How To Find A Job With Purpose?

Finding purpose in everything that you do is not a hard thing to do. If you can tap into the small, seamless things, this will find its way into greater extraordinary joy and attach purpose to your life. Here is a disclaimer to some who feel that purpose is found only when you do earth-moving, extraordinary feats that grab the attention of the world. No, that is not true at all. Finding purpose doesn’t have to be only about accomplishing big things or about making a huge impact. The things people associate purpose with are sometimes overrated. It will be humbling for some to know that not every purpose-driven job has to be big, grandiose, glamorous, or full of recognition and applause. You can find your purpose by working a menial job too. It is just your perception that needs an adjustment. While it is true that everyone wants to impact the world with their service, not everyone can be the next mother Teresa or the next Mohammad Ali.

How To Find A Job With Purpose?

How to find a meaningful purpose?

The purpose is always associated with meaning and you find meaning in your life when you find out your values. Finding out your values is like an arrow that will point you towards your purpose. It is necessary to find what makes your heart sing and what makes it alive. Most probably, discovering that will lead you to a job with purpose. The idea here is to engage with your core values to know what you’re naturally drawn to or gifted in. Sometimes you may find your purpose in a job by just focusing on your core values.

Maybe the job may not contribute to your purpose but the people that you associate with within the workplace may be adding purpose to your job. For instance, if you are someone who loves to add contributions you may like to do that in every opportunity you get in your workplace which will, in turn, help you to find meaning in your job. Therefore finding out first your innermost desires or values and making plans to accomplish that while working in a job that you may not like is the way to go about it.

How to find a roadmap to living a happier, healthier living?

1. Maintaining your health:-Do not let any unwholesome thing enter it like junk food and junk thinking. Have a balanced lifestyle of eating right, thinking right, and living right.

2. Love people:- If you are someone who is fascinated by people, you will always find purpose in your job. Why? because you will be the first to extend help, listen emphatically, and exuberant joy and positivity.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

3. Find joy in the mundane things of life:-In life 80% of the time is spent doing the mundane things. Why not deliberately find joy in it. It is possible to be happy while cleaning your room or cutting the grass. See it as an opportunity rather than a chore and you will be on your way to find meaning in everything that you do.

4. Attach meaning to everything that you do. For instance, if you love waking up in the morning, make it meaningful by having a morning ritual. Go for a walk or jog and have an alone time meditating with yourself and the fresh breeze. 

How to have a career with a purpose?

Having a career with purpose is very important. Any career that allows you to have a creative expression while attaching meaning to what you do is a well-defined career with a purpose. Some just want to make a positive impact on the people they are working with. So, finding a career with a purpose is different for everyone. Some may want to add value to the people they are working with and that is how they fulfill their purpose, while others may find purpose by working for a cause or working in an organization that is creating impact for the community, etc. People want a career with purpose so they find themselves in places that work for community development or are more focused on service. A place that offers a dedication to something meaningful makes such professionals join in such positions. They delight in dedicating themselves to such a purpose rather than building their careers.

How to find ways that lead to your purpose?

There are tons of ways to find careers that lead to your purpose. Here are some important ways to find such careers which have a meaning to you and make a wonderful career worth pursuing.

1. You need to know your passionate desires:- This is the first step to finding a meaningful career. What is the thing that you care about? Find out what you would do your whole life for free, that is where you will know what you are passionate about. There are lots of other ways to find out your passion. For instance, there are tests available to find your best traits or surveys that help you find the right career path.

2. Choose a career that meets your passion with your purpose. A job may be meaningful and may fit your passion and purpose but also consider whether you will be able to do it every day for the rest of your life. 

3. You have to find a job that fits your own skill sets and personality while searching for a meaningful career. It must be customized just for you or else there are many meaningful jobs out there and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are fit for you.

4. While searching for a meaningful job that fits your talent and gifts, don’t ignore the payment part. While it is true that most jobs with a purpose don’t offer a large amount of salary, you must find those that pay a decent one so that you do not end up sacrificing more than you ought to as It will end up turning your passion into a nightmare and you don’t want that.

5. Finding a career that fills the need is the right career path for those individuals who are passionate about serving. If your work satisfies others’ needs and yours too, this is considered meaningful work.

6 Find a job that allows you to give back. Some industries have a clear roadmap to serve individuals and it is there you will find a meaningful job. But don’t ignore the payment part. It should at least give you a decent earning.

7. Any job that caters to people’s needs has a meaning attached to it. For instance, any service sector helps dozens of people every day. Identifying those needs and servicing them well also makes a meaningful career. 

You can find it in every sector but it’s obvious some sectors are more aligned towards serving the needs of people but if you look for serving others, you will find it in a bank or police service, etc. You just need to discover ways to serve people in any profession you may be.

8. Some organization has more determination to create a positive influence in the area they are operating in. Some corporate focused on CSR activities hugely. If you want to create a big impact, you need to work with such organizations.

Joining such organizations will allow you to serve in the organization’s CSRs activities. participating in such activities gives meaning to your job indirectly. If you are looking for such opportunities, it will be good to look for such companies that have philanthropic ideals.

9. If your career doesn’t allow you to work for the community in that way, then you can still find the time to give out to the community through your expertise. 

For instance, if you are working in the IT sector, you can teach in your free time and help others learn your skills without paying any fees. Another thing you can do is a volunteer. When you give your time for such activities as feeding the poor or doing community service etc, this will make your job have a meaningful purpose. Some jobs can accommodate all that you value, if not most of it. You may want to check those kinds of jobs if you like to be doubly sure of finding meaning or purpose in your job.

There may be all types of careers in this world but finding those which make you have a sense of purpose is the ultimate goal of this article. Many sectors contribute directly to human upliftment and work for the betterment of society at large. Such jobs major in adding value to people, society, and their country at large. 

How to find an industry that is purpose-oriented?

You may want to look at some sectors which are more inclined towards a purpose. Some of such sectors are as follows:-

1 Healthcare sector:- This is no doubt the most recognizable sector contributing to people’s well-being. If you want to work caring for the sick, and mentally deranged or differently-abled, this sector will offer you all that. Healthcare is a noble sector of serving humanity with selfless sacrifice. If you are one of those who has a sacrificial and generous personality. Finding a job in this sector will add to your purpose.

2. Working in the legal department:- There are lots of ways one can help through legal work. Since hiring a lawyer or facing a lawsuit is expensive. If you have the heart to serve people, this is a good opportunity for you as your service can help someone out of a fraud case or provide free legal guidance to some poor in jail, etc. You have a lot of ways you can work to satisfy people’s needs and help them out of a great burden.

3. Non-governmental organizations:- This is a non-profit organization that works toward the positive changes in the particular society or country they work in. Again, this is a sector that adds value to the people. Finding a job here will boost your purpose as it will attach meaning to whatever cause or project your organization is working on. 

4. Education sector:- There is no argument that this sector is a huge contributor to the nation’s development. It is the biggest builder of human resources of any country. The education sector has a huge impact on the nation’s economy and well-being. By working in this sector, you will play a major role in contributing to the nation’s future assets i,e the children of the country.

5. Military:- working here will put you above the ordinary people. Finding a job here will give you a greater sense of purpose in your job. Joining the army is the highest sacrifice that one can make for its nation. If you are patriotic enough and do not mind the sacrifices, this job is for you and it sure will give you a sense of greater purpose.


There can never be a perfect career or a perfect job. You have to make adjustments to suit your needs matters a lot. Even in your most passionate job, you may find yourself stressed out, confused at times, or just burned out but that doesn’t mean that your career is meaningless. Every career or job has its downtimes or doubtful times. It happens even to a dream job or career but learning to see the meaning behind why you started it in the first place gives you a purpose that only you can fulfill. 

How To Find A Job With Purpose?

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