I Feel Like Quitting My Job Every Day : What To Do?

A job should not just be a means of sustenance; it should be something that adds meaning and quality to your life. It should make you feel gratified and self-content. The job you do affects your happiness as well as your way of life. For some, high-paying jobs bring more satisfaction and joy to their lives, but for others, a job that helps them interact with their surroundings or makes them feel valued may be more fulfilling. It makes no difference which category you fall into, but if you are not enjoying your job, it is time you thought about making some changes to your life. Let us know ‘I Feel Like Quitting My Job Every Day : What To Do?’.

I Feel Like Quitting My Job Every Day : What To Do?

You may feel like quitting your job every day for several reasons, including personal issues, psychological or physiological issues, or issues with the work you do. Perhaps your job is not rewarding, or you think your job is beginning to affect your marriage, family, or relationships. Feeling disrespected, mistreated, or underappreciated at work, or feeling emptiness and boredom with the work you do, etc., may also be the reason you feel like quitting. Additionally, your work-life balance or financial circumstances can also affect your willingness to continue your job.

I Feel Like Quitting My Job Every Day : What To Do?

Your job affects a lot of aspects of your life, so it’s important to figure out why you have this thought every day if you feel like quitting your job. So first, you have to take a breather and think. Before you impulsively quit your job, you need to make sure that it is the right decision. If you finally choose to quit, you should then assess the next steps. Sometimes, you may feel like quitting your job for reasons that have nothing to do with your job. You must therefore ask yourself the following questions: Do I feel like quitting because my personal life is affecting my job? Or is the job actually draining me and depriving me of my life? If I ultimately end up quitting my job, will it make my life better or easier? You could take a survey or analyse your reasons for wanting to quit before making hasty judgements. This can help you avoid a mistake in the future and will also help you better understand your thoughts, which will make your life easier.

Personal life Vs Work life

Personal Life

Sometimes we forget to keep our work and personal lives separate. Most of the time, your personal life has a direct or indirect influence on your work life. If your personal life is fulfilling, you might be able to tolerate the challenges of your career better. But if your personal life doesn’t satisfy you or frustrates you, it could have a negative effect on how well you perform at work, which will lead to dissatisfaction with the work that you may have previously loved. Your poor performance may also upset your employer or your superiors, which will make you feel even more inadequate and frustrated. If you believe that your personal life is to blame, there are a few things you could do to tackle this situation without quitting your job. The ideal answer is always a change of habit. Modify a few aspects of your life that are ingrained in your routine.

  • An hour for yourself

You could wake up an hour earlier and use that time to do something you enjoy, such as dance, paint, watch the sunrise, write, read, prepare a fancy meal like a gourmet chef, or watch birds. This could significantly impact how your day goes. You might feel energized and refreshed by starting the day doing something you love. Life is about the little moments, after all.

  • A change in pace 

You could change the pace of your life a little by making small altercations here and there. For instance, change the way you get to the office. If you walk to your office, try a different, more scenic route instead of your usual route. Alternatively, you could use public transportation instead of driving your own vehicle. Sometimes the answers to your issues might be found just by observing the millions of individuals moving all around us who are busy living their own lives. When you realise you are not alone in this struggle with life, you start to feel a bit better.

  • Resolve personal affairs

Try to make some adjustments and see if you can fix them without quitting your job if you are going through a personal life crisis, such as getting over the loss of a loved one, worrying about the health of a loved one, having unresolved feelings for someone or something, or being in financial trouble. Moreover, if you have a family and you feel like your work is negatively affecting your relationship, marriage, etc., try to make some adjustments and see if you can fix them without quitting your work. Whatever it is, try to first settle these issues. You have to face your feelings first and then think about the next step that you can take to put these matters to rest. 

  • A break from life

A vacation is a great way to refresh your mind as well as your body. Take a few days off from work and take yourself on a little vacation. If you’d like, you can also invite your family or friends. You can choose any destination, but it’s better if the place has nature-centric spots; after all, nature has the best healing powers. The hills, where you can go hiking, bathe in a waterfall, and breathe in the fresh mountain air scented with earth, green leaves, and wild flowers; or the beach, where you can chase the waves, gather seashells, feel the tropical, salty wind against your face, and feel the warm rays of the sun against your skin. A brief getaway can significantly alter your attitude and help you to refocus so you can find ways to live a happier life.

  • Self- care

Your physical and mental health have a significant impact on your life. It alters your moods, your thoughts, and your outlook on life in general. Start a healthier diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, keep yourself hydrated, and indulge in comfort foods that make you feel comfortable and nostalgic. Start exercising. Take up any form of martial arts, or practise yoga on a daily basis. Yoga keeps both your mind and body in shape. Listen to soothing, calming music to relax your body and mind. These small additions to your routine may change the way you look at life. 

Work Life

If your personal life is not the cause of your desire to quit your job, then you may want to look into your work life to find the problem. You might feel this way for a few reasons:

  • Not enjoying your work 

If you no longer find your job interesting or rewarding, it’s better to quit the job than try to live with it. Your interest in your work shows in your performance, so it will only lower your potential. Life is too short to expend on things you dislike. After quitting, you can choose a job that more closely matches your interests.

  • Being overworked or paid less

The work that you spent your time and energy on should get the value it deserves. If you are being overworked or do not get paid enough, it is necessary to speak up. Ask for a lesser workload or a salary rise. Better working conditions will improve your performance. This may change your outlook on your job, and you may start loving it like you used to.

  • Workplace atmosphere and relationships

If the atmosphere you work in is not positive, then it’s natural to feel drained and unmotivated, which can affect your work performance. And if your relationship with your co-workers or your superiors is tense, it can make your work even harder. So, you could either try to change these two factors, or if it’s a stagnant situation and there is nothing you can do, maybe you need to find a better atmosphere and relationships that value you, and maybe you need a better job.

  • Work pressure and stress

 Sometimes, you may feel that your job is more than what you signed up for. Biting off more than you can chew can be stressful. Moreover, the constant pressure to get the work done will affect your body’s stress levels and can even cause hypertension. When you have to get ready for work on a regular basis, stress may be another factor making you feel defeated. It is not good for your physical or mental health. You should either choose a job that suits your abilities or request a less workload.

So, it is best to keep all these things in mind before deciding what to do with your current situation. If quitting your job is your final option, you may choose a new job that better suits your skills and interests. If you find the 9 to 5 corporate jobs draining, instead, consider working for small businesses or starting your own venture that fits your skills. You can enrol in career guidance classes to learn more about the different opportunities available. And if you feel like doing social service or working for the underdeveloped and needy sectors of our society, you can volunteer for non-profit organisations or other government initiatives. You can choose to work however you want, as long as you are happy and content.

I Feel Like Quitting My Job Every Day : What To Do?

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