Jobs That Start With The Letter E

According to statistics it has been stated that there are 12000 careers or jobs in our world.No body know all the 12000 careers. After graduating from school some people are not clear about choosing the right career path. Here I have listed a few career or job options that start with the letter e. Do you know the careers that start with the letter e? Let us know about that the Jobs That Start With The Letter E.

Jobs That Start With The Letter E

The following are the careers or jobs that start with the letter E

  • Economists
  • Environmentalist
  • Embalmers
  • Endoscopy Technician
  • Epidemiologists
  • ECG technician
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Education counselor
  • Embryologist


Economists are people who observe the economic trend of a country by researching and analysing the information gathered from the statistics, news and policies of the government. Economists monitor interest rates, inflation rates, deflation rates, Fiscal policy etc. Every government of the world seek advice from economists. They indirectly play a part in the people’s lives of a country. 

To become an economist one has to under graduation, and post-graduation in economics. Pursuing PhD is an additional advantage. There are a lot of job designations available for economists in the United Nations Organization, International Monetary Fund etc. There are also high-rank government jobs available for economists. Every year a Nobel prize is given to the best economist in the world.


Environmentalists are people who work to protect and preserve the environment. They study the environment by researching factors that affect the environment and suggest ways to improve the environment. A government implements an environmental policy based on the data given by environmentalists. The job category of environmentalists can be divided into three types. They are lobbyists, scientists and educators. To become an environmentalist one has to pursue a degree in environmental science. There are public sector jobs as well as private sector jobs. Environmentalists get an average salary of $61,000 annually.


People who prepare bodies for funeral services are known as embalmers. The first step of the embalmer is to clean the body. After cleaning the body the embalmer will drain the blood from the body. After draining the fluid the body will be transfused with embalming fluid. Embalming fluid is transfused to preserve the body till the completion of funeral services. They also perform makeup and hairstyle and hide the injuries of the dead body. To become an embalmer one has to pursue a mortuary science degree from a mortuary science school. An average embalmer gets a salary of $41,000 annually.

Endoscopy Technician

The term endoscopy refers to a medical procedure. The medical procedure involves the passing of an endoscope instrument to view the internal organs of our body. The endoscope is a long thin narrow tube with a camera at the bottom. A person who assists in performing the endoscopic procedure is known as the endoscopic technician. An endoscopic technician is also known as a GI technician or Gastro Intestinal Technician. To become a GI technician one has to pursue a Diploma course in endoscopy. An average endoscopy technician gets an annual salary of $61,000.


Epidemiologists are called disease detectives. When a disease emerges, epidemiologists identify the cause of the disease, their nature and their symptoms. They work within the labs mostly. They go to the field to investigate only when a disease outbreaks. They also work to prevent an outbreak of a disease. They suggest measures to prevent the outbreak of a disease to the government. Centre for Disease Control, National Health Institute and World Health Organization are some of the places where epidemiologists work at. There is no degree available to pursue epidemiology. Epidemiologists pursue a health-related degree and develop the skill set that is essential to become an epidemiologist. An average epidemiologist gets a salary of $75,000 annually.

ECG Technician

ECG refers to Electrocardiogram. ECG is a procedure done to monitor electrical activity and heart rhythm. A person who does the procedure is known as an ECG technician. To become an ECG technician one has to pursue an ECG training program. After completing the program one can find a job in private or government hospitals. An average ECG technician gets a salary of $36,000 annually.

Ethical Hacking

Hacking refers to unauthorized access to a computer or mobile to obtain information from the device or an attack made on a device to hamper the services offered by the device. One may see hacking as bad but is not when it comes to ethical hacking. In ethical hacking, hacking is done for the cause of good.

 Ethical hacking is performed to find out the various ways in which a computer or mobile can be exploited and offers preventive measures to stop the exploitation. Ethical hackers have job opportunities in every field that depends on a computer to function. To become an ethical hacker one has to obtain certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) or Offensive Security Certified Professional Certificate (OSCP). An ethical hacking professional gets a salary of $80,000 annually.

Educational Counselor

A person who provides career counseling to students is an Education counselor. An education counselor also works with parents and educators to uplift the children’s skills. They help students in building their careers for a successful life. An educational counselor also helps a student overcome mental pressure. They design curricula and teaching methods that help students to understand a concept very easily. An education counselor must have completed a master’s degree in Psychology, Sociology, or a related field. An education counselor gets a salary of $83,000 annually.


A science that deals with the formation, growth and development of the embryo are known as Embryology. A professional who practices the formation and development of the embryo is known as Embryologist. Embryologists have job opportunities at government and private hospitals. To pursue an embryology program one has to complete a health-related degree. Embryologists get an annual salary of $73,000.


These are the jobs that start with the letter E. I hope this would have helped you to choose a career that best suits you. My best wishes to succeed and shine in the career that you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are some health careers that start with the letter E?

The following are the health careers that start with the letter E

  • ENT doctor
  • Embryologist
  • Endocrinologist
  • ECG technician
  • What are some Engineering careers that start with the letter E?

The following are the engineering careers that start with the letter E

  • Electrical engineer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Electronics engineer
Jobs That Start With The Letter E

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