How To Get A Job At General Mills?

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional with years of experience, finding a job at General Mills can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be impossible! Here are some tips for how to get hired at General Mills:

How To Get A Job At General Mills?

How To Get A Job At General Mills?

Things You’ll Need

A resume and cover letter

These documents should be tailored specifically for the job you’re applying for and include information about your qualifications, experience and salary expectations. The right resume can help land you an interview, so make sure it’s clear what kind of skills set comes with being hired into this position. Also, don’t forget to include references on file! While they may not seem like much (you’ve probably heard all this before), they can make or break your chances of getting called back after an initial screening process has been completed.

Interview attire – and lots of it!

Be ready to show up in professional attire that indicates that you take yourself seriously as someone who wants feedback on how well prepared he or she is for the role being offered at General Mills (or whatever company). If possible, plan ahead by arranging interviews during off hours when there won’t be anyone else around who might have any idea what kind of person would be interviewing them (or worse yet—a family member!).

Get an internship

Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door. Not only can they help you learn more about the company and industry, but they can also help build up your resume and make connections with people who could be helpful later on.

If you’re interested in getting an internship at General Mills, here’s how it works: First, start searching online for opportunities at General Mills by looking through their career site or social media accounts (like Twitter). Then apply directly through their website!

Major in accounting, finance or marketing and minor in computer science.

To get a job at General Mills, you’ll need to have some experience in accounting, finance and marketing. The company values these skills because they help it make decisions about its products and services. If you want to work as an accountant for General Mills, there are several ways that you can do this:

  • Take classes at a local college or university
  • Earn an MBA degree from a school that offers one of their programs (for example [college name] )
  • Get certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

Start your own business

It’s important to keep in mind that this is a long-term investment. You don’t want to go into debt or get yourself into trouble by borrowing money from your parents or friends, so start small and then grow as you make more money.

If you’re interested in starting your own business, here are some things to consider:

  • Start-up costs: If you’re just getting started with an idea for a new product or service, it can cost anywhere from $10k-$100k before even hiring employees (depending on how large of an operation it’ll need). Be sure not only that whatever venture is being considered has potential but also that there’s enough demand for its creation—and don’t forget about marketing! This could include advertising campaigns online; word-of-mouth recommendations; social media posts; etcetera! It all adds up quickly when trying out new strategies so be careful where possible lest they cost too much money later down the road when actual sales aren’t happening yet.”

Work for a competitor

  • Start a company.
  • Get customers to buy your product.
  • Get investors to invest in your company.
  • The right people on board (CEO, CFO etc).

The right marketing strategy and business plan, as well as the ability to execute all of these steps will help you land an interview with General Mills!

Demonstrate your commitment by working for General Mills as a contractor

If you’re looking for a job at General Mills, the first step is to demonstrate your commitment through working for General Mills as a contractor. You can do this by taking on any number of tasks that are related to the company’s products and services, including:

  • Working with suppliers
  • Analyzing data from market research surveys and reports
  • Providing customer service support

Jump on the internet bandwagon

If you want to get a job at General Mills, start by jumping on the internet bandwagon.

  • Start a blog about General Mills and its products. If you have good writing skills, this can be an easy way to get your name out there and build up some credibility with potential employers.
  • Create a website for yourself that promotes General Mills in general (or specific product lines). You could even create an entire portfolio site featuring your work from various sites like LinkedIn or Instagram if you’re more of an artist than writer/blogger type person! Just make sure it’s focused on how awesome it is working at General Mills because they’re pretty great employers who will hire any qualified applicant who has skills relevant to their business needs.”

It helps to have an inside contact or to demonstrate your commitment to the company before applying.

It is always a good idea to have an inside contact or to demonstrate your commitment to the company before applying. For example, if you know someone who works at General Mills, you can ask them for advice on how best to approach their boss.

You could also try applying through one of several different internships at General Mills that are available each year. Or consider working for them as a contractor instead! This option allows you immediate access without having any formal training or qualifications, but it does require time and effort on your part (more than just filling out an application). If this sounds like something that would interest you more than simply waiting around hoping things will happen organically then perhaps this would be an ideal way for getting started with General Mills today


We hope this has been helpful in giving you some insight into the application process at General Mills. There are many ways to get a job at General Mills, but they all require that you make a strong case for yourself first. Good luck!

How To Get A Job At General Mills?

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