My Job Is Being Advertised For More Money

In your professional career, one always seeks better opportunities, and to find them, you have to go through different job postings in newspapers and job-seeking sites. While doing so, what would be your reaction if you saw that one of the job posts is the same job as the one you are doing and posted by your company as well? You also witness that it is offered at a better pay rate too. You must get upset seeing this and wonder why did this happen? What can you do about this now? The first thing to do is to stay calm and then decide about the approach to follow next. Many times it happens that companies post different jobs of similar nature with a little bit of raised salary offerings. When you see that among job postings, you get upset. First, stay calm and try to enquire if this is the same job post as yours or any other job posting of similar nature. Before you take the next step of talking to your manager, you must know that sometimes the salaries offered are mentioned on the higher side to mention the potential salary a newbie can get after getting some experience. Evaluate the situation, increase your skills and productivity, research the wages of other professionals and then talk to your boss and discuss promotions or salary increases based on your skills and experience. Stay open to new recruiters if the company does not pay you based on your potential. Let us see how My Job Is Being Advertised For More Money?

My Job Is Being Advertised For More Money

Reason For Same Job Posting

There may be multiple reasons for the company to post the same job posting as yours. All these reasons must be looked through before taking the next step.

Company Is Growing

You must take into consideration if your company is growing. If this is the case, then different departments of the company also require expansion. For expanding the departments, new employees would be required to distribute the workload.

Current Employee’s Performance

Your performance also matters a lot. If you are not delivering what is expected, you should not be surprised to see the same job posting as yours. Know your worth first and then decide what to do next.

Salary Difference Now Or In Beginning

You must see whether the higher salary offered is the beginning salary compared to your beginning salary or if you are comparing it with your current salary. If your beginning salary was lower than the beginning salary offered now, then it is a natural thing to happen, especially if you have been part of the company for many years.

Your Involvement In The Company 

You must check what your involvement in the company and relation with your team is. This is important because if you are already looking for a better job for yourself, then this might serve as a sign of a lack of involvement in the company. The company might find this as your willingness to leave the company. So a company might be posting based on that observation.

What To Do If My Job Is Being Advertised For More Money?

Be Realistic And Find Answers To Possible Questions

First, you must evaluate your situation realistically. You must see if the skills being asked in the job opening are the same as yours or if the demand and expectations are higher than yours. Try to find out the difference in total compensation. The new opening might be given more based on more polished skills, and the company might expand.

You must see if you enjoy your job and want to continue with the same job or if you want to quit and look for another job.

Note Down Points Before Talking To Management

You must know what you have to discuss about your performance and job status with the company’s management. Do not show signs of unhappiness towards the management or your colleagues. Be prepared to show how you have maintained a positive teamwork environment.

It would help if you did your homework because it is very likely that your boss does not know about your contribution to the company.

List accomplishments

Make a list of your accomplishment to present to your management. These should be meaningful achievements for the company so you can later ask for your pay increase.

Mention critical tasks

You must know all the critical tasks you completed for the company in your extra time and show your dedication. Prepare a good spreadsheet for this purpose.

Ready to be slow on demands

One of the points should be to make the required demands but only in the end. Progress slowly with any of your demands.

Do Research On Salary Figures

You must look into the market to research the salaries offered to people with similar job responsibilities. You can compare your salary with state salaries and the national average. It would help if you also consider your education and seniority level while searching for compatible wages. This helps in realistically setting up your salary expectations.

You will find this research helpful in your conversation with the management, or you can also consider changing your job. You may also find out that your current job is your best option.

Track Your Performance

You must check your past performance and achievements to discuss your salary raise with the management. You must know what tasks you should highlight in front of the management as your complete tasks. This can be presented as a spreadsheet or a proper presentation of a few minutes. You can show your urge to improve your performance by highlighting possible opportunities for the company and ways of achieving them. This shows your motivation and know-how of current market opportunities to the employer.

Improve Skills

It would help if you did not forget that raising your skills is very important whether you want an increase in your pay, seek a promotion, or another better job opportunity. The management of any company always prefers skilled workers. So you must look into your skills and match them with the new job posted so that you can compare yourself with any potential employees hired by the company.

Talk With Management

Talking with the management is very important to show your concerns over the new job posted. You must deliver your points to them and listen carefully to their explanation. You must be well prepared before meeting them and know what you want to ask them and tell them or demand from them. It would help if you came prepared for the meeting.

You can mention your achievements and then ask for a promotion or increase in your salary. You can mention your concern over the new job posting in a low tone. Highlighting your achievements can help management understand that the company requires you, and you will feel motivated if you are given a promotion or a better salary. You can politely show intent to leave if you have better opportunities available. This might help you achieve the pay raise you expect after seeing the new ad posted with a more salary package. 

Be Open To New Opportunities

If you feel underpaid, you can look for better opportunities and seek a new job. You must keep your resume updated for this purpose and include details of your current job. Keep applying for new jobs and continue your search until you find the job you require.


When you see a new job posting similar to your job with a salary higher than yours, then you must first see the pros and cons of the current situation and then decide to talk to your management about this. You can ask for salary raise based on your performance or promotion. The last option can be to look for another job if you don’t find pay raise according to your job description and responsibilities.


What to do after you see the same job posted as yours by a company with high compensation?

You should stay calm and see if the company is growing and needs to extend its departments. You should talk to your manager about the successful accomplishments you achieved for the company and ask for an increase in pay or promotion.

How much raise can be asked with promotion?

It varies according to your job responsibilities and contribution to the company’s success. Usually, a raise of 10-15% can be asked from the company.

What could be possible reasons for the company’s current job posting with high salaries?

The possible reasons are that the company is growing, the current employee’s performance is not satisfactory and improved skills are required in the current job. So it is a must to offer a higher salary than before.

My Job Is Being Advertised For More Money

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