust and credibility with the audience), pathos(build an emotional connection with the audience), and logos(make the speech evident) for their audience. The leading eg; for this would be the Prime Minister of India “Mr. Narendra Modi’’. His powerful speech not just enlightens people but leaves a deep impact on people’s minds.

Therefore, a person needs to have excellent communication skills for being a leader. 

Now let us understand and discuss the concept of followers. This part of the article will demonstrate the 3 aspects of being a follower- who is a follower? What challenges do they encounter? and finally how to become an ideal follower? Let us brief each one of them 

Who is a Follower? 

Followers, on the other hand, invest their faith, trust, and belief to either be like their leaders or to at least inculcate some of the attributes from them. People are often inspired and moved by listening to someone’s success stories or motivational speeches. The best example would be “Sandeep Maheshwari” who is a motivational speaker, inspiring millions of people to relive their life, rejoice and cherish every moment every day. He is helping people to move out of their miseries and traumatic life experiences and step into the positive side of the world that can provide them with a blissful life. Many people watch out for his videos and attend his live shows to boost themselves and start life anew. He has millions and billions of followers not because of his personality and appearance but because of the way he connects with people and inspires them through his moral lessons.

Therefore, followers are not just the fan followers but they are people who adhere to something or someone that inspires or motivates them, they are people who follow the ideologies of their respective leaders and try implementing them in their lives. 

What are the challenges followers encounter? 

Sometimes, people are so inspired by a particular person whom they consider their leader, often forget themselves and become their great devotees. This is quite evident in the case of Asaram Bapu, possessing some of the traits of being called a leader until his motives were unveiled. He gained stardom because of his unique ideologies and pursuit of knowledge but he failed to hold that position. He was caught in his dirty politics and acquisitiveness. Women followers mostly fell into his trap, becoming victims of sexual abuse and harassment. It is, therefore, essential to choose our leaders carefully. We must not just fall for well-versed speeches but also be critical thinkers, observers, and analyzers. We must never lose our identity and significance in the

process of following others’ ways. Every individual is different, everyone has a different story; therefore, one must never forget to create their own. 

Now let’s discuss the third aspect 

How to become an ideal follower? 

We must always remember the fact that people are there to inspire, to motivate but we must not let anyone control us. We must learn to differentiate between good and bad and try to implement them in our respective lives. For this, we may need to be good analyzers, critical observers, and remarkable examiners. Always remember the 3Ws of life – Who( who are you), What(what do you want), and Why(why do you want). We, being the followers, decide our leader, and decide whom we can trust. 


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Follower Vs Leader’, This article has concluded that it won’t be wrong to state that the combination of both an ideal follower and an ideal leader can lead to an ideal society. The responsibility of a follower and a leader go hand in hand. The declination of any one of them can lead to the downfall of the other.

Follower Vs Leader- Everything You Need to Know

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