What To Do When Amazon Job-Status Shows, “Not Selected”

Amazon is one of the most used online web stores all over the world. Hence, without a doubt, the slope of amazon hiring is always high. Every year, Amazon initiates its hiring process for freshers as well as experienced ones. Amazon is the reason for employment to millions all around the world. As the CTC that Amazon provides is quite high, the competition of getting a job in amazon is high as well. But unfortunately, out of millions of applications, only a few gets selected. Rest candidates are provided with only two words on their job status i.e., Not Selected. It is a heartbreaking scene for not only the candidate but also the employer itself. Let’s Know What To Do When Amazon Job-Status Shows, “Not Selected.”

What To Do When Amazon Job-Status Shows, "Not Selected"

But the status of your job application is not the end of the world. There are plenty of other things available that are just a fit for your resume. So, let us get into it. Let’s find out what to do when amazon rejects your job application. 

Why your resume is being rejected in the initial screening process of the Amazon job application?

There could be plenty of reasons as to why you are not being selected for the particular Job application. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

  1. Mistakes while uploading documents that are required:

This could be the major reason for you not being selected for the job. When you visit the website in which you are going to apply for the job, there is a big full-page instruction given to the candidate. You have to read all of it before starting your process for application. Candidates generally miss out few important details of the document that are to be uploaded and hence, gets rejected in the screening project. So, make sure not to apply in a hurry, take your time. Read the instructions and then apply.

  1. Lack of your credentials in a resume:

Well, your degree, achievements and accomplishments in the field related to jobs are very important. Your resume needs all of your achievements and credentials to be in a highlighted mode. For Example, if you are applying for a job in the business department but you have no degree or skills in that area then there are high chances that you are going to be not selected. 

  1. My resume is not up to date:

As the generations are running ahead, you need to change accordingly. Some candidate makes a big mistake of copy-pasting the layout of resume of their elder siblings or someone close to them. They not for once think that the resume theme could be out of date. And then they apply with the same resume and gets rejected. So, candidates make sure that they are using a fresh resume theme before applying not only on Amazon but anywhere.

  1. No experience:

This is not for the freshers, however, some freshers with an internship skill in their resume are to be selected before you (if you have presented no such thing in the resume). For the ones, who are changing their job or have already worked in the market, need proper experience in their CV. Experiences increase the chance of you getting in rather than being “not selected”.

  1. Others are shining brighter than you:

Well, as you all know when Amazon announce the job opening application in their portal, they were very well right about the number of candidates that they are going to need. So, if there are opening for only 10 people but the application being uploaded are millions then of course there is going to be a mass rejection. You have to make sure that your skills for the job are way better and make sure to highlight all of that in your CV. If you have a referral then it is better. There are chances that you will be considered first for the job before anyone else. Remember that competition is high and you have to be unique in the crowd. 

What to do after Amazon already wrote “not selected” under your job application:

There has to be a level of understanding and maturity in the candidates that if they are not getting selected in Amazon then that doesn’t mean, they will not get selected anywhere else. However, getting rejected does surge a disappointment in a candidate but you have to be a strong-minded person. 

The thing you can do after getting the rejection is to keep applying at other various places for employment. There is always a job in this world that fits your resume. But if you are determined to get a job In Amazon anyhow then you will have to wait for its next job openings. While waiting you can upgrade your skills. You can do online courses or grab internships to increase your experience in the CV. This will make sure that you will not get rejected 2nd time in a row.

Upgrading your skill set also boosts your confidence which attracts every employer in the world. My advice to the candidates reading this is to keep applying for other jobs. You can also grab a part-time job in Amazon itself. Amazon does provide part-time jobs to many candidates if compared to a full-time job. If you do this, there are high chances that they are going to keep you for a full-time job after your internships end at amazon. 

It is not easy to get selected in Amazon as there are millions of people fighting for the same job that you are thinking of applying for. For this, you have to stay motivated at your end and never stop fighting. Amazon does open several portals for job applications for various positions. Apply for the ones that you are confident about. Meanwhile, keep updating your resume and make sure to avoid copy-pasting in your resume. Also, avoid any kind of typing mistake or spelling mistake in your resume. Silly mistakes can also be the reason for you not getting selected.

What To Do When Amazon Job-Status Shows, “Not Selected”

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