How To Get A Job At Pfizer?

Pfizer is an American-based multinational pharmaceutical company. It is a biotechnology corporation, founded in 1849 by two German cousins, Charles Pfizer and Charles F. Erhart. With its headquarters situated in Manhattan, New York in the United States of America, this company has offices all over the world. Let us know ‘How To Get A Job At Pfizer?’.

How To Get A Job At Pfizer?

Being a part of this multinational company as an employee is a turning point in the life of one’s career. To get a job at Pfizer, careful necessary steps have to be followed. A job application has to be filled out online, following which if selected, candidates are called for interviews. There are usually three stages in the interview. A candidate is only selected for a job after they successfully pass all three stages of the interview. With good determination, the right qualifications and proper preparation, anyone can get a job at Pfizer. 

Job At Pfizer

To receive an offer letter from Pfizer and to be placed at the company, the first and foremost step is to visit the Pfizer website. Click ‘Careers’ to be directed to a new page which lists all the available jobs at Pfizer. Currently, there are 1932 job openings at the Pfizer company spread all around the world. Please note that any and all prospective candidates should be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with both doses of the vaccine and even with the specified booster dose. 

Some of the jobs listed on this page are Sr. Principal Scientist, Analytical R&D, Data Science, Analytics Engineer, Director, Digital Medicine & Translational Imaging Statistics, Senior Manager, Acoustic Data Scientist, Sr Associate, Solution and Service Management, Associate Scientist QC Micro, etc. 

Candidates should select the job that interests them and read everything thoroughly. They would have mentioned the job description and responsibilities, qualifications required and other details. The requirements and the salary scale of the above-mentioned jobs are given below: 

  1. Sr. Principal Scientist, Analytical R&D

Requirements: PhD in Analytical Chemistry 

7+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical R&D division.

Communication skills

Analytical skills

Interpersonal skills 

Salary: $152,046 – $1,68,252

  1. Director, Digital Medicine & Translational Imaging Statistics

Requirements: PhD in a quantitative discipline like maths, statistics

Research experience

Technical skills

Salary: $128,000- $188,000

  1. Data Science, Analytics Engineer

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in a disciple that teaches analytical skills. 

2+ years of experience as an analytics engineer

Relevant skills qualified for this role 

Salary: $110,000 – $137,676

  1. Senior Manager, Acoustic Data Scientist

Requirements: Master’s or an advanced degree in a related discipline

5+ years of experience

Knowledge of developing models

Salary: $85,000 – $131,000

  1.  Sr Associate, Solution and Service Management

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in a related field

3+ years of experience 

Communication skills

Interpersonal skills

Salary: $92,952 – $110,105

  1. Associate Scientist QC Micro

Requirements: Six years of relevant experience

Bachelor’s Degree in a related field

Experience in manufacturing 

Salary: $76,800 – $102,613

Make sure the specified qualifications are fulfilled and if everything turns out well, click the ‘Apply’ button. The next step will be to fill in the job application, which can be done either with autofill with a resume or by manually applying. There is also the option of applying through LinkedIn. Candidates will have to log in with a username and password or create a new account at the Pfizer site, Workday, to apply further. In the portal, the candidates will be able to submit their applications for the job. Through this portal they can apply for different jobs and check the application status on the jobs they have applied for. 

While applying, prospective candidates should make sure that all the right keywords are present in their resume and job application as their application will never make it past the internal recruitment team without the specific required keywords. 


The next major process is the interview. There are three stages of interviews for a Pfizer job. Firstly, as mentioned earlier the selected candidate will be contacted by the internal recruitment team to set up a phone-call interview. This interview will mostly discuss the role they have applied for and answer any further questions the candidate might have regarding the job or the company.

The second interview will be done by the hiring manager, usually in a 30-minute phone call. In this interview, more technical questions about the position they have applied for will be asked and discussed. If a candidate is selected from this interview, a third and final interview will be done. This will be a panel interview consisting of the hiring manager and at least one team member for the job they have applied for or a person with a job at a similar level.

This interview will be mostly to understand the personality of the candidate so will consist of scenarios and situations. Once selected the candidates will be contacted by a person from the internal recruitment team to discuss and review their offer letter, benefits and the exciting new career at Pfizer if the candidate qualifies after the interviews. The selected candidate will be required to do drug tests and undergo a background check.

Interview Tips

To excel in interviews the best thing to do is be prepared. Candidates should research as much as possible about the company, the job they are applying for and the interview panel. Prepare answers on how the candidate fulfils all the mentioned requirements for the job. Always have questions prepared to ask about the job or the company to show enthusiasm and interest in joining the company.

Another tip is that Pfizer conducts “Behaviour-Based Interviews”, which means that their questions will involve more about candidates’ past experiences and situations and how they handled them. Prepare for similar questions so that the candidate will be able to keep their cool during the interview. And the last thing to remember is to always be their own true self.

The hiring process takes a long time for a job at Pfizer. The minimum time is 8 weeks and the maximum is mostly 12-15 weeks. The interview process let alone takes 8-10 weeks in some cases. 

  1. What is the website of Pfizer through which we can apply for a job?


  1. Where is the Pfizer headquarters?

Answer: The Pfizer headquarters is in Manhattan, New York, US. 

Pfizer is an international company receiving thousands of job applications every year. It would not be an easy task to land a job at Pfizer. But with the right qualifications, enthusiasm and research you can be one of the few who are allowed to work with this multinational pharmaceutical company. Be you and be genuine, do your homework and you will have a chance to get a job at Pfizer. 


  1. Are there job opportunities open at Pfizer in the US?

Answer: Yes, there are job opportunities in the US. 

  1. Is getting a job at Pfizer hard?

Answer: Without the right requirements, qualifications and preparation, it will be hard to get a job at Pfizer. But with all the right qualifications and preparation, you have a sure shot at the job. 

How To Get A Job At Pfizer?

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