List Of Jobs That Start With “L”

A job requires at least one or two skills. There are millions of jobs both online and in the real world but in this article, we would only be talking about the ones that start with the alphabet “L”.let us know List Of Jobs That Start With “L”

List Of Jobs That Start With "L"

 Examples of jobs that start with “L” include: Labor Crew Supervisor, Lighting technician, Label pinker, Labor arbitrator Label remover, Landscape artist, Landscape contractor, Landscape crew member, Landscape designer, Landscape drafter, Loss control manager, Loss control representative, Lacquerer, Loss prevention agent, Loss Prevention Analyst, Lottery Manager, Lottery office manager, Low altitude air defense officer, Low vision therapists, Lotus notes developer.

Jobs That Start With L

  • Lawyer: The work of the lawyer is to advise and represent individuals, businesses, or government officials who pay them on legal issues and disputes. These individuals or government officials are referred to as clients.
  • Lyricist: A lyricist is a person that writes creative words called lyrics and turns them into a song. They are also called songwriters and they get paid for writing lyrics for singers or musicians. A lyricist could also be a singer so he/she writes their lyrics and can also write lyrics for other musicians and get paid to do so.
  • Laboratory assistant: A Laboratory assistant is responsible for the collection of samples from patients, performing routine tests, sterilizing equipment, and setting up equipment in the laboratory.
  • Location manager: They are responsible for managing the location when filming, they negotiate with the site owner on things required at the location.
  • Lottery Clerk: They collect coins and chips from clients giving them correlating prizes or cash. They make sure they document wins from clients properly while losses are handled by collecting required cash from clients.
  • Laboratory immunologists: They study the human immune system and develop new treatments, vaccines, therapies, and control and prevention of infections and illnesses.
  • Lactation consultant: They are responsible for solving breastfeeding issues like breastfeeding positions, sore nipples, milk supply, etc.
  • Law professors: They tutor students interested in studying law as a course, they assess the coursework of students and maintain class records, and they also collaborate with their colleagues on research activities.
  • Lyft drivers: They are drivers who pick up passengers who request rides through a smartphone app. The passenger also gets to pay for the ride through the app. 
  • Labor Contract Analyst: They are responsible for analyzing obligations and liabilities and making sure they fit the company, they also review contracts of companies before getting them signed.
  • Land acquisition manager: They are responsible for looking out for new lands a company can buy. They are also responsible for analyzing lands and making reports on them, they work with real estate developers.
  • Landscape architects: They plan, design, and manage outdoor areas and aim to provide an aesthetically appealing environment. 
  • Lab phlebotomists: They are responsible for collecting blood samples from patients and carrying out a wide range of tests to identify any underlying conditions.
  • Lab scientists: They are responsible for carrying out scientific tests on samples and reporting the results to the physician. They also analyze a lot of different specimens in the laboratory.
  • Language Translators: They understand the meaning of an original document and accurately convert the content in the document to another language. As a language translator, you need to have a deep understanding of whatever language you are translating.

Easiest Jobs That Start With L

  • Landscaping assistants: They are responsible for creating and maintaining beautiful landscape spaces. They may also plant flowers, trim bushes, and the like just to make the environment look beautiful.
  • Librarian: The librarian takes good care of the library, manages book collection, and makes a record of available books in the library. They also provide references, information, training, etc.
  • Loan officers: They work at banks, mortgage companies, etc. They help people apply for loans. If you want to apply for a loan at a bank, for instance, you would need a loan officer to ensure your eligibility to proceed with the process and confirm your credibility as a person before applying.
  • Laboratory manager: They organize and coordinate activities carried out in the lab. They also assist other staff members and supervise tests and experiments performed in the lab. 
  • Leadership intern: They render support to organizations to help encourage leadership development skills among student leaders.
  • Loss prevention manager: They monitor loss prevention staff while supporting the organizations’ loss prevention processes to protect company assets, reduce shortages, and prevent and minimize theft or fraud.
  • Librarian assistants: They are responsible for issuing library cards, collecting late charges, checking library materials, and receiving returns.
  • Landlord: A landlord or landlady owns a house or land that is leased out to individuals or businesses called tenants. The tenants pay for the leased land or house monthly or annually depending on the agreement between the landlord and the tenant.
  • Legal referee: A legal referee has to investigate the fact of a case, examine the evidence, and report the findings to the court. The court reviews the findings and recommendations, modifies them, and then makes judgments.
  • Lithograph designer: A lithograph designer mostly uses a flat stone or metal plate. They make lithographs by directly drawing on the printing elements using litho crayons or greasy pencils. After drawing on the stone they treat the surface with chemical etch which bonds the greasy materials to the surface. Stones used in making lithographs must be thick enough because the machine used in producing a mirror image of the stone produces a slot of pressure that might destroy the stone if it is not thick enough.

Hardest Jobs That Start With L

  • Laborers: They are responsible for digging trenches, building, installing, loading, moving, and unloading building materials using heavy and light equipment.
  • Large animal veterinarians: They work at veterinary hospitals and offer medical services to animals like sheep, horses, goats, etc. They administer drugs, surgeries, and checkups to animals when they need to. 
  • Licensed nurse practitioner: A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice nurse and they handle all aspects of patient care including diagnosis and treatment. They conduct medical checkups, prescribe medications, and order lab tests.
  • Line cook: They are responsible for preparing food and ensuring servers deliver dishes to customers appropriately. They also make sure the kitchen is stocked and clean up prep areas.
  • Load dispatcher: They schedule pick-ups and deliveries to customers and vendors, and they arrange parcels for shipment and passenger transport.
  • Lumber cutter: A lumber cutter uses sophisticated skills and equipment to cut down trees in the forest.
  • Laundry worker: A laundry worker sorts, washes, dries, presses, and folds clothes or other textile items for customers. They also sew or amend clothes if needed. They remove stains from clothes with the required equipment they also maintain the laundry equipment they use.
  • Lead pharmacy technician: They fill prescriptions, manage the staffing schedule, decide if it is right to prescribe an alternate medication if the requested medication is not available, and they order new inventories. They discuss options with patients, record medication orders on the computer, check and fill floor stock, train other technicians, and also report activities to the head of the pharmacy.
  • Leather craftsman: A leather craftsman sews, creates, restores, and crafts items from leather. They focus mainly on the production of leather goods like shoes, bags, furniture, upholsteries, etc. They are also called leatherworkers. Some work independently while some work in collaborative shops. 

How to Apply For a Job

Do you have skills and you are looking for a way to leverage your knowledge and skills in an organization to earn money?

  • Google for some organizations in your field you would like to work for.
  • Make a research about the organization, check if they are recruiting. If they are recruiting, check for their application submission option.
  • Send your cover letter and resume, anticipate their responses, and get prepared for an interview. 
  • If you ace the interview then you may be considered for the job. If not, you can try other organizations or the same company when next they are recruiting.


All the jobs listed above are jobs you can apply for and get paid for while doing them or if you have the skill you can use it to start up your own business. No job is easy no matter how easy the job title may sound, every job has its soft part and hard part while some jobs can be extremely hectic and time taking.


  • Can I apply for more than a job?

Depending on the company you are applying for, or your schedule. If you have a busy schedule you may not be able to do other jobs or if the company you are applying for does not allow multiple jobs. If otherwise, then you can.

  • What is the work of a land developer?
  • They are responsible for procuring property while they plan and develop the specific property.
  • What is the difference between a Lyft and an Uber?
  • Lyft is a good choice when there is a driver around you and you need a low-cost ride while Uber is good when you need a good-looking ride with a nice selection of vehicles.
List Of Jobs That Start With “L”

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