List Of Jobs That Start With V

If you think jobs, careers, or occupations that start with the letter v are scarce out there, then you’ll be genuinely surprised to find out about tons of jobs out there starting with the letter v you probably never paid much attention to… List of Jobs, careers, and occupations that start with the letter v include Vascular sonographer, Visual inspector, Vocational teacher, Virology teacher, Visual aid expert, virologist, vascular nurse, vascular surgeon, validation engineer, voice pathologist, Volleyball coach, Violin tutor, Vulcanizer, Volcanologist, Volunteer, Vocal music instructor, Vector control specialist, veterinary doctors, vicar, videographer, etc. Let us know ‘List Of Jobs That Start With V’.

List Of Jobs That Start With V

As some of the above-mentioned jobs or careers might seem confusing, Below in this blog is a compiled list of jobs and careers that start with the letter V along with their definitions, responsibilities or duties, and estimated incomes

List of jobs start with the letter V

  • Veterinary Toxicologists

job description

Veterinary Toxicologists mainly research, diagnose and treat any animal causality or disease.

Their duties include determining the effects of new drugs or antibiotics, inspecting animal’s habits and ensuring their adequacy, training other workers, researching diseases and determining the suitability of animals to available drugs, etc

 Veterinary Toxicologists also work in health sectors as wildlife veterinarians, veterinary bacteriologists, animal chiropractors, animal surgeons, lab animal Care, 

Animal anatomist, etc

They earn an annual salary of about $110,000 and about $50 per hour in the United States.

  • Veterinary Pharmacologist

Job description

Diagnose, treat, or research diseases and injuries of animals. Includes veterinarians who conduct re-

search and development, inspect livestock or care for pets and companion animals.

Their duties include educating and informing the mass about transferable diseases from animals to humans, euthanizing animals, quarantining sick or infected animals to prevent the spread of diseases to humans or other animals, examining animals to detect or diagnose their disease, and utilizing radiographic or other necessary equipment on animals when necessary, etc

Veterinary Pharmacologist as horse doctors, veterinary radiologists, veterinary physiologists, veterinary parasitologists, public health veterinarians, veterinary doctors, laboratory animal care, animal chiropractor, veterinary inspector, etc

They earn an annual salary of about $105,000 and an estimate of $50 per hour in the United States.

  • Veterinary pathologist

Job description

Often generalized as veterinarians, Veterinary pathologists 

Diagnose, treat, or research diseases and injuries of animals. Includes veterinarians who conduct re-

search and development, inspect livestock or care for pets and companion animals

Their duties include counseling patients about euthanizing their pets or about their pet’s death, training workers who handle animal Care, euthanizing pets or animals, scheduling animals reproduction and nutrition programs, educating pet or animals owners about necessary sanitary and nutrition measures, checking on animal farms to check their health, etc

A veterinary pathologist can also work in the following settings; veterinary surgeon, Veterinary microbiologist, veterinary scientist, livestock inspector, animal chiropractor, animal surgeon, animal anatomist, veterinary epidemiologist, public health veterinarian, etc

 They earn an annual salary of about $110,000 and about $55 per hour in the United States.

  • Vicar

Job description

Vicars are spiritual leaders who provide necessary guidance and assistance to their members. They also perform religious worship and other related spiritual functions.

Their duties involve giving people or prisoners word of comfort, organizing religiously affiliated programs, overseeing auspicious ceremonies like funerals, weddings, etc, delivering sermons to the congregation, organizing fundraising or charity events to support the needy, etc

 Vicars might also work in positions like a brother, youth pastor, clergy, priest, Catholic priest, chaplain chancellor, preacher, pastor, pope, etc

They earn an average of about $50,000 annually and about $30 per hour in the United States.

  • Venipuncturist

Job description

Venipuncturists’ main duty is to collect and draw fluid samples from patients for donations, tests, research, or transfusions.

Their duties include collecting specimens or samples to obtain specific information, monitoring Donors to ensure they are in excellent condition before and after donating, providing recommended diet to replenish lost nutrients in donors’ systems, determining donors’ suitability by conducting standard tests, etc

Venipuncturist also work as a phlebotomy technicians, phlebotomy program coordinators, phlebotomy directors, phlebotomy supervisors, etc

They earn an average of $35,000 annually and about $18 per hour in the United States.

  • Virologist

Job description

Virologists study the relationship, development stages, and other characteristics of bacteria, fungi, algae, or other microscopic organisms.

They earn an annual salary of about $80,000 and about $45 per hour in the United States.

They also work in scientific laboratories or health sectors as microscopists, microbiology analysts, electron microscopists, clinical laboratory scientists, public health microbiologists, virology directors, etc

Their duties include studying the structures and functions of cells and tissues, carrying out tests on water, food, or other materials to detect the presence of microorganisms, supervising another scientist while carrying out tests, observing microorganisms’ behaviors and their response to certain stimuli, etc

  • Videographer

Job description

Videographers operate and set up audio and visual electronic equipment like projectors,  recording equipment, cameras, etc for events like concerts, presentations, news broadcasts, movie or drama filming, etc.

Videographers’ duties include regulating or coordinating sound inputs with visual or television pictures, recording and editing visual and audio materials, adjusting visual and audio electronic equipment when necessary while determining the perfect angle, determining filming sequences by consulting filming directors, directs and coordinate assistants or production personnel’s activities, setting up or operating videotapes for broadcasts, etc

Videographers also work in positions like visual technician, photojournalist, projectionist, light technician, technical director visual manager photographer, lighting equipment operator, broadcast technician, etc

They earn an estimate of $50,000 annually and $25 per hour in the United States.

  • Video Editor

Job description

A video editor primarily edits videos by manipulating, cutting, and rearranging a video order. Video editors usually help restructure and represent video shots in palatable manners.

Their duties include meeting with filming or production directors to discuss camera movements or angles, picture composition, etc, recording materials like movie soundtracks by utilizing audio and visual recording equipment, compressing, digitizing, and duplications audio of visual data, setting up equipment for effects to obtain desired audio or visual effects, etc

They also work as special effects designers, audiovisual production specialists, sound and audio mixers, video editors, theater technicians, lighting equipment operators, special effects specialists, videographers, movie editors, light technicians, etc

 They earn an estimate of about $50,000 per year and about $25 per hour in the United States.

  •  Visual designers

Job description

Visual designers also popularly known as graphic designers create and design graphics either for commercial, promotional, or marketing purposes using various artistic effects to pass across their message.

Their duties include designing logos, researching new designing concepts, preparing rough sketches of final designs,  preparing, creating, and designing layouts per clients’ preference, designing products, websites, and other materials, etc

They also work as creative Managers, graphic designers, photo stylists, forms designers, illustrators, advertising designers, graphics specialists, etc

They earn an estimate of about $70,000 per year and about $25 per hour in the United States.

  • Voice-over artist

Job description

Voice-over artists are, in layman’s terms, actors who reinterpret other actors’ roles. They play or sometimes mimic parts of scripts on stage, radio, video, etc to inform, entertain or instruct the audience.

Their duties include interpreting scripts or an actors role, dubbing movies or interviews, entertaining the audience by performing trucks or using the art of illusion, choosing actors most suited to each interpretation role, narrating and bringing characters from scripts or books to life, etc

Voice-over artists also work as actors magicians, movie stunt performers, circus clowns, puppeteers, movie extras, illusionists, aquatic performers, Monologist, motion picture actors, etc

  • Voice Pathologist

Job description

A Voice pathologist Assesses a person’s speech or language ability and treats people with language, speech, or voice fluency disorders.

Their duties include researching speech and language-related problems, teaching their patients alternative methods of communicating, monitoring and adjusting patients’ treatment following their progress, supervising the therapy team in charge of patients, identifying and assisting with communication disabilities, etc

Voice Pathologist can also perform the duties of speech-language Pathologists, therapist speech pathologists, oral therapist language pathologists, speech correction consultants, etc

They earn an annual wage of about $80,000 and about $45 per hour in the United States.

  • Vascular neurologist

Job Description

Vascular neurologists specialize and focus on treating and preventing disorders of the central nervous system.

Their duties include interacting and discussing the patient’s condition with other health care professionals, determining brain condition going by accepted rules and procedures, diagnosing and treating neurological system diseases, monitoring patients’ condition in response to administered drugs or medications, etc

Vascular Neurologist can also work as neurologists, physicians, neurophysiologists, child neurologists, clinical professors, etc

  • Valet

Job description

Valets help car owners park vehicles or sometimes issue parking tickets to customers.

Their duties include issuing numbered packing tickets, placing barricades to demarcate parking areas, reviewing motorist’s IDs before allocating a parking spot to them, etc

Some individuals prefer to call them parking lot attendant, car parked, parking ramp attendant, etc

They earn an average of $25,000 yearly and about $10 – $12 per hour in the United States.

  • Validation engineer

Job description

A validation engineer manages, designs, and inspects equipment and materials used in producing products and ensures they meet expected quality and safety requirements.

Their duties include studying and determining products characteristics by scheduling their validation with the appropriate department, maintaining used validation equipment, making detailed reports on results of validation tests, coordinating other staff and training them on validation policies and procedures, etc

Validation engineers also go by the occupational names; validation specialists, quality directors, reliability engineers, equipment validation specialists, quality managers, quality control engineers, process development engineers, etc

  • Vending machine attendant

Job description

A vending machine attendant’s primary responsibility is to fill and refill the vending machine adequately. They also operate, set up, and adjust vending machines or equipment.

 Their duties include keeping records of money collected or tickets distributed, replacing vending machines or equipment malfunctioning parts, estimating repair costs, documenting transactions and invoice info, inspecting and fixing defective parts using appropriate tools, etc

They also work as vending managers, vending attendants, coin box inspectors, vending machine mechanics, vending supervisors, ticket dispensers, etc

They earn an annual salary of about $35,000 and about $15 per hour in the United States.


Other list of jobs, occupations, or careers that start with the letter V include Vibration engineer, Veneer cutter, Ventilator, Vest Maker, Veterinary doctor, Veterinary x-ray operator, Vending technician, Veneer manufacturer, Vessel builder, Vessel engineer, Veterinary nurse, Velvet cutter, Vacuum furnace operator, Valve mechanic, Varnish maker, Vehicle washer, Valve technician, Van driver, Vault maker, Vacuum repairs, Valuation consultant, Vaporizer, Voice reporting artists, Variety show performer, Vendette, etc. Each one of them has their own role to play in the society.

List Of Jobs That Start With V

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