Retail Stores That Hire At 15-16

Due to various stipulations in the law of our country, most firms and start-ups do not employ teenagers, mostly those that are below the age of 17. The few that allow teenagers below the age of 17 are mostly given a non-strenuous position. Some teens often need a part-time job or job to help them make some particular amount of money especially if they are saving for something big and many others just need some sense of responsibility to hold on to. But as in every rule, there is an allowance, Thus here are a few retail stores that employ teens aged 15 and 16. Let us know ‘Retail Stores That Hire At 15-16’.

Retail Stores That Hire At 15-16

Retail Stores That Hire At 15-16

Let us see some of the retail stores that hire at 15-16:

American eagle outfitters

Men’s and women’s pants, joggers sweatshirts, and many more are available at American eagle outfitters. There are about nine hundred American eagle retail stores available in the United state. They offer employment for 16 years old in which they mostly tend to help customers on the shop floor or stocking the shelves.


Aeropostale is a clothing retailer that has over five hundred outlets across the United States that deal with male and female wear. If you are 16 Aeropostale can hire you as a sales associate or a stock associate.

Banana republic

Banana Republic is a well-known upmarket men’s and women’s clothing retailer with almost seven hundred shops in the United States. The two main jobs given to an employed 16 years old are mostly sales assistant and item stockers. However, there are usually other available positions.


Kroger is one of the oldest retailers which first started in 1883. It is widely known. They have about two thousand six hundred locations spread across the state with a history of hiring 15 years olds. However, not all of Kroger’s retailers hire 15 years old because hiring policies varies by location. When hired by Kroger you will be assigned to either work as a cashier, bagger, or clerk.

Barnes and noble

Barnes & Noble operates both traditional retail bookstores and Barnes & Noble College bookstores, a separate subsidiary. Both companies have a 16-year-old minimum age requirement for employment. You can work as a cashier at their bookstore or a barista at the cafe.


CVS pharmacy has approximately nine thousand locations in forty-nine states where they sell medicines, beauty products, and many other things. CVS hires from 16 years old in which one can work as a cashier, shelf stocker, organizer, and beauty care worker.

Stop and Shop

Stop and Shop is a grocery chain with almost two hundred and fifty locations primarily in the northeast. They have been known to hire teens as young as 15 for their entry-level positions. Their workers are eligible for a 5 percent discount on their grocery purchases, and after a year of service, the part-time staff is permitted to take a week off.

Hollister Co

Hollister Co deals in a wide range of jeans, sweatshirts, joggers, shirts, shoes, and accessories for both males and females. Hollister Co. is a subsidiary of Abercrombie & Fitch, another clothing retailer, they hire teens as young as 16 to work as a sales associate or to stock shelves.


Gap has specialized in the sales of fashionable clothing, denim, and accessories for over fifty years. The term is a reference to the Generation Gap, which has approximately three thousand five hundred locations around the world. It’s one of the apparel stores that hire people as young as 16 with no previous experience. They often look out for teens with great communication skills and a professional and welcoming approach.

Old Navy

Old Navy is a department shop that sells the most recent styles for the entire family. Men, women, kids, infants, and maternity clothes are all available at low costs. The company employs around one thousand teenagers over the age of 16 who work as brand associates to answer phones, answer client questions about apparel, and cashiers.


There are tens of thousands of Starbucks stores around the world. At several places, they will hire people as young as 15 years old. However, this is depending on the state and the specific retailer. The organization is committed to diversity and gives benefits to all employees, part-time workers included.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren deals with men’s women and children’s fashion. They’re also known for their garments, home, accessories, and fragrances, as well as their marketing and distribution. Ralph Lauren has over two hundred and ten store locations in forty-one states, Puerto Rico, and the Columbia District. They have some of the greatest retail positions and they employ teens from 16 years old.


Target is another well-known retail store with approximately A thousand, eight hundred and fifty stores located across the United States. Target sells everything from food and household items to clothing, electronics, gift cards, and more. Target hires teens as young as 16 years old for hourly employment in stores and distribution sites.


In all fifty states, Walmart operates approximately four thousand and seven hundred superstores. They sell low-cost meat, groceries, flowers, housewares, cheesecloths, pet supplies, electronics, decent computers, toys, cellular plans, and many more. You can work at any of the eleven thousand, five hundred and ten locations, however, Walmart requires that you be 16 years old. The position available for teens of that age is usually a cashier and backroom stocker.


Although these stores defer from state to state in the United States and even in a state that allows for a person aged 15 and 16 to work in a certain kind of establishment, the final decision might still be dependent on the inclination of the employer. In all, if you are 15 or 16 and looking to earn some money, the establishments mentioned above are likely going to hire you.

Retail Stores That Hire At 15-16

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