How To Decline A Job Offer Due To Salary?


As technology is increasing day by day, The employment rate is increasing. There are various sectors present in the USA where a person can start his career as the country has wider opportunities and jobs. Sometimes, a candidate selected for a job wants to decline the job offer due to many reasons. The main reason behind it is salary. Due to a lower salary, a person declines the job offer and looks for other options and jobs where he can get a better salary. Salary issues are the most common and normal ones that make a person decline a job offer. Let us know ‘How To Decline A Job Offer Due To Salary?’.

How To Decline A Job Offer Due To Salary?

How To Decline A Job Offer Due To Salary?

A person can easily decline the job offer due to a lower salary. He should do it professionally. Before declining the offer, he should think carefully and make the rejection letter short and to the point appropriately. Before anything, a person should politely thank the hiring manager. It looks respectful and professional. Don’t add many details, just give them a valid reason and tell them about your worth and expectations. You can do it through mail or in person. 

Tips to decline a job offer due to lower salary:

1. Don’t make a quick decision 

Before declining a job offer that will give you a lower salary according to your worth. a person should think carefully and should not rush to the decision. Give some time to think productively and carefully before any decision that can help you to make the right choice. Think of all the aspects and alternative solutions which will guide you. Do research on other companies and their offerings of the same post and match your worth with it. It will guide you to find the pros and cons of declining your job offer. But also don’t take too much time to think. Think effectively and efficiently but within a proper time limit. 

2. Do research on the average salary for the position

Deciding on rejecting the job offer is difficult but If a person makes the decision clear and confirmed. He needs to research the average salary for the position he wants to join as with a higher salary. It also depends on various factors like education level, skills, and experience. so a person should know the average salary by his experience and education so that he can make the right decision while rejecting the job offer due to salary. 

3. Consider and try negotiating before rejecting the offer

Sometimes, negotiating is a great tool for having an expected salary. Before rejecting an offer due to a lower salary, try to negotiate with the hiring manager or the company. Try to tell them your worth and know their company budget to negotiate the salary. and find what they can offer whether it matches your expectations and worth or not. If it doesn’t, continue to reject the job offer process. 

4. Show some respect and Appreciation 

It is most important for any candidate to show respect and appreciation to the hiring manager and company. a person should always behave professionally and with respect. Appreciate that they gave time to read your CV and select you and offer the amount of salary. It will also help you in the future with further opportunities. Show them that you are thankful for their time. This will help you to decline the job offer quickly and easily. Through this, they will understand your problem and will appreciate you also. Your goal should be to decline the job offer because of the lower salary with no hard feelings. 

5. Keep it short and to the point

No one has much time nowadays. Remember this and make your rejection letter short and to the point. Hiring managers are used to such rejections and no one prefers to read long letters and explanations. Try to make it short and simple. Do not add deep details and explanations. Just keep it short with a valid reason for declining the job offer. It also looks professional and respectful. making the letter short and to the point shows a hiring manager that you respect their time and effort. 

6. Give them a good and valid reason for declining the job offer

Here is the main thing that a candidate must do. If your reason confuses them or looks invalid, then you can face the problem of declining the job offer. So make sure you give them a valid and proper reason for declining the job offer. Don’t provide negative details about the company and the job role. Try to be humble and polite with a valid reason which tells why you are not accepting the offer. Be positive and show them the positive aspects of the company. In any job kind, It is necessary to be respectful and professional whether you are declining the job offer or accepting it. Tell them you are more worthy and give them evidence of your worth. Appropriately, tell them your expectations and worth. It will help you to decline the offer easily without any issues in a respectful manner. 

Things to include in an email message to decline the offer due to salary:

Rejections through email are the most common way in any organization. a person should write an email message in an appropriate and best manner which looks professional. This can make your chances fast to decline the offer. There are some things that a candidate should mention and include in an email message before sending it to the organization like- A subject line with your full name according to the CV you gave and a reference to the job offered with a professional and better greeting to them. your email must have your thanks and appreciation of the job offer and the company. Also, it is important to state the fact that you are declining the job offer and made your decision clear. Include your signature and necessary contact details in your email before sending it to the company. 

Job declining email sample letter :

Rejection email message due to lower salary

Subject Line: Your name- job offer

Dear hiring person name,

I’m thankful that you offer me the position of Fashion designer with ABC company. I appreciate your offer, time, and effort in hiring me. 

Unfortunately, I have accepted a position with another company that matches my salary expectations and I need to reject your offer. It was a difficult decision but my salary expectations didn’t match. 

I appreciate your consideration and decision of selecting me. Thank you for such a great interviewing experience in your company. 


Your Name

Your Phone number. 

Job declining sample over the phone

Sometimes, you may want to speak with the hiring person directly and reject the offer through the call. Then call them and speak directly like this: 

“Hello, Good morning. This side ‘your name’. I wanted to thank you for the job offer you sent me yesterday. It was a great interviewing experience but unfortunately, I need to decline and reject the job offer as it doesn’t meet my salary expectations. Again I appreciate your time and effort. If the salary changes in the future, I would love to reapply and join. 

Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck to find the right candidate for this job role. Thank you! Have a nice day! 

Job declining sample of in person

A person can also easily decline the job offer in person. If you are sure and make the declining job offer clear then you should say something like this when rejecting the offer in person:

“I appreciate your decision and time in selecting me for this job role but unfortunately, I need to decline the offer as the Salary you are offering doesn’t match my expectations and worth. If the salary range can be negotiable then kindly let me know”


Before declining and rejecting a job offer, a person should take various steps. Salary issue is the most common reason behind the rejection of a job offer. But a person should do the above steps and do the whole process professionally while rejecting the offer. After all, rejections are a difficult and negative task. so it’s better to draft a better and well-structured response so that you can reject the offer and say no to the offer professionally and with confidence. Many times, the salary offered by the company does not match our expectations so it’s okay and better to reject the offer and look for some other better opportunities with a better salary. 

How To Decline A Job Offer Due To Salary?

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