Kohl’s Work Schedule Online – Know More

Founded in 1962, Kohl’s is a famous American brand that runs numerous departmental stores in the United States of America. Today, it has more than 116 outlets working across the country and the number seems continue to increase in the near future as well. Let us know about Kohl’s online work schedule.

Kohl’s Work Schedule Online-Know More


The sole aim of Kohl is to add convenience to the lives of families by providing a range of numerous popular exclusive brands. It also offers a convenient shopping experience to its customers, apart from giving them with incredible discounts. When it comes to adding easiness to the life of its workers, the company has a flexible working schedule for them too.

Kohl’s Work Schedule Online

Customers can shop at Kohl’s in numerous ways – on Kohls.com, in stores nationwide, and by using the Kohl’s app. Individuals can relish the best experience irrespective of where and how they choose to shop. The primary focus of this company is to provide an omnichannel experience by amalgamating the online platform with its store network. Other than that, buyers can also avail themselves of the opportunity of Amazon Returns at Kohl’s, the availability of which can be witnessed in more than 1,150 stores nationwide. They can return eligible Amazon items, even if the product is not labeled or boxed, without any hassle.

Now that you know about the overview of the company, let’s discuss the online work schedule of Kohl’s employees and how you can change your shift. 

Online Shift timings

The morning shifts for full-time employees usually start at 6 AM and last at 6 PM. On the other hand, part-time workers need to work between 6 AM – 1 AM. Moreover, the timings of the evening shifts are the same but the AMs are replaced by PMs and vice versa. The employees can adjust their working hours but they have to inform beforehand.

However, the shift timings remain the same for those who work in distribution centers and the store workers. The company is famous for providing outstanding opportunities, apart from maintaining an amazing work-life balance. The salary packages are also high and workers can easily fulfill their needs.

Missing shift hours

Kohl’s has very policy when it comes to regarding missing the shift. You can even consider losing your job if you commit this mistake. If you are late in joining your online shift, then the company can even deduct your salary and give you a warning. If someone is not getting online during working hours for more than 3 days without giving prior notice, they can be fired from the company. Therefore, change your shift if there is any emergency Thus, it is suggested that candidates need to be extra conscious when it comes to attending to their duties.

Expectations from temporary employees

If you are a part-time worker, then you can work during the weekends as well. This is because there are many employees in the company who are on holiday, therefore, disturbing the working of the company.

Viewing Your Schedule Online

Open the mobile app and you will see their 4 sections- Admins, Managers, Employees, Supervisors. Then go to the ‘When I Work Scheduling app’ to schedule your work no matter wherever you are. You will get your schedule on your computer or iPhone.

View your next shift

  • Go to the Dashboard.
  • Here you can see the option of the Next Shift card. Get information regarding your upcoming shift here.
  • Click on the Your Next Shift card to: Check shift particulars or drop the shift.
  • Send a request if you want to drop by the shift.
  • Submit a swap shift request if you want to change your shift.

View your upcoming shifts

  • Click on the Dashboard, after you landed on the ‘When I Work Scheduling app’.
  • Go to My Schedule.
  • My Shifts will enable you to see your online shift schedules within a week.

Switch weeks

  • If you want to switch your week with other employees, then click on the next week by tapping.
  • Here change the schedule according to your need by shifting your schedule.

Monthly Calendar

  • Click on the monthly calendar to expand it.
  • Type the date to see the shift schedule on that particular day.
  • You can go to the next and previous month by swiping from right to left or left to right respectively.

Filter shifts

  • There is also an option to filter shifts in the top-right corner where you can see shifts by position, schedule, or job site.
  • Click on the schedule
  • Moreover, you can also examine the updates anytime by just checking the website of the company. 

Types of jobs available at Kohl’s and the salaries per year

The company offers a plethora of opportunities to the people. The most notable ones include

  • Social Designer –$68,800
  • Product Manager II – $90,092 
  • Staff Software Engineer – $205,859
  • Senior Software Engineer – $159,841
  • Security Analyst – Monitoring and Incident Response – $152,928
  • Executive Administrative Assistant – $61,335
  • Credit and Customer Service Representative – $17 (per hour)
  • Senior Information Security Analyst – $168,178
  • Technical Recruiter – $71,386
  • Senior Software Engineer – $159,841
  • Administrative Assistant – $39,229
  • Senior DevOps Engineer (Web) – $170,873
  • Staff Software Engineer – $205,859
  • Senior Development Operations Engineer –  $139,565
  • HR Specialist – $59,254
  • Senior Business Analyst – $93,886
  • Staff Data Scientist – $129,092
  • Senior Architect – $223,722
  • Staff Security Threat Engineer- $170,690


All in all, Kohl’s is a great place to work, provided you need to be dedicated and committed to your work. It also offers flexible working hours for some positions. Employees have given free hand in selecting their working schedule but once they select it, they need to follow it. If you are absent from your job without giving proper notice, then expect a termination letter from the company. Even if you want a part-time or seasonal job, the company has an option for you. Now, it’s your time to avail yourself of the opportunities that Kohl’s has in store for you and advance your career.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where to check my workday schedule?

Go to the search bar and type “My Schedule” and select it. From the calendar, you can check your working schedule and default times and days filled in.

  • What is the name of the scheduling app Kohl’s use?

The company uses the ‘When I Work Scheduling app’ for Android. Here you can schedule your work according to your choice. 

  • What is the method to check Kohl’s pay stub?

Firstly, visit the browser and go to https://myhr.kohls.com/, this link will land you on Kohl’s Pay Stub Login page.

Kohl’s Work Schedule Online – Know More

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