How To Become A Barber? 

Barbering is such a lucrative, creative and unique profession. A barber is someone who cuts and nicely trims your hair. They don’t only style your hair with different hairstyles, but they also dye and bleach. Other services are facial shaving and permanent waves. Everyone likes their hair cut well trimmed. Hence, they visit a barber shop for that unique experience. A good barber has much training experience to give that stylish cut. Even though some people have a way to style their hair, a barber shop is still certain. Let us know How To Become A Barber? 

How To Become A Barber?

How To Become A Barber? 

Everyone has the same desire when visiting a barber’s shop. They want to have the best and most unique haircut. It requires creative skills, drive, and time management. One must also have good listening skills, good physical stamina, and excellent customer service. People need to trust you with their haircut. Yet, one needs a high school diploma, training, barbering apprenticeship, certifications, etc. Nevertheless, some states require one to write an exam to acquire a license to practice.

Barbering is a lucrative job. Everyone wants to look good. If you are keen on knowing how to become a barber, this guide reveals all you need.

Steps To Becoming A Barber 

Most states have the same steps one needs to follow before becoming a barber. As a barber, people trust you with their hair. Hence, a barber needs to be confident and well-trusted. It is required that a barber has both education and training.

High School Diploma 

Education is an important aspect of it. One is required to have at least a high school diploma. High school diplomas can either be taken online or in a traditional school. This is because of the series of training programs for barbering. With a high school diploma, one would be eligible to enroll in its training programs.

Barbershop Receptionist

Working in a barbershop without training doesn’t make you a barber. To know if barbering is what you would like to do, work as a barbershop receptionist. This kind of job requires one to have a high school diploma. However, working as a barbershop receptionist gives you a good idea of the job. The basic jobs of a receptionist are; to relate with clients either physically or on a phone call, tidy the shop, fix appointments, go for supplies, and offer good customer service. 


Enrolling in apprenticeships can help before going for actual training programs. Apprenticeship in barbering takes a longer time to complete. This program lasts for 3 years. Barbers in apprenticeships get experience and training with professionals and real customers. They also get paid. Apprentices spend the first year cleaning up, washing hair, and helping around the shop. Yet, for the next 6 months, they start cutting hair once a week. It could be slower than that. However, completing an apprenticeship does not issue you a license. One needs to enroll for formal training and apply for a license. 

Barber School / Cosmetology School

Students learn various styling, haircuts, facial shaving, facials, etc. The school has a curriculum that equips the students with basic training in gathering. Yet, barber school programs are designed to enable cosmetologists to learn barbering methods. There are required hours and credits for passing both schools. Students choose between both schools, depending on what services best suit them. During their course of education, students have adequate training from professionals. They go to workshops or shops for experiences as well. Some colleges offer barber courses. This takes 1-2 years. There are various private barber courses that one could register for. Most private courses take up to 2 years. Yet, after completion, one earns an NVQ qualification. The most important thing is to ensure you have a professional barber who is willing to mentor you.


Earning a license in barbering and cosmetology requires passing their state of board exams. States differ when it comes to both licenses. Some States could either combine both or accept them separately. Either way, a license guarantees a job as a barber. The requirements for licensure are 16 years of age and above, completion of the barber school program, and passing the licensure exam.

Skills Required For Barbers

Apart from cutting and trimming hair, barbers need to give their clients a good customer experience. Barbers need some specific skills to relate more with clients and foster good customer service. Find below some skills required of barbers.


Communication skills are needed in every profession. As a barber, you will meet various clients every day. Clients want to express their ideas and styles to you. You are expected to be able to understand what they want and give an honest response. Having good communication skills not only saves your time but gives clients a positive experience.

Good Customer Service

Everyone wants to walk into a shop and experience good customer service. They want to be respected and their services well delivered. Clients that are satisfied with customer service promote your shop or services. They want their friends to experience the same. Yet, one needs to be excellent in terms of customer service.

Time Management And Maintenance 

A barber shop is mostly filled with different clients with various hairstyles. Some might not even want to cut their hair. It could be facials, beard trimming, or hair dye. Whatever these clients want, a barber should be able to manage time appropriately. You don’t want to keep a client waiting for long periods. Nobody wants people wasting their time. A barber shop will need timely cleaning and disposal. Do this early before clients show up. Time management allows clients to develop trust in your service.


Barber is a productive profession. Both men and women visit a barber shop for a nice look. Still, everyone needs a haircut or hairstyle that stands out. However, becoming a barber requires some steps explained above. Why not take a step forward and be one of the best barbers out there?

  • How Long Does It Take To Graduate From a Barber School?

It takes between 9 – 12 months.

  • Can a Barber Work With NVQ Qualification?

Yes. A Barber with a level 2 NVQ diploma is qualified to work.

How To Become A Barber? 

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