When To Quit Job?

In this article, we will when to leave the job and will discuss how to quit and what measures we have to take care of. For a middle-class person, the job is everything for him. He is reliant on the job. With the job, he can take care of their family. Job is the only source for them to feed their family, educate their children, to facilitate their family with medicines, doctors, and hospitals. 

When To Quit Job?

Why do people quit jobs?

1. Over-rated job ( overqualified for the job):

We have thousands of examples where people are more qualified for a job. A matric pass person doing a job of cleaning in the city, a graduate student from an engineering college do a job of teaching the kids for money. In this case, people do not want to pursue the job and decide to quit. 

2. Follow the passion:

It is obvious that people are doing the job, finding their passion, the thing which gave them satisfaction. Take an example of an engineer pursuing his job in database management, always busy managing the data for its company but finds his passion for singing. He posted 3-4 songs on YouTube. People watch his videos and want to see more. He becomes popular in a short time. That will trigger him to quit the job and start singing full-time. Take another example of a bank employee. Work monotonously in the bank for the past 12 years. Now, he finds his first love for painting. Painting gives him a sort of pleasure. One day, he makes an art piece. That will make him quit his job.

3. Work conditions are not-healthy:

Take an example of a person working in a chemical factory. He has to work with toxic chemicals daily. Some misfortune makes him injured, or he develops some health problems. In this case, he will quit his job. 

Take another example of a local employee of a reputed bank. He got his transfer from one city to another city. Previously, he was working happily. But now, some local mafias are threatening him. He is not able to work. Local authorities also try to make his life hell. He informs his company officials about this, but no satisfactory actions take place. In this case, he will quit his job, and find a new one.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

4. No growth opportunities:

People also quit their job due to fewer growth opportunities in the company. For example, if a person joined a company with a post of tier-3 with a salary of 100 dollars per month. After two years, he is still a tier-3 worker with a salary of just 120 dollars a month. He is not hopeful about his future in the company. That will force him to quit the job. 

So, continuous growth opportunities in the company are a must for every worker or employee. He wants full money for his work, service, and time from the company. But, in this case, an individual has to ask their HR manager for growth opportunities. If you are unsatisfied with his explanation, then it will be ok to leave the job.

5. Company is in loss or debt:

We know that losses or profits are part of the business. But when losses become out of control of a company, then it is ok to quit the job for a better future. Faulty (or corrupt) management of a company makes a good running company faulty. 

6. Job responsibilities are uncompleted:

All workers must complete their tasks on time for the company. If it is not happening, then it makes the company weak. It also damages your image and portrays you as a villain, lazy. Many reasons may be there for not completing the tasks on time. But, if you are missing your tasks continuously, then it is time to look over the causes. If you are finding that you are not adjusting yourself with the company and its working culture, then it is time to move on. You can type your resignation letter and can e-mail it to your boss. If tries to regulate your activity duties or the occasions growing the mission are unsuccessful, keep in mind it is a signal to go away from the position.

7. Everything feels overwhelming:

If you are feeling crushed or irritated at each little setback or hassle that pops up it can be a signal that you are headed toward burnout. In addition, if tasks or paintings responsibilities that used to carry you pleasure at the moment are feeling annoying or burden, it can be a signal that you’re overworked, and it is time to transport directly to some other opportunity.

8. Not having enough time to spend with family:

It becomes difficult for an employee to work freely, and to spend time with their family due to a busy schedule. After having children, it is a must to spend time with the children and to serve them. In another case, if your parents want your service and they want your attention. But, you are unable to serve them because of toxic work conditions and fewer free hours. It is ok to quit the job in that case. Also, if your health is decreasing day by day, your manager is giving you workload again and again. That is also a sign to quit the job.

9. Career Change:

If you want to change your career, then it is also a reason to quit your job. Take an example of a network marketing expert who wants to learn web development. He sees the growth opportunities are high in web designing. He does animations and takes a course in web development. It takes 4 months and now he can find a job giving high money for his work and chance to learn more. In this case, he will quit his job.

10. Find a new job:

If an individual finds a new opportunity with better perks and salary, then he will join that. Important reasons for leaving a job consist of this reason. For example, Microsoft wants to influence Sundar Pichai to their company. They offer him a better post, better salary, better respect and offers shares in Microsoft company. But, when Google also offers the same perks and better options, then he changes his mind. 

Considerations before quitting your job

If you have determined that quitting your activity is the fine choice for you, take into account your timeline. It is fine to have any other possibility coated up while switching to your resignation. While every scenario for quitting is private and complex, locating a brand new activity earlier than quitting facilitates mitigating the threat of dropping earnings and advantages and having employment gaps to your resume.

While identifying you want to end activity is not always an excellent scenario, reflecting at the revel inlet you discover an accurate healthy transferring forward. When you start your activity search, make an effort to determine what miles you need in an activity, company, and professional path.

Steps to try to resolve the problem before quitting

  • Always try to resolve the problems. 
  • Look whether you are not making a mistake while leaving the company. 
  • It is better to talk to your HR, or boss, before leaving the company. If the problem resolves, then it is better to continue because a new job is not always easy to get with desired perks. You have to start everything from starting. 
  • Sometimes people make decisions emotionally instead of using their minds. Make sure, you are not making any mistake or emotional driven decision that hurts you later.
  • Come to the desk with thoughts of projects, responsibilities, or professional improvement possibilities that can enhance your happiness.

What is the single question that I should have to ask with me before quitting a job?

Have I explored each alternative with my company?

The single question you should have to ask yourself is whether you have explored each alternative with your company. With your perfect-day plan as a guide, see what you could negotiate consisting of bendy running, a unique reporting line, decreased hours, or better pay.

Often the price to you as a character is massive while for the commercial enterprise there is now no longer a massive difference, When you have been someplace for ten years, you emerge as so compliant or complacent. You do not reflect on consideration on what you can do differently.


In this article, we see when to quit the job. We already know that quitting a job is always not so easy. We discuss what are the reasons to quit a job. We also see what are precautions or considerations, you should take care of. We also see which questions we have to ask ourselves before quitting the job. We also see what steps we should have followed before leaving a company. 

You can write a formal resignation letter to your supervisor that you are no longer be a part of the company. 

I hope you get all the information with this article.

When To Quit Job?

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