Jobs That Pay A Week


A job is work done or a piece of a task carried out in exchange for remuneration.  Money is one of the motivating factors why people work. Others work for social recognition and affirmation, using their skills and learning more, Job satisfaction, and to earn respect. Let us know the information of jobs that pay a week and the numerous jobs you can engage in that pay $1000 a week are given in this article.

Jobs That Pay A Week

Jobs that pay a week

There are numerous jobs you can engage in that pay $1000 a week amongst them are Truck driver, Sales representative, Veterinary Assistant, Lifeguard, Machine operator, Caregiver, Tutor, and Cashier. It is important that when choosing a job, you possess the required educational qualification and skills required to carry out the job. It is also necessary to have passion for the job you will be doing to ensure you maximize your potential and give your best on the job.

Jobs that pay $1000 a week

Truck driver

A truck driver drives heavy-duty trucks delivering goods from one place to another including long-distance travel. Other duties of a truck driver include:

  • They also load and unload the truck 
  • to ensure that the truck is in good working condition at all times by making sure the maintenance is up to date.
  • With dispatchers, they coordinate and exchange information.

A truck driver must be physically fit, hold a heavy vehicle driver’s license in Code 10, 11, 13, or 14, and pass a medical exam.

Sales Representative 

A sales representative represents the brand of a company and sells its goods and services. They are the major source of contact with the client. It is a performance-driven career because the amount of sales drive you make most likely determines your remuneration. The duties of a sales representative are:

  • They utilize a variety of leads to reach out to potential clients
  • They negotiate with leads utilizing the power of persuasion to convince them
  • They follow through with orders from clients to ensure timely delivery

You do not necessarily need a bachelor’s degree to become a sales representative as a high school diploma is also acceptable by some employees. 

Veterinary Assistant 

A veterinary assistant works under the supervision of a licensed veterinary doctor or a veterinary technician to look after animals that are sick or injured in animal laboratories or hospitals.

  • They feed, bath and exercise  the animals
  • They disinfect the cages and examination room
  • They help to restrain the animals during examinations or laboratory procedures.

With a high school diploma, you can work as a veterinary assistant as training is provided on the job.


Lifeguards are also known as lifesavers who coordinate the activities of patrons at beaches, swimming pools, and other aquatic facilities to ensure that people do not drown or sustain severe injuries. Their duties are:

  • Overseeing the activities of patrons in an aquatic facility
  • Provide swimming lessons
  • Monitoring the area to ensure the safety of patrons
  • Explain the rules, regulations, and policies to patrons.

To become a lifeguard, you must be aged at least fifteen, In less than 9 minutes, swim 400 meters in a timed pool, and be able to execute a 200-meter run-swim run before the end of the course.

Machine Operators

A machine operator works in factories or production plants at a designated machine that has been assigned to him. or her. To be a machine operator, you must possess problem-solving skills, be able to take decisions, Concentrate, focus on the details, have a teamwork spirit, be able to adhere to production schedules and instructions, and act quickly when a situation calls for it. Their duties include:

  • Ensuring the machine works smoothly
  • Enduring the machine works at the capacity that is required of it without any issues
  • Enduring the machine is maintained appropriately

Machine operators must possess a high school diploma together with two years of working experience and knowledge of the computer.


A caregiver attends to the daily needs and activities of individuals who have limitations due to injuries, illness, or disabilities. They assist them with the following:

  • Dressing up and feeding 
  • Toileting
  • Purchasing groceries 
  • Exercising
  • Meal plans
  • Ensure medications are taken timeously

You must possess one of the following qualifications as a caregiver:

  • Certified Assistant Nurse (CNA) Certification.
  • Home Care and Hospice Executive Certification.
  • Home Health Aide Certification.


A tutor is someone who helps one or more persons with certain skills or subject matters and devotes a few hours each day, week, or month to imparting to the pupil their knowledge of the subject or skill.

  • They assist students to understand new concepts
  • Help students complete their assignment
  • Prepare lessons and provide a study plan for students
  • Review the textbooks and provide additional tasks for student

Possessing a bachelor’s degree is an advantage as a tutor; however, a high school diploma is sufficient as long as you have a passion and knowledge for the chosen subject you intend to teach.


An individual who controls the cash register at various locations, such as the point of sale in a store, is known as a cashier. The skills required to become a cashier are math, verbal and written communication, and loss prevention strategies. Time management, product knowledge, phone etiquette, and customer support.

  • A cashier’s responsibilities include:
  • Making changes for customers who pay in cash and taking payments from clients via cheque, charge, or cash.
  • runs systems for credit card authorization and checks for credit acceptance.
  • Ensure the money in the cash drawer is balanced by counting the money at the beginning and end of the shift.

A cashier requires a high school diploma and basic knowledge of a computer.


Most people work to earn a living to meet their daily responsibilities and others for satisfaction, recognition, and respect. Jobs that pay $1000 a week are Truck driver, Sales representative, Veterinary Assistant, Lifeguard, Machine operator, Caregiver, Tutor, and Cashier. It is important that whichever job you decide to engage in you must possess the necessary qualifications as well as the passion and skills to provide your best on the job.


1.What distinguishes a lifeguard from a lifesaver?

While lifesavers volunteer their time to patrol beaches, particularly during busy times, lifeguards are paid employees of the Council.

2.What distinguishes a tutor and a teacher?

An individual student is tutored by a private teacher in one-on-one or small-group sessions, while a teacher instructs more than 20 pupils at once. A tutor could not be certified to teach. A teacher has a teaching degree in pedagogy.

Jobs That Pay A Week

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