Booz Allen Relocation Package


The good news of getting a new job or promotion is often accompanied by tensions of moving on to a new place, leaving behind the family and the city we knew for a long time. One can’t do much about leaving the family behind in their hometown and moving out of their comfort zone. But there are companies like Booz Allen Hamilton, which provide proper assistance along with some relocation package allowance, to make it easier for their employees to shift into a new city.  Here we will see about Booz Allen Relocation Package

Booz Allen is one of the leading service provider companies across the world. It is ranked among top service providers in terms of technological assistance, artificial intelligence, cyber assistance, and other wider range of industries from health to energy. The company can garner applause for its solution-oriented approach. The same is the case with its policy employees. The company’s conducive working environment makes it the first choice for many job seekers. The fact that the world, struck by a pandemic, is trying hard to come back to normalcy. Due to which it gets important for companies to ensure an easy transition from work from home to work from an office. For now, let’s understand how Booz Allen makes relocation package and shifting easy for its employees.

Booz Allen Relocation Package

1. Reallocation for internship

It would be quite difficult for the newcomers and fresh graduates to get relocation assistance from the company. The company has internship programs like ‘Summer Game’ and ‘Summer Hire’. However, the FAQ page on Booze Allen’s website mentions that no relocation assistance is provided for interns.

2. Reallocation for the employees

It is mentioned on the company’s website that it does provide relocation packages to its employees. However, as per the company’s policy, job reallocation services and schemes may vary for different posts. The relocation assistance is mainly allocated by the hiring team. Hence, a lot depends on the post on which the applicant is being hired. However, the basic aspects of relocation assistance are discussed further in the articles. 

3. Making it faster

Along with covering that extra cost of traveling and shifting, Booz Allen also assists its employees to settle down in a new city. There is a hell of a lot of tasks that need to be completed before joining the office. Time flies as we are busy doing our documentations and managing packing. Hence, to make it easier, a relocation representative of Booz Allen constantly stays in touch with the person and family to ensure the search for a new house near the office and do other things to finalize shifting plans in less time. The person also keeps a check on the documentation and administrative requirements needed to be fulfilled by the relocating employee.

4. Finding a suitable place of residence

The newly joining employee will also be assisted in finding a suitable house near the office in the new city. Along with this, the relocation representative will also help in selling the current property (if required), realtor selection.

5. Packing & Moving

As the new house is final, the next step is shifting. At this point also, the company representative will help in finding the best suitable way of transporting the goods from the current city to the new residence, mainly in terms of cost and time. This will save the already burdened newly appointed employee, from ending up spending extravagantly on the movement of household goods.

6. Other possible perks inside Relocation policy.

Along with all the previously mentioned services under Booze Allen’s relocation package, employees can expect some other things in it as well. For instance, if in case the house couldn’t be finalized on time, then employees can expect or request the company to handle the cost of temporary residence.

Additional tips

1. Clear doubts

Before finalizing the relocation package, it is always advised to clear doubts by asking as many questions as possible. However, make sure to ask relevant questions by carefully reading the scheme. 

2. There is always a scope for negotiation

No doubt the company has a fixed relocation policy, but there is no problem in asking for negotiations. That’s why, after completely understanding the relocation scheme, one may ask for some additional help or assistance based on their requirements.


Q1. Is the relocation package fixed for everyone in Booze Allen?

Ans. No, it varies for different posts. Also, there is no such scheme for interns. 

Q2. Whom to approach in case of doubt regarding the relocation scheme?

Ans. The hiring team manages the hassle-free relocation of employees. Hence, it is better to contact a professional or hiring team for clearing doubts or negotiations.


Booze Allen Hamilton is one of the top-notch service providers across the world. It also deals with employees with utmost professionalism. The relocation package helps in building confidence among employees about the company. As the main aim of this scheme is to ensure a safe, smooth and fast relocation of its employees, it is always advised to be fully aware of all the perks mentioned in it and about the scope of negotiation.

Booz Allen Relocation Package

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