How To Get A Job At Lucasfilm?

Lucasfilms is an American film and television production company working as a branch of Walt Disney Studios. Founded by George Lucas in 1971 in San Rafael, California, this studio has successfully created and produced big-time franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. The studio is credited with developing special effects, sound and computer animation for films. The headquarters of Lucasfilm studios is located in San Franciso, California, United States of America. Let’s learn about ‘How To Get A Job At Lucasfilm?’.

How To Get A Job At Lucasfilm?

How To Get A Job At Lucasfilm?

Being a part of this exciting and fast-paced company as an employee is a turning point in the life of one’s career. To get a job at Lucasfilm, careful necessary steps have to be followed, as most covet a position at this company. A job application has to be filled out online, following which if selected, candidates are called for interviews. There are a minimum of two stages involved in the interview process. With good determination, the right qualifications and proper preparation, anyone can get a job at this entertainment studio.

Steps to follow to land a job at Lucasfilm

Answering the question of the hour is no easy task. As mentioned earlier proper preparation is required to get a job at Lucasfilm. One of the first steps to be followed is to go to their website and check out their Careers page. There are separate links that will take you to a new different page, that is to the page of Disney careers. Lists of available jobs at Lucasfilm offices all around the world are listed on that page. There are more than 120 jobs that are open at various offices of Lucasfilms located all around the world. Prospective candidates have to check out this page to select the jobs that they are interested in and decide on which job or jobs to apply for. 

Some of the jobs listed on this website are, Creature Technical Director, Compositor, Sr Production Engineer (Real-Time Story & Animation R&D), Assistant VFX Editor, Virtual Production Stage Technician (StageCraft), ILMxLAB Senior Character Technical Artist / Rigger, ILMxLAB Technical Art Supervisor, ILMxLAB Character Art Manager, Effects Technical Director, Animator, Production Engineer II – Platform Engineering, Senior Compositor, Executive VFX Producer, Lighting Technical Director, Lead Effects Technical Director, etc. There are also summer internship programs available at Lucasfilm for those who are interested to intern with this entertainment studio. 

Interested candidates should select the job that interests them and read everything about it thoroughly. Researching is an important part while applying for a job and that is one of the most important steps that you, as a prospective candidate should follow. Understand the job and the position to which you are applying and what you will have to contribute to the company if you are selected for the job. Check out the qualifications and other requirements mentioned and crosscheck them with your skills and qualifications. Also, check all other details like job type, job location, perks, benefits and salary. If everything checks out and you are convinced about the job, then you can start the application process. 

To apply, you can click the ‘Apply’ button which will take you to a new page where you have to register if you are a new user or just log in using your username and password if you have already registered. A new page will open through which you will be able to submit your application for the job. You can also apply for any other job that you are interested in at Lucasfilm and also track the application status of all the jobs that you have applied to through this portal. 

Always remember to include all the right keywords in your resume as keywords play a huge role in getting your resume through the door and getting you noticed. After the application is submitted, a person from the HR team of Lucasfilm will contact you to discuss further details and also to schedule an interview. 

Interview and Tips to Ace it

To get into any job these days it is important to excel in the interview part of that journey. Getting into Lucasfilm is no easy feat as one of the biggest hurdles a candidate has to overcome is the interview. Interviews are done in various methods based on the job you are applying for and also based on the location to which you are applying for. These criteria determine how many interviews and the kind of interviews you are going to face. This will also determine the duration of the hiring process at Lucasfilm. The hiring process can vary from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 3-4 months. 

The first type of interview is the initial screening done via a phone call which is usually done by members of the HR team. This will be followed by either a face-to-face interview or a video call interview with the department head and the other members of the department to which you are applying to. In some cases, you might be requested to do a presentation while an interview which will be informed to you by the HR team. As mentioned earlier based on the job you are applying to and the location of that job you interview process can vary. In some cases, there will be only two stages for the interview and in other cases, there might be as many as five stages to the interview process. 

Some of the common questions asked during interviews are: 

  1. What experiences do you have in this field?
  2. What difficulties have you faced and how you overcame them?
  3. What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?
  4. Where do you see yourself in the future?
  5. What made you want to apply for this job?

If you pass the interviews, you will be contacted by a person from the HR team to discuss and review your offer letter, benefits and the exciting new career at Lucasfilm. You will also be subjected to some background checks while your initiation to the company. You will be helped all along through these processes by the members of the hiring manager’s team, 

To excel in the interviews the best thing to do is be prepared. You should always research as much as possible about the company, the job you are applying for and if you can, even about the interview panel. Prepare answers on how you fulfil all the mentioned requirements for the job. Always have questions prepared to ask about the job or the company to show enthusiasm and interest in joining the company. Check out online about other people’s experiences at Lucasfilm’s interviews and prepare answers for similar questions so that you will be able to keep your cool during the interview. And the last thing to remember is to always be your own true self. 

Who founded Lucasfilm?

A: Lucasfilm was founded by George Lucas in 1971. 

Where is the headquarters of Lucasfilm?

A: The headquarters of Lucasfilm studios is in San Franciso, California, United States of America

Lucasfilm is a major big deal in the field of entertainment. And it is one of the reasons that Lucasfilm receives thousands of job applications every year. So it would not be an easy task to get a job at this company. But with the right qualifications, enthusiasm and preparation you can be one of the few who are allowed to work with this multinational entertainment company. Be genuine, do your homework and you will have a pretty good chance to land a job at Lucasfilm.

  1. Which studio did the Indiana Jones franchise?

A:  The Indiana Jones franchise was done by Lucasfilm. 

  1. How long is the hiring process at Lucasfilm?

A:  The hiring process can vary from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 3-4 months based on the job and the place you are applying to.

How To Get A Job At Lucasfilm?

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