List of Jobs That Start With I 

The search for a Job can be quite tedious and a long process. The Labor market is not a place for the faint-hearted. When looking for a job, individuals often look for certain things; a job where your voice is heard and you can make a difference, a place to feel appreciated and valued, a fun workspace where you can make friends and have a great time with your co-workers or colleagues, a place where you are trusted, a place that does something you are passionate about and where you are trusted and respected, and finally a place that challenges you to grow and develop yourself in all areas. We are all hoping to find our fit. To know about List of Jobs That Start With I read article

List of Jobs That Start With I 

Do Jobs Start With the Letter I?

In this present age, when searching for a job the first place to go is the internet for job inspiration, to search job sites, and also to search for jobs that you think are your fit. Sometimes, you are not sure about what you want to do and you want to go through the list of many job positions to look at the ones you are passionate about and are the perfect fit for you. There are however a hundred jobs that start with the letter I.

List of Jobs That Start With the Letter I

  1. Instrument and Controls Technician

An Instrument and Controls Technician helps to station, maintain, and troubleshoot instruments, and equipment related to natural gas and control circuits. The job of an I & C Technician may also include welding, carpentry, repairing mechanics, and electrical equipment. 

Average Annual Wage: $39,360 

  1. ICD-9 Coder (International Classification of Diseases Coder).

This job role involves compiling, maintaining, and processing the medical health records of patients in an orderly manner and also in a way that is ethical, regulatory, and legal health requirements and standards. 

Average Annual Wage: $41, 460.

  1. Ice Cream Dipper

This job involves selling food at dinners and also serving meals from a steam table.

Average Annual Wage: $21,380.

  1. Ice Skating Coach

This job description involves instructing or coaching individuals or groups in the art of Ice-Skating. 

Average Annual Wage: $41,000.

  1. Ignition Mechanic

An Ignition Mechanic is an Aircraft and Helicopter Mechanic that specializes in repairing and adjusting the engine of an Aircraft. An Ignition mechanic also diagnoses the engine to figure out the cause of the engine problem or failure.

Average Annual Wage: $61,190.

  1. Illustrator

An illustrator is an artist who gives visual artistic representation to words and ideas

Average Annual Wage: $50,569. 

  1. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent (ICE Special Agent)

They are saddled with the duty of investigating individuals, goods, and merchandise arriving or departing between states or countries. Any violation or smuggling of an illegal substance is a breach of the law and the individual must be punished accordingly. 

Average Annual Wage: $79, 013.  

  1. Immunochemist

An Immunochemist conducts research about improving human health and understanding human diseases that threaten the lives of humans. They include Physicians, Dentists, Public Health Specialists, Pharmacologists, and others. 

Average Annual Wage: $95,000.

  1. Income Auditor

An Income Auditor is an accountant who maintains records of all the income that a business receives and protects the company or organization from money theft. 

Average Annual Wage: $40,220

  1.  Indexer

An Indexer is an individual that is in-charge of an organization’s filing system. They compile and arrange indexes to make it easier for people to find information and documents quickly.

Average Annual Wage: $31,260.

  1.  Individual Education Program Team Leader (IEP Team Leader)

This Individual knows a lot about special education and specializes in teaching physically handicapped students. The IEP teaches students who are audibly and visually handicapped.

Average Annual Wage: $61,910.

  1.  Indoor Landscape Architect

An Indoor Landscape Architect is specialized in planning and designing areas such as industrial sites, residential sites, highways, hospitals, airports, and other recreational facilities. 

Average Annual Wage: $68,820.

  1.  Industrial Chemist

An Industrial Chemist works to make breakthroughs and then turn them into mass-produced goods. They also work to improve chemical production technologies that are already in existence. 

Average Annual Wage: $80,820.

  1.  Industrial Cook

Industrial Cooks create food designs that can be packaged and turned into commercialized products.

Average Annual Wage: 27,110

  1.  Industrial Engineer

An Industrial Engineer creates, develops, and implements effective manufacturing systems which helps in the reduction of costs while maintaining the industrial standard. 

Average Annual Wage: $88,530.

  1.  Industrial Engineering Professor

Industrial Engineering Professors teach programs about the laws and principles of engineering and teaches them the practical aspects of how to implement these laws and principles. 

Average Annual Wage: $107,490.

  1.  Industrial Machine Assembler

Industrial Machine Assembler plays an important role in the manufacturing process. They aid in the maintenance and repair of machines and also help in the installation, dismantling, or moving of machinery and heavy equipment.

Average Annual Wage: $53,950.

  1.  Industrial Painter

Industrial painters paint, varnish, and coat surfaces and materials. Industrial Painters usually work in construction and manufacturing and are involved in the painting of structures and industrial products or commodities.

Average Annual Wage: $32,040.

  1.  Industrial Photographer

Industrial Photographers are employed by a variety of industries to take pictures that can be used in newspapers, catalogs, and within the company itself. Industrial Photographers include Scientific Photographers, Photojournalists, and others.

Annual Average Wage: $42,640.

  1.  Industrial Registered Nurse

Industrial Registered Nurses work in industries and provide first aid for injuries and also monitor work conditions for risks and potential danger. They also assess the health of employees and implement care plans. 

Average Annual Wage: $72,180.

  1.  Industrial Robotics Mechanic

Industrial Robotic Mechanics maintain, analyze, test, and repair robots that are used in the manufacturing industry to perform some dangerous tasks that cannot be done by humans

Average Annual Wage: $56,990.

  1.  Infant and Toddler Teacher:

They attend to children at schools, private households, and childcare educational institutes. 

Average Annual Wage: $22,930

  1.  Infection Control Practitioner (ICP)

An ICP is a physician, registered nurse, or epidemiologist that help to prevent the spread of infections by isolating the sources of the infection.

Average Annual Salary: $77,720

  1.  Informal Waiter/Waitress

They are saddled with the responsibility of taking orders and serving food to customers at tables in dining establishment

Average Annual Wage: $24,410.

  1.  Information Management Officer

An Information Management Officer works in the Information Communication Technology department in an organization and is responsible for processing, storing, managing, and securing the data of an organization.

Average Annual Wage: $60,032

  1.  Information Security Analyst

An Information Security Analyst works in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) department in an organization. The major responsibility of an Information Security Analyst is to monitor and protect the organization’s network and check vulnerabilities to avoid any form of security breach. They are also saddled with investigating the breaches if one occurs.  

Annual Average Wage: $96,040.

  1.  Information Technology Architect (IT Architect)

An Information Technology Architect is saddled with the responsibility of designing, creating, and integrating new technology systems while also optimizing and overseeing the security of the already existing ones. 

Average Annual Salary: $115,000

  1.  Information Technology Professor (IT Professor)

Information Technology Professors teach courses and programs in the field of Computer Science. They also teach design, operations, and research analysis. 

Average Annual Salary: $89,670

  1. Information Technology Support Specialist (IT Technical Support Specialist)

An IT Support Specialist is saddled with the responsibility of providing IT support by resolving technical issues, keeping hardware and software installation in good condition, and enhancing Information Technology systems for an organization. 

Average Annual Salary: $51,214

  1.  Information Writer

Information Writers involve themselves in interviews, observation, and investigation to collect and analyze facts about newsworthy events and then write down stories or reports about them for outlets like magazines, newspapers, radios, podcasts, television, and social media outlets. 

Average Annual Salary: $49,770.

  1.  Interior Design Consultant

An Interior Design Consultant is involved in the planning, designing, and furnishing of spaces such as the interiors of residential buildings, commercial spaces, and industrial buildings. 

Average Annual Salary: $56,220.

  1.  International Relations Teacher

International Relations Teachers are trained professionals in the field of International Relations. They teach courses related to World Politics, International Affairs, History, and International Relations which helps their students to better understand the world, the interaction between states in the world, and why countries behave the way they do. 

Average Annual Wage: $94,090.


There are so many opportunities in the world today, so many job roles that can be taken on so long as you are qualified and trained in a specific field. Some do not require any professional training at all; you learn on the job. This is just 0.1% of the job listings that are out there. Do your research and find your right fit!

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List of Jobs That Start With I 

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