How To Get a Job At Quantico?

Let us see how to get a job at Quantico in this article.

How To Get a Job At Quantico?

About Quantico

Quantico serves the purpose of headquarters to training academies for the US Marine Corps, FBI, and Naval Criminal Investigative Services. Quantico is in Prince William County of Virginia. Quantico is restricted to civilians and is always under strict vigilance. 

Career at Quantico

Though Quantico is a highly-secured military base in the USA, they provide job opportunities for civilians after thorough verification. 

The following are the defense agencies based in Quantico. These agencies receive applications for available vacancies to make use of the recruitment process to get a job at Quantico. Some of the important defense agencies in Quantico are Marine Corps University, Marine Corps School of Education, Intelligence Agency, Navy Clinic, Navy and Army Investigation Agency, Special Investigation office for Air Force, Exchange Service for Navy and College of Distance Education for Defense Services.

It is well-known that applying for a job at Quantico is time-consuming as you will have to go through numerous processes. Also, one out of every 500 indeed gets hired from the thousands of applications. 

We will guide you through the steps involved in this tedious process. Read on to know who and how to apply for the job at Quantico.

Pre-employment Conditions

As we are aware now that the above-mentioned agencies regularly hire civilians for opportunities open in Quantico, let us have a quick review of the conditions required for employment at Quantico.

  • The candidate must be a US Citizen.
  • He or she must be found suitable for any federal employment.
  • If applying for the post of a contractor, the candidate must be a part of the direct deposit pay program.
  • For any employment with the Department of the Navy, candidate will be required to pass the E-Verify employment verification successfully.
  • For any employment with the Department of Defense, appointing the retired military personnel post retirement in any civilian position is subject to the provisions of 5 United States Code 3326.
  • Males who are applying for employment, and born after 12-31-59 must get registered for Selective Service only.
  • Possessing a current valid United States driver’s license is required.
  • The candidate will have to complete a pre-appointment physical examination successfully.
  • The candidate will be requested to submit an interim and a final security clearance before entrance on duty. Failing to submit the required level of clearance certificate will result in rejection of the job offer.
  • The candidate will have to pass the pre-employment drug test successfully. They will be required to take a random drug test.

Required Qualification 

For grades of different general schedules, the government of the United States has mandated the required qualification as follows.

  • For Grade GS 2: This is for students to apply, and it requires a high school diploma
  • For Grade GS 3: This requires completion of 1 academic year post-school
  • For Grade GS 4: It requires successful completion of 2 academic years post-school.
  • For  Grade GS 5: A Bachelor’s degree with four years of course study and a work experience of 3 years in general.
  • For Grade GS 7: 1 full year graduate education with 1 year of work experience in a job equivalent to GS 5.
  • For Grade GS 9: Any master’s degree or equivalent graduate degree or equivalent high-level bachelor’s degree with two years of course study. It also requires 1 year of work experience in a GS 5 equivalent job.
  • For Grade GS 11: Ph.D. or any equivalent Master’s degree or 3 years course high-level degree. It also requires a minimum of 1 year of work experience in GS 9.
  • For Grade GS 12 and above, while any educational qualification is permissible, a minimum of 1-year work experience in lower grades is mandatory.
  • For all the grades, superior academic achievement is considered an eligible criterion.

How to Apply?

Follow the steps below to apply for the desired job at Quantico.

  1. Visit USA Jobs, the official website of the Government of the United States. Create a profile with your recent resume and complete the process.
  2. Keep tabs on the job announcements regularly. Turn on the email notification to ensure you don’t miss any updates.
  3. Review any job opportunities that come your way. Understand the requirements and required qualifications to know if you are eligible for applying.
  4. When you choose to Apply, USA Jobs will help you get the resume and required documents ready by selecting from the archive. You will have to review the package and then provide your personal information.
  5. You will be taken to the Agency website, where you will have to complete the application process.
  6. After applying successfully, the Agency will email back with the confirmation of having received the application.
  7. The Agency will then review your application and contact you duly for further process.
  8. Interview rounds may differ for every Agency.
  9. Once the interview process and the background verification get done, the Agency will offer the job.
  10. You will have to go through a pre-employment routine and acute security checks before the Quantico entry.


Yes, it is a tedious process, but, if you practice patience and are determined to work at Quantico, you will complete the process successfully. The Agencies often announce a good number of job opportunities for civilians, and the eligibility criteria are set to a minimum. Do thorough research on the interview questions related to your profile and work hard on your application. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to check my Quantico job application status?

In the Applications menu of your USJobs homepage, you can view all your job applications. Clicking the job status will take you to the respective Agency site, where you can get recent updates.

  1. How much do FBI agents make in Quantico?

At Quantico, newly recruited FBI agents are trained in the FBI academy. While in training, FBI agents are paid $52,440 per year.

  1. Can civilians work for Marines?

Yes, Marine Corps Community Services offer job opportunities for civilians on both a full-time and contract basis.

How To Get a Job At Quantico?

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