Sonic Careers: Job Opportunities, Salary And Complete Guide

Sonic encourages and attracts wildly creative people. The food, the service, and the culture of their brand all reflect their bold, one-of-a-kind personalities. There are almost as many employment opportunities at SONIC as there are drink combinations. Let us know What are the ‘Sonic Careers’.

Sonic Careers: Job Opportunities, Salary And Complete Guide

Sonic Careers: Job Opportunities, Salary And Complete Guide

Their Drive-Ins are the front lines of opportunity, whether you want to be one of their famous carhops or a multi-unit leader.  To have a career at Sonic, there’s a good list of requirements that one must possess. The job opportunities, salary, requirements, age, application process, and benefits are discussed in detail below:  

The job opportunities are listed below:

1. Sonic Drive-In Assistant Manager:

Help the General Manager run the SONIC Drive-In smoothly so that customers have a good time by ensuring they get good cuisine in a safe and secure environment quickly.

Hiring, training, supervising, managing, directing, and ensuring client satisfaction are all part of the job. Maintaining and enforcing SONIC safety and cleanliness standards, adhering to all federal, state, and local laws, and having a positive, upbeat attitude that makes work fun for everyone.

Requirements for this position include:
  • Resilience, tenacity in finding and implementing alternate ideas, and everyday endeavor to improve expertise.
  • Setting and completing priorities; ready to learn and grow professionally and personally.
  • Possess strong linguistic, numeric, and literate foundations.
  • People who have a track record of boosting sales, adopting new marketing techniques, controlling costs
  • A person of high moral character who treats others with dignity and is willing to work as part of a team.

Salary: $18 – $24 per hour

Job Type: Full-Time

2. As a Sonic Drive-In restaurant General Manager:

It’s like having a job that you never have to leave. You’ll meet amazing people, get paid well, and get to wear a nice uniform.

Directing, assigning, and supervising staff in drive-through restaurants includes managing the Crew/Team, Carhops, and Skating Carhops, complying with and tracking the drive-in employee manual, policies, and practices, opening and closing the eatery, creating staff timetables, completing and managing payroll.

Requirements for this position include:
  • Possessing a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of experience managing a restaurant (QSR experience is preferred).
  • Expected to work unsociable hours, nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Familiarity with interviewing, vetting, and hiring procedures.
  • Familiarity with local health and sanitation requirements and federal and state labor laws.
  • Capable of leading others and supervising others effectively

Salary: $38,000.00 to $55,000.00 /year

Job Type: Full-Time

3. As a Sonic Drive-In Cook:

Creating a Super SONIC experience for each guest should be your top priority. You will be responsible for managing the department dedicated to satisfying customers’ hunger, which includes the Food Production, Grill, Fryer, and possibly other stations.

Duties: Cooking, designing, and packing delicious cuisine; being proactive; inspiring and motivating personnel; complying to SONIC safety and sanitation laws; grilling, frying, dressing to order, packaging, and quality control for all menu items.

Requirements for this position include:
  • Positivity that spreads and calmness under strain.
  • Following directions, teamwork, and readiness to help.
  • Reading, writing, and arithmetic are necessary to working irregular hours.
  • Multitasking is easily switching between tasks.
  • Competent to read and calculate.
  • Our firm relies on self-motivated, cooperative, and safety-minded employees.

4. As a Sonic Carhop/Skating Carhop:

You might compare becoming a Carhop (a hip food server) to being an astronaut, only you’d be working at a drive-through rather than outer space, and the food would be far better. It will be your responsibility to serve and transport the food in a sanitary and timely manner.

This position’s responsibilities include Carrying and balancing trays weighing up to 25 pounds, serving our customers promptly, and clearing trays from our customers’ cars. Ensuring that all menu items satisfy operational standards.

Requirements for this position include:
  • Willingness to comply with SONIC’s appearance, uniform, and cleanliness standards
  • Finished the Required SONIC Skating Training Course with Flying Colors.
  • Deliver food while roller skating expertly and regularly on a variety of surfaces
  • Knowledge of the restaurant business or retail operations is advantageous, but not essential.
  •  Ability to stand for long periods, balance and carry a tray, and sweep while roller skating

Salary: $15+ an hour

Job Type: Full-Time or Part-Time 

5. As a Sonic Drive-In Shift Manager:

Here you are responsible for aiding the General Manager and Assistant General Manager in managing the daily operations of the restaurant to offer quality cuisine in a clean, safe, and efficient way so that guests will have a good experience at the SONIC Drive-In.

Helping with hiring, training, supervising, managing, directing, developing great people to serve a SuperSONIC experience to every guest, ensuring every guest leaves the lot satisfied, helping employees understand the big picture by sharing the “why” behind tasks, celebrating team successes and coaching for better performance.

Requirements for this position include:
  • Positive attitude, especially during rushed or stressful situations
  •  Resiliency – trying different techniques to solve an issue; working to get better every day
  •  Strong prioritizing and completion skills
  •  Proficiency in basic mathematics and reading

6. As the Sonic Drive-In Restaurant Team Member:

This job encompasses a wide variety of tasks related to food preparation and service. You’ll man the switchboard, switchboard if necessary, the drive-thru, and the fountain and frozen food stations. 

Duties: Trash disposal, mopping, sweeping, washing dishes, wiping counters, sanitizing food areas, taking orders and making accurate change quickly, packaging all menu items and checking for quality and consistency, and cleaning the kitchen.

Requirements for this position include:
  • Being able to work late into the night, on weekends, and during holidays
  • The adaptability to meet any challenge that arises in the restaurant industry
  • Willingness to abide by the appearance, uniform, and hygiene standards of Sonic Drive-In restaurants
  • Self-starters who can work well with others to maintain our drive-through restaurants’ cleanliness and safety.

Salary: $16 – $18 per hour

Job Type: Full-Time or Part-Time

Age Limit: The basic age to apply for a job at Sonic starts at 15. One must have a work permit to start working at Sonic.

Hiring Process: The hiring process at Sonic is extremely easy and smooth. The basic steps are, go to their website, i.e, > go to the job page > search for what you are looking for > click on the job opening > click on apply > fill out the form and then wait for a day or 36 hours for them to revert.

Some frequently asked questions:

1.   What should I bring to my interview?

Ans: ​​​​​Make at least two hard copies of your CV and come prepared to discuss your previous work experience. Be ready to discuss your relevant work experience and/or talents if you don’t have a résumé.

2.   What should I wear to the interview?

Ans: Get ready for the interview in an outfit that makes you feel strong and capable. The smart-casual dress code is always a safe bet. For those of you who are the “dress for the job you want” type, the members wear SONIC t-shirts and black pants, while managers wear polo shirts and black pants.

3.   How should I prepare?

Ans: It’s usually a wise practice to acquaint yourself with the Drive-In location, so you’re sure to arrive on time. Justify your application by detailing how your past achievements and responsibilities have prepared you for this specific position.

Sonic Careers: Job Opportunities, Salary And Complete Guide

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