Wait For Severance Pay Or Take A New Job

Severance pay is the systematic approach a company adopt to provide monetary value to employees in exchange for the work performed so far. It is defined as the last payment of an employee in a particular company or work field, while (taking a new job) is the process of researching for available work or vacancies in a new company. Let’s learn about ‘Wait For Severance Pay Or Take A New Job’.

Wait For Severance Pay Or Take A New Job

Wait For Severance Pay Or Take A New Job

It is a given that if there is an equality of wages in the last job and the new job or the income of the new job is higher than the last one, the severance pay will be cancelled. Hence if you are earning a higher income in the new position, your pay at the new job will productively “cancel out” the last severance pay. And this will occur the first day you begin earning capital in your new role.

What is severance pay?

Severance pay is the last or final payment gotten by an employee at a particular job or field. It is the systematic approach a company adopts to provide monetary value to employees in exchange for the work performed so far.

Taking a new job

This is the process of researching for a vacancy in a working field. It is the stage whereby a person writes an application letter to different companies in search of a position as a worker to make a better living and to standardize his or her integrity.

Is It Necessary To Accept A Severance Package?

The acceptance of severance pay or package is up to the employee. Taking deep consideration and view on severance package or payment, this is the most acceptable or legal way to receive any capital beyond what they are owed in terms of income, vacation payment and other expenses from the employer. Severance pay or Package often requires a person to sign a release to not demand some right to which a person is entitled, so as not to sue the company or pursue further claims against it in the nearest future. Hence a person might decide to let go of the severance pay or package if the terms are too tough.

What Is A Severance Package?

A proper view of some job hunters are good at negotiating wages and benefit when they are hired but when it is high time to depart from the company either based on the present situation that leads to termination from the position held, many job hunter lacks the knowledge that they can negotiate some features when it time to depart from a company. Most employers tend to provide many employees a severance pay or package when they are about to leave or depart from the company or company based on the present situation in which there is an outline of an agreement on the financial terms on which the employees will have to take deep consideration about before taking any process to leave the company, and this is negotiating a comfortable manifestation of mutual assent by the employee and the employer which involves the consideration of how the employee conducts his/her in terms of manner during the discussion or conversation with the employer, the capital and benefits the employee need to survive, and also to know if the employee can obtain a legal help or loan.

And the discussion or conversation should not be based on capital alone, and other factors should be highly considered by the employee, such as insurance benefits, and assistance in finding another job for the employee to make better financial stability and ease the stress on the employee. 

Wait For Severance Pay Or Take A New Job

Understandably, you may be considering both options as you weigh the pros and cons of each. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to wait for severance pay or take a new job:

• How long will it take to receive the severance pay? If you can receive the pay relatively soon, it may be worth it to wait for the severance pay and use it to help cover your expenses while you look for a new job.

• How financially stable are you currently? If you have a good amount of savings and can cover your expenses for a few months without the severance pay, it may be worth it to take a new job right away.

• How much will the new job pay? Consider the salary and benefits of the new job and whether it is a significant increase or decrease from your previous job.

• What is the job market like in your field? If there are a lot of job opportunities available, it may be easier to find a new job quickly, and you may not need to rely on the severance pay as much. However, if the job market is competitive, it may be worth it to wait for the severance pay while you continue to look for a new job.

Some Key Fact On Severance Package

1. It’s stated that most employers offer the employee a severance agreement that defines their financial terms, which creates an avenue for the condition if the employee will leave the position holds. 

2. It is stated that severance agreement is not in the constitution, but most employers offer them to prove their benevolence towards the employees.

3. Continuation of the severance package, benefits and also other benefits such as “assistance in finding a new job, can be negotiated during the severance agreement.

4. Based on fact, it is noted that a severance package or pay is termed to offer one or two weeks’ payment of wages for every year in the work field. 

5. Based on observation and experience it is noted that an employee has only 21 days to accept the severance package agreement and that once the agreement document is signed, the employee has just seven days to change his/her mind.

Planning Of Severance In Advance 

It is very important for employees to prepare for an unknown situation in an organization, as some critical issues may arise that might lead a worker to be mentally or emotionally depressed, it is stated that when an individual is depressed it review or show in the physical appearance and this might stand against a worker such passing false rumours to another co-worker in the organization regarding quitting of the job before the axe fall or even such situation may cause a worker to have a change of mindset toward quitting the job or position hold in a workspace.

It is much advisable not to be moved by such a situation because staying back may give the worker or employee the opportunity to claim their severance package and not just that alone as it will also enable the employee to be entitled to unemployment insurance benefits. It is a wise decision for an employee to prepare in advance having a mindset that a situation may arise at any moment. Preparing in advance will also create an avenue for the employee to conduct relevant research about the previous employees regarding what they were given or what they have received because that necessary information will help prepare the worker in advance against unknown events or situations. And it is very important that a worker review their resources and also list out all the critical expenses to determine their financial needs.

Is It Possible To Loose Severance Package If New Job Is Taken By An Employee?

This is the major why an employee needs to review the small print of the severance package received. It is noted that when a company provide a severance package to a terminated employee, it is certain that some conditions will be in the document which must be met by the employee. And such a condition will definitely out the necessary dos and don’t that the employee must do or abide by to receive the benefit of the severance package. Hence the severance agreement document explains clearly the conditions which the employee must abide by to enjoy the package and the document also states clearly when the package will no longer be received by the employee. Meaning that the severance agreement document will also state the condition that would end the benefit of a severance package.

Though it may seem unfair that the company stop all the benefits of the severance if the terminated employee secures a new working space position. But if the view of the company is taken into consideration it shows that the terminated employee is still treated as an employee in the working space. When an employee receives a severance payment while not an active member in a working space, such an employee remains on the company payroll, but if the employee takes up a position in another working space the company no longer see or has any reason to continue giving such employee the right to severance pay. Since all the responsibility goes to the new employer

Is It Possible For An Employee To Start A New Job And Receive A Severance Payment? 

There are some situation that allows an employee to start a new job and yet receive a severance package or payment, it is noted in some case or situation that a severance package continues if an employee secures a job that is less pay to the previous one the formal company severance continues to make up the difference in the wages of the employee through the specified period of the severance given. 

What Is Expected Of The Employee?

It is very much important for the employee to go through the severance agreement document received by the employer and also ensure that he/she understands every single word in the document upon the job termination. If the words are not clear enough, it is necessary to request an employment lawyer to review the document for better understanding. This is because the condition stated in the severance agreement might qualify the employee to take a new job and also receive the severance benefit. It is quite noted in some cases that the severance agreement might specify that the employee’s ongoing severance payment and other benefits might stop once the employee secures a new job. If this Is found to be true in such a situation, there should be a negotiation between the employer and the employee so that the employee can prepare for the start date of a new job to avoid delay. 

Starting A New Job Without Notifying The Previous Employer

This depends on the condition of the severance agreement, as it is noted that a worker is accepted to receive a severance payment after job termination. It is also based on the severance agreement, if an employee violet the agreement the employee will have to repay all benefits received from the company. As it may be cheaper to pay an employment lawyer to advise the employee before taking any action on a severance package or payment than to pay for the lawsuit. It is never a good idea to secure a new working space with a cloud hanging over the head. It is not advisable to break a severance agreement.


Ultimately, the decision to either wait for your severance pay or take a new job will depend on your circumstances and needs. It may be helpful to speak with a financial advisor or a career counsellor to get a better understanding of your options and make the best decision for your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will I get Severance Pay if I Resign From My Job?

It depends on your employment contract with your employer but you can always negotiate a severance pay with your employer when resigning from your job.

  • Which is Better Between Resigning or Being Sacked?

It is better to resign from a job than to get sacked. That way you can negotiate for better severance pay and a good recommendation for your next job.

Wait For Severance Pay Or Take A New Job

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