Jobs That Makes $100 A Day

People say that money is not just the only thing. People should not run after it. Money is not everything, but money is something that plays a majorly important role in our life. Money gives us the power to make a difference in our life. We can fulfill all our basic tangible, intangible needs from money. Let’s know about Jobs That Makes $100 A Day.

Jobs That Makes $100 A Day

 It also helps us to get our most essential things beyond our basic needs.

So what are the reasons why we need money?

Everyone needs money for a lot of reasons. Every human of this world is working to earn money and searching for work. Money is the only thing which they could make for their living. 

Learning ideas on how to make money, implementing them, and earning from them could be the best thing that could happen to them. Who is searching for work to make money? You can find several ideas and sights on the internet, but you have to research a lot for them. 

Do not worry about it anymore. You do not need to run from one website to another.  I will tell you about every possible way to earn money or $100 per day, in detail in only one article. Just take out some time to read the list given below. Make a strategy and implement it in the ways in the article. 

How is making more money benefit for you?

  • Helps in paying bills
  • To pay off the debt
  • Financial independence
  • Helps in retiring soon from the work
  • helps in living the job you don’t like
  • Building an emergency fund
  • Saving for essential things like tuition fees, buying a laptop or smartphone, or for future use. 

Despite whatever your goal is, you can make more from both online and online modes. 

You can make money in a lot of ways. 

 For example, you can make money by investing in network marketing,  starting a blog, freelancing, and many more.

How To Make $100 In A Day

Making money can change our life. You can earn $100 in various ways.

I will show you the #30 different ways to earn $100 a day. 

  • Complete Survey: Completing surveys means taking part in a survey/ research is a good idea to make money. It is the easiest way to make money, as you can conduct it from anywhere without any experience and could earn up to $150 a day.

 Companies are searching for people who can join their research team like User Interview, The researchers of User interviews could earn from $75 for 30 minutes to $450 per hour. Researchers of are paid from $50 to $250 per research.

 How It Works

a) Apply to participate in the studies in which you are good.

b) Senior researcher/ sponsor of the study will review your response, and if they like your review, they will invite you.    

c) Once you accept the invitation, select the available time given by the researcher. 

d)  After completing the research, they pay you through notes, google pay, PayPal, or amazon cards. 

  • Get paid for taking the survey 

To make money, you can take online surveys. Here are some paid survey sites with their hourly pays.

a) One Opinion: This site surveys the screening process. It displays a helpful section to support customers. This site’s rates were above average in the survey process, with 500 or 1000 awards per survey. You cannot withdraw cash until you reach 25,000 points. 25000 is equivalent to $25. 

b) Survey Junkie: This survey site is a Small aggregator. The dashboard offered by this website is clean and has a higher point value for each survey. The average earning from this site is $1.57 per hour. You can only cash it until you reach 500 points.  

c) Opinion Outpost: It is an intuitive website that helps you take surveys more easily than any other website. As a fresher, the site appreciates a straightforward point system. The average earning from this site is $1.50 per hour. You can cash your points anytime. 

d) My points: The website offers 75 survey opportunities and has the lowest success rate with low average hourly pay. The average earning of this site is $1.01 per hour. It has one defect on this site. You can’t write the word purple. 

  • Become a shopper

If you love shopping for yourself, then start doing it for others. There are some companies which pay you to shop for others. The company named Instacart will pay if you work as an independent contractor for delivering groceries for others. In this pandemic, this work is growing with great success, and it has a great potential to make money. The average pay in this work is between $10 to $20 per hour.

 How It Works

You have to schedule a time to give an order and to pick up the order.  

  • Watch online videos and get paid.

You might be thinking I am joking, but trust me, I am not. There are many websites, apps, and companies that pay you for watching online videos.  Netflix, Inbox dollar, Swagbucks, AdFun are some examples of sites and apps through which you earn money by watching videos. 

Let’s take INboxDollar it is a website through which you can make some money with surveys and by watching movie previews, videos of celebrities, TV shows, web series, or the latest news. For signing in, you get a $5 bonus.

How It Works

You have to head towards and have to. Once you log in, you can see the list of videos you can watch either from your phone or laptop. Then they offer you cash or a gift card (According to your choice) for watching the videos. 

You have to watch all the videos in the series and a specific playlist. The average time of the playlist is a half-hour. 

  • Selling stuffs on the Facebook marketplace: 

If you spend time on Facebook, why not earn from Facebook. Instead of randomly scrolling down, sell some random stuff and make some money out of it. You can sell anything on it such as clothes, dishes, appliances, sports goods, and many more.  By selling things on the Facebook market, you can easily make up to $100. 

You can also sell your goods by collaborating with the buy and sell group. These groups are near your place and related to your interests, like crafts, handmade, clothes, toddlers, etc. 

  • Earn by selling your poop: 

Before you laugh at this statement, I would say it’s real. People do this and earn from it. 

A company named Open Biome is the supplier of stool for fecal transplantation. Patients with C. diff infection require this treatment, and your poop can be a life-changer for these patients. 


1- Live in Boston

2- Should be healthy

3- Must pass in rigorous screening

If you donate the stool three times a day. You can get a net worth of $120, as per $40 a poop. 

  • Cleaning house: 

You might like keeping your stuff or home clean, but cleaning someone else’s house can be a tough job. By cleaning houses, you can make $30 to $50 per hour.   

  • Pet sit: If you are a pet lover and can take care of them, pet sitting can be a good idea to make some money.

Pit sitter offers different services such as,  

  • Dog walk
  • Dog Body care
  • Dog daycare
  • Dog food habit
  • House sitting

 To get a job, you can either tell your friends and families or advertise your service on social media. You may not make $100 per day, but it could be a good option for making money.

  • Sell clothes on Poshmark: 

Poshmark is a marketplace for fashion. You can sell or buy the clothes from here. You can get all kinds of fashionable, trendy clothes for women, men, and even toddlers. You can easily make money from selling clothes on Poshmark. 

How This Site Works 

Poshmark is the same as the other online e-commerce mart. 

First, you have to select the clothes from your wardrobe which are in good condition.

Showcase it on the website of Poshmark. 

Later Poshmark will contact you if someone has purchased it.

With a prepaid shipping label, the clothes get delivered.

  • Lawn work: 

If you are good at gardening and want to make some money, then doing lawn/ garden work can make some money.  You can advertise by telling your family and friends. By doing this work, you can easily make up to $100 a day. 

  • Wrap your Car: 

With Wrapify, you can make money for your wrapped car with advertisements. If you are a traveler, then why not get paid for traveling.

You can earn up to $452 from renting your car for advertisement.

How It Works

 Download the warping app

You have to ride your car for 50 miles. (They will track you)

Once you complete the allotted miles, you can take part in a campaign. 

Each campaign takes place for one to twelve months.

Each campaign will stick ads on your car. 

Requirements To Take Part In The Campaign

  • Must be above 20
  • Must have a driving license with clean criminal records
  • The car model should be new or from 2008
  • Become Respondent

Respondents could be a good option for those who have ideas about research and survey. Many companies hire people to study their company’s growth and bring the outcome. As a respondent, you have to Study labor market research, company growth, and the downfall related to pay. A respondent can make up to $25 to $200 per study.

  • Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant must take care of the workplace while sitting at home or being anywhere. They do a variety of tasks but virtually.  Virtual assistants and personal assistants are alike. They do all the tasks such as answering emails, scheduling time, managing social media accounts, and many more. The virtual assistant does all these works but virtually online.

They earn from $3 to $7 per task. You can find the job by logging in to Fancy Hands.

  • Referral bounces

If you think your friends can earn money by doing research, surveys, watching online videos, playing games, ask them to sign up through your link, and in return, you can get a bonus. 

Here are websites that offer bonuses on referrals.

  • Swagbucks- If they have a sign in you can earn $5 as a welcome bonus + $3 for each referral + 10% of whatever your referral makes for every time.
  • Ibotta-  If someone has a sign-in through your referral, you can earn $20 for a welcome bonus+ $5 for each referral.
  • InboxDollars- If they have a sign-in, you can earn $5 as a welcome bonus+ $1 for each referral + 30% of every time your referral makes money. 
  • Rakuten- If someone has a sign-in, you can earn $10 as a welcome bonus+ $25 for each referral.
  • Give opinion

There are some websites, groups, and apps that generally ask for your opinion. The questions are simple and related to some products, political issues, and general reviews.

 For example, a paid focus group generally pays for spending their time reviewing products, answering questions, and many more. 

If you complete the task in less time, you can get a bonus. Often these tasks are conducted online, but sometimes it is also done personally. 

If you want to earn by this method, I would suggest working for the app Survey Junkie. They pay well in comparison to others, up to $150 for a one-hour session. For getting selected, first, you need to answer some pre-qualification questions. If you get chosen, you can earn some good money.

16- Teach online to the kids

The way through which you could make the highest money is through teaching. If you are an eligible and good communicator, you should teach kids how to make money upto$10,000 a month. 

Due to this pandemic, online teaching has become a part of my life.  Online learning is challenging for both the teacher and the students. But if you have a quality in learning new things you can benefit from it. 


  • Have a good internet connection
  • You don’t need to teach in a working place. 
  • Sharing videos on YouTube

By uploading many videos either, personal or professional videos on YouTube can help in making money.  If you want to earn some money through YouTube, here are some ways, have a look. 

a) Google AdSense

AdSense is a popular advertising program from Google. Once you make an account for uploading videos, you have to connect your YouTube channel with your AdSense account. It shows contextual ads on the videos that you have posted. YouTube makes money when people view or click on the ads. It is an opportunity to make money by uploading online ads.

b) Sponsored ads

The popular YouTuber can monetize and earn more money by accepting sponsored ads. If they Sponsor any brand, product, or organization, they receive good pay from those sponsors. 

c) Affiliate marketing

It is the method through which YouTubers can make more money. They have to promote the products or services as merchants, and the product/ services get profits with a commission. 

Your YouTube channel can also be a source to make a lot of money through different modes. 

  • Freelance Writer 

You can also make money through online writing. Through freelance writing, you can not only earn money, but you also gain exposure.

With the increase in experience, you can get a chance to work with renowned websites or companies. 

  • Play games

Nowadays, everyone loves to play games, not outdoor games but online games. If you are spending most of your time playing games, then what are you waiting for? You can easily earn $100 a day. Yes, I am talking about making money from playing games. 

Let us take Swag bucks, which is a website that not only pays for surveys and watching videos but also pays you to play online games. Every week the range of the game changes to make you more engaging with your phone. 

  • Start a blog

If you are interested in writing something and have the power to engage people in your writing, then why not start with a blog. For starting a blog I would suggest you use NameHero. It’s a super-fast host for launching a new site. Technical knowledge is not necessary to work on this site. With this, you can launch your site completely within 20 minutes. 

  •  Babysit

Babysitter is the most common job you can get, and the pay is also good. They get paid $10 per hour. This job includes duties like playing with the baby, feeding them, cleaning their mess, watching cartoons with them, and moreover observing them by spending time with them. 

  • Rent the storage space 

Spaces like basements, outdoor storerooms, shed, spare room are some spaces of our house which could be empty most of the time. It will let you make some money. If your home has a space or room, I would recommend it to rent. You can easily make some money this way. 

  • Write Resume

A resume is the first impression by which employers could get hired as potential candidates for the job. Resumes need to be elegant and professional and stand out. 

If you are a good writer and can also write a professional resume, this could be a way to make $100 a day or more. 

  • Sell stuffs on Craigslist

You can make $100 a day by selling your stuff on craigslist. Craigslist is an anonymous site, so you have to be alert and protect yourself whenever you sell to a stranger, and I would suggest meeting in a public area whenever you exchange money for goods.

  • Flip furniture

Do you want your furniture to be refurbished?

Taking out old, worn furniture and giving it a new life is a great way to earn $100 a day. 

If you don’t have any old furniture at your home, find something cheap in a second-hand store, big trash day, and garage sales, and find items to flip them. 

You can sell your furniture on Facebook marketplace, eBay, and Craigslist. 

  • Help with home maintenance and repairing

You can earn $100 a day by helping people with repairing and maintenance work of their house. Work that you can do is fixing a leaky sink, hanging pictures, decorating the home, patching drywall, cleaning indoors and outdoors, and many more. 

These tasks are easy, but some people will pay for doing these things. The thing you need to know is what you are going to do and be careful. Do not get caught in any problem. 

  • List your house on Airbnb 

If you are going out of town someday and want to earn money? 

Then you can Airbnb your house and can make $100 or more. You will be payable depending on where your home is and what your home has to offer.

People who live in the touristy area then this way is best for making some money. If you don’t want to rent your whole house, you can also rent a room. 

  • Decorator for holidays

If you are a good decorator and party planner. Then it’s a great skill to make $100 a day. Some people will pay you for hanging lights, decorating Christmas trees, decorating the garden and the pool area. You can find a job for this by advertising on social media. 

  • Deliver Groceries

Online grocery delivery has made people’s life easy for working professionals. It is not a highly paid job, but you can make up to $100 a day by working six to seven hours. You can earn by working for companies like instacart or shipt. 

  • Deliver Food

You can make money from delivering food. The average pay for food delivery is similar to grocery delivery. The list given below is showing the average earning for some food delivery apps. 

Uber Eats- $15.57 per hour

  • GrubHub $11.05 per hour
  • Postmates is $19.97 per hour
  • DoorDash $17.74 per hour
Jobs That Makes $100 A Day

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