Jobs For Pregnant Women

Have you been more worried about your finances than your child? Or are you used to being a working woman but instead have to sit around the house because of your pregnancy? Whatever the reason, we get you. Even though it is a joyous period, pregnancy is undeniably stressful for the new mother, and to add to that, the stress about college savings for your baby or even the money bringing it up will need. Of course, many pregnant women still go to the office and work as any other employee would, but a lot of times, complications happen which might force you to take a leave during your pregnancy. Let us know about ‘Jobs For Pregnant Women’ in this article.

Jobs For Pregnant Women

Do not worry, for here we talk about such jobs which might pay you well when you are pregnant. Most of the jobs which we will list here are work-from-home jobs so that you can earn from the comfort of your home. Being aware of the unfortunate prejudice against pregnant women while choosing an employee, we also note here the reasons for that prejudice and how you can smartly overcome it. After all, you are going to be a mother and you should feel empowered rather than disadvantaged. Of course, having prior job experience or a degree will help you a lot but it’s okay if you are just starting out too. 

Let’s read on so that you might find the job you want and deserve as soon as you can. Who knows you might be able to find a stable income through it?

How to find jobs sitting at home?

So, the most basic question is how to find the right job without having to rush and hustle for interviews. The answer to this question is very simple. You can find jobs through traditional methods like newspaper advertisements or personal contacts, but this will still be a little more complex and slower than if you try to find one online. Download job-finding apps like Robert Half and Freelancer, update your LinkedIn profile and brace yourself for on-call interviews. On these apps, the best thing is that you will be able to filter the job recommendations according to your requirements and qualifications. You can take on multiple freelance projects or you can look for long-term jobs, and the pay could range from $10 per project to $10000 per month depending on your prior experience, qualifications, skills, etc. For example- if you have experience as a writer of a newspaper, you might easily get a work from home job as a content writer at a popular platform. 

Updating your LinkedIn profile would also help very much because it is one place where you can get in contact with the human resource department of any and every major or minor company. A good LinkedIn profile is like a good resume, so use it to your advantage. In fact, if you are already a mom but have little professional experience, you still can be an asset to a certain employer as you already know to multitask and function in stressful scenarios.

Work from home jobs for pregnant women

Work from home has nowadays, especially during the pandemic, become a very popular option. So it will be very easy for you to both find and do a work from home job. As a pregnant woman, a work from home job might be better for you because you won’t have to exert physical work, you could take the best care of yourself and your baby while also earning, and you would have the freedom to do multiple jobs while not tiring yourself if you need more money. So let’s see the jobs that can give you these benefits. 

  1. Freelance writer- Are you a creative person and have a unique and smooth way with words? If yes, you might apply for this job. A short-term course of maybe 15 days or so can help you learn the details of professional writing. But this is absolutely not necessary; you can also read up a lot of articles online and analyze their structure etc. After applying, companies might ask you for some sample work, so make sure you have some on hand. This has now become a very popular profession and your talent might soon find you a way to earn through this.

The average salary of a freelance writer is about $20 per hour. 

  1. Online tutor- If you have a college or a university degree and have a knack for teaching, you can become an online tutor. You can conduct online video classes with your students using platforms like Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet. Online tutoring has already become quite popular currently when students are lagging behind on schoolwork due to online school. And you can earn quite well by tutoring students, as it’s sort of a private job and requires one on one interactions. You can adjust the time according to you and earn up to $26 per hour.
  1. Customer care service- This job doesn’t require any specific qualifications. Rather, it requires a computer, an internet connection, and a lot of patience. As you might already know by now, you can apply for it online and you will most likely be hired for the role after a verbal interview where your style of speaking will be judged. You just have to make sure you speak politely to the customer at all times and provide him the required information in a professional manner. This job is very popular among pregnant women. On a side note, it might also teach you to be more patient when you become a mother because a lot of times you will have to deal with unhappy customers. The average salary is $16 per hour.
  1. Social Media Manager- This is a profession that has recently gained a lot of popularity. It is because now, a huge part of the advertisement of a company depends on its social media page. So, these companies require certain people to manage their social media pages. For this job, you have to be social media savvy and have to be aware of the new memes, trends, etc. This job also requires creativity as you will be in charge of managing the Instagram posts, tweets, etc. You might be expected to come up with catchy tweets, or posts that go along with the relevant trend. Basically, your job will be to help the company communicate with its client and customer base. The pay will approximately be $15-$25 per hour.
  1. Proofreader- Whatever you read online is first written then edited by a proofreader in order to remove grammatical errors or superfluous statements. You can become a proofreader too if your analytical skills about a language are sharp. Finally, your grammar nazism can come to use through this job. You can even pursue this as a permanent job. The pay for this varies with the publication houses that employ you. 
  1. Graphic designer- If you are really really creative and know how to use graphic design software, you might be employed by companies as a graphic designer. For this, you will have to have some samples of your work ready so you can show the employer what you are capable of. This is a high-paying job and can make you up to $50000 per annum. It would be your choice to either take freelance projects or to work for a company.
  1. Search Engine Optimizer- Every popular website you see needs to be optimized by a certain person so it can stay popular. If you are someone who is tech-savvy or someone who has experience as a software engineer or a programmer, you might understand how search engines rank websites. And hence, let us congratulate you because you are in great demand nowadays. You can do short-term courses to learn about this too. And if you know search engine optimization, you will also have better chances of getting a freelance job as a content writer for websites. 
  1. Online test grader- If you have experience in the academic field, you can get a job as a test grader online too. To be eligible, at least a college degree would be a necessity and you will be asked to take some tests so that your knowledge and capability might be tested. Having teaching experience on your CV will help a lot in getting this job. The pay will be given per the answer sheet checked.
  1. Online researcher- This job is similar to that of a freelance writer. The difference is that for this, you have to do a lot of research on the given topic. You might have to study online journals, research articles, etc. Also, this absolutely requires a bachelor’s degree at least. If you like reading up on specific topics related to science, or economics, etc., this job is for you. Your previous experience as a professor might be very helpful to discern you from other applicants. 

Hobbies as freelance jobs

If there is a certain hobby you also happen to be talented at, you might use it to make some money as well. Also, freelance jobs are very popular among pregnant women because of the freedom they entail. Above that, you would definitely love the job. One job like this has already been listed above, i.e., that of a freelance writer. If you don’t like to be in front of the screen too much, you can also turn hobbies like baking, reading, and cooking into professions. 

Professional reader- As for reading, you can become a professional reader by contacting the human resource department of publication houses. It would certainly help if you have a reach to an audience. You can also develop this as a long-term profession. The salary can range from $27000-$77000 per year depending on your reach, your experience, and your efficiency.

Baker- Do you love to bake and once dreamed of having a bakery? If so, you can begin as a small-scale freelance baker and work from your home. For taking orders, you can either use personal contacts or make your own website. According to the rules in the state you are in, you will first have to take certain permits for beginning a home bakery. In fact, some US states prohibit home-owned bakeries. So look into the law in your state and then move on. The pay for a home baker can range from $25000 to $114000 a year based on factors like the quality of your baked goods, your customer base, how well your bakery is known, etc. 

If you love cooking-Have you ever watched Julie and Julia and daydreamed about being in Julia Child’s place? If yes, you need to use your skills through these professions-

  • Home cook- You might be a great cook and love to try out new recipes. If so, you are already a home cook and are just not benefitting financially from this yet. You can sell your famous dip or candy to customers through different online platforms. But for this, you will need to register your home-based business with the FDA, and you will also have to check the laws of your states for some food items you cannot sell from home. In short, just stay within the law and you will make yourself from about $20000-$43000 per annum.
  • Online cooking teacher- This is becoming a very popular demand and occupation because people are wanting to learn to cook in this lockdown. You can advertise yourself through social media and word of mouth to gather willing students. The pay for this can be very low or very high depending on your student base. In fact, being a home cook increases your credibility and definitely improves your pay.
  • Private chef- First of all, let us tell you that this is not a work-from-home job. So, if you are comfortable driving around and cooking in other people’s houses, this job is right up your alley. Also, the pay for it is quite high as the client base for a private chef is mostly elite. You might earn up to $90000 per year. Prior experience as a professional chef or cook might help a lot as these jobs are mostly obtained based on your name in the industry.

Blogger- Now, we are sure you know what a blogger does. If you have a flair for writing and a passion for literally anything, be it food, or buttons, or sewing, you can write blogs about it. It will always help already having a reach through social media etc. But if you don’t, worry not. You could begin by first creating your own website, choosing to take the aid of WordPress, or simply creating an account on Medium and blogging there. You could use SEO(search engine optimization) to increase the traffic on your blog. As your reach increases, you can monetize some of your blogs and even hire social media managers for your site’s reach. 

Crafter- Do you love doing DIY projects and have a Pinterest page full of craft ideas? It is something you can earn too. This job needs your creativity only. You don’t need a degree or prior experience. But again, for this too, having a huge reach would help a lot as you will already have a lot of customers. And again, if you don’t, you can always create reach through social media, advertisement, and word of mouth. The pay for this is certainly not fixed; it might be very low or very high, depending on the product you want to sell.

Vlogger- Are you someone who is a natural in front of the camera and are you comfortable sharing your life with the internet? If the answer to both questions is in the affirmative, you can become a vlogger too. The route for becoming a vlogger is simple. You can make a YouTube channel and post quality videos regularly on it. Make sure you keep in mind your target audience. As a pregnant woman, you could vlog about your life while pregnant, your struggles as a to-be mom, and much more. The more engaging and to the point your content is, the more viewers you will garner, which in turn would generate higher revenues.

Dog-sitter- If you love dogs, you could become a dog sitter. You can find these jobs online or through your friends and family. The job is not only easy but will also let you practice being sort of a mother to the dogs. The pay for a dog sitter is hourly and differs from the requirements of the dog and the duration you need to take care of it. For example, an older dog might need a little more care than a younger one, in which case your payment will be higher. Still, the average salary for a dog sitter may range from $9- $45 an hour.

Infant care aide- Although this is not a work-from-home job, it is quite a good job for pregnant women who will be first-time mothers. It will not only help you prepare for your baby but also you will get paid for it. This is in fact one of the rare jobs in which pregnant women are preferred generally. The pay for it is usually not very high, about $12 per hour.

Other jobs

Apart from the given jobs, there are certain other jobs like that of a librarian, accountant, computer programmer, web designer, etc. which pregnant women can do without a second thought. As these are generic jobs and require specific qualifications, we didn’t list them separately. These are jobs anybody with the necessary qualifications can do, not only pregnant women. Definitely, for these, the pay might be higher than most other listed jobs, which is because they require such specific qualifications. If you want to check out the details about these jobs, check our website. We have got detailed articles about all of them.

Bias against pregnant women while hiring

Now, as promised in the beginning, we shall talk about this. Although several laws protect pregnant women’s rights in the workplace, this bias still exists and is very real. It is an unfortunate but true fact that employers don’t prefer to hire pregnant women because they consider them a financial liability. This issue has gotten so bad that according to statistical research, employers are hiring women less so they can save on future pregnancies and ‘maternity leaves’. Of course, this bias was far worse 3 or 4 decades ago than now, but it still exists. 

What helps overcome this bias is awareness about the laws meant to protect you. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act passed by the US Congress in 1978 says you can not be denied a job simply because you are pregnant. Neither can you be fired because of it nor can your job application be dismissed. And if that’s the case, then well, you have every right to sue. Also, if you are hired by an employer while pregnant, you will have to be given health insurance coverage according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Remember that you always have a choice to take action against wrong instead of suffering. 


On the last note, we congratulate you both on your pregnancy and your job search. We hope this article helps you find the right job for you. With or without a degree or experience, you can find a job while pregnant. It’s not as hard as you think it might be. Especially, if you start a freelance job, it can act as the first step to a new business. Other than those too, many of these jobs like that of a professional reader, or a blogger, or a graphic designer can be developed as a career if you want. The financial security will increase with experience and time, although it might be a little insecure in freelance jobs.

Jobs For Pregnant Women

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