Same Job New Boss – What To Do?

A good connection between workers and their boss is key to running an establishment smoothly. A boss knows the skills, expertise, qualities, and worker’s behavior well. He knows how to get work from his employees and who is suitable for a specific task. The workers of a company, while working with a boss for a long time, get comfortable with him. They know his mood, plans, rules, and methodology to solve any task. They both, the employer and his workers, work together to achieve success in the business. But what if you listen to the news of the arrival of new boss in your job?

Same Job New Boss

New Boss in Job

Companies change their employers to get more benefits or to gain profits in the business. But sometimes company employees in job get upset by listening to the news of a changing boss. That may be because they are too comfortable working with the existing one. But they should accept the change and work on it to make the situation easy for them. They should try to make their first impression on the new boss to impress him. The new boss needs some time to adjust and get the information about all the employees, so it is the best time for an employee to make a good relationship with his new boss.

Importance of creating a good link with new employer:

Maybe you feel it is difficult to interact with the new boss, but there are a lot of benefits if you perform well, according to the expectation of the new boss.

When a new boss is appointed, he may not know much about the company workers and their expertise. It will be good for a worker to perform with accuracy and try to show him his skills making it easy for the boss to understand you.

While on the other hand, a newly appointed boss also needs the help of the workers to understand the environment of the company and the potential of the workers.

Same job, new boss, what to do:

If you feel it is difficult to work in your job with the new boss, here are some suggestions to help you:

Take the initial step, and introduce yourself:

To finish this discomfort, the best step you can take is to introduce yourself to your new boss. Arrange a meeting in which every worker gets a chance to introduce himself to the new boss. It is also beneficial for the boss as he gets familiar with the workers. 

Boss also introduces himself to the workers in the meeting. This will help you to know the ways and methodology of the new boss and he can understand his workers as well. 

This meeting also will help in understanding the communication style of the boss. It is important while giving your introduction to the boss to inform him about your success and achievements you have made while working in the company.

Try to get information about the new boss:

The best way to know the new boss is to collect information about him. For this, you can use the internet and can google him. You can gather information about his achievement, his working style, and his personality.

Trying to get his vision of achieving success helps you to understand him. The more information you have, the more flexible you can establish a good link with your boss.

Give and take time to adjust:

Don’t overburden yourself by thinking again and again. Sit back, and take some time to adjust to the changes. This will help you calm down and accept the situation.

Also, give some time to your new boss and try to understand his working techniques. Treat him with the same respect and care that you feel for your previous boss. 

Catch the eye of a new employer:

Your new employer does not know you personally. It is time for you to attract his attention toward you. Your dressing style should be presentable and talk politely with your new employer. Try to make him comfortable in the new environment. 

Guide him about small things like showing him the way to coffee, or the office of other employees may help you to catch the eyes of the employer. 

Avoid fawning:

Some employees try to be friendly with the new employer and use unnecessary fawning comments to impress him. Avoid unnecessarily fawning as this may throw a bad look on the new employer. 

He may misjudge you by thinking that you are trying to catch his attention and want some favor from his side. You should be professional in dealing with the employer.

The old boss VS new boss:

The fact that can harm you most is not accepting the situation and comparing a new employer with the previous one. Your thinking that “he is not doing it right or our previous boss did this differently” is wrong.

The reality is each person has a different personality and ways of doing work.

It is better for you to accept the new boss with his techniques and methodology of doing the work.

Don’t create any personal opinions about your new boss:

If you create any bad opinions about your new employer this will cause you to take more time to adjust. You may like your previous employer and love to work with him but now there is another person in the same position. He is your employer, he possesses some major authority as compared to you. 

Instead of doing that you should focus on your work and try to create a good employer-employee relationship by not discussing your new employer with other employees. Restrains negative thoughts from affecting your efficiency of work.

Remember, Patience is your strength:

The thing that helps you the most is Patience. When a new employer arrives he comes with new plans and schemes in his mind. Their implementation by the new employer may irritate you. Maybe you cannot get that much importance and place, you got from the previous employer.

But you have to increase your forbearance and have to work on your skills to gain everything again. Try to get close to a new employer and create healthy professional connections with him.


Working with a new employer may be difficult, and require a lot of forbearance from your side. The new employer means new policies, rules, and regulations implemented in the company. The new one may not seem as good as the previous employer but if you give him time and try to understand his ways and techniques of working you may start liking him and his techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is important to work with my new employer?

Understanding his way of communication and the methodology of implementation, the new policies and the plan can help you in understanding your new employer.

  1. How can I help my new employer?

You can help your employer by creating a favorable environment for him, and avoiding making and listening to negative remarks about the new employer.

  1. Is it impossible to work with a new boss?

Yes, you can work with the new employer the only thing you need the most is forbearance, a polite attitude toward him, and letting him settle into the position.

Same Job New Boss – What To Do?

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