How Many Jobs Are In The U.S?

The U.S. is known for providing jobs to people across the globe. People from different regions and nationalities come to the US to do jobs in different sectors like tech, Finance, fitness and in the corporate sector. Let’s learn about ‘How Many Jobs Are In The U.S?’.

How Many Jobs Are In The U.S?

How Many Jobs Are In The U.S?

According to reports from CompTIA, in November, U.S. companies hired more than 14000 workers and Tech jobs in their sector are also grouped with several opportunities. Over the years, the tech industry of the U.S. is growing rapidly and they also hired many more workers in the industry.

The industries of the USA are the hub of potential people in the country and its number also grew by 2,07, 000 positions nearly In every directory and it acted as the rapid economic booster for the U.S.

In the article, we are going to talk about the jobs and industrial opportunities which are available in the US and how you can find new jobs in the US.

Jobs in the U.S.A

Due to global events like the covid-19 pandemic, where the wave of resignation from many companies in the U.S. created several vacant seats Open for job seekers in specific positions.

There are several jobs which are available in the U.S.A for which any new job seeker can apply.

1. Software Developer

Software developers are those engineers who build software, programs, applications and networks for the company and customer use. There are opportunities in this field and over the years this field has also acted as the favorite choice for many people.

Offline any company as a software developer the person should Know multi-programming languages like C++, C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, .NET, and SQL Server, as these are the most required technologies of recent years. 

As a new applicant for a company, you can earn up to $110,020 by having entry-level experience.

2. Data Scientist

In recent years the role of data scientist has grown rapidly and the requirement of a data scientist is also becoming one of the most essential for a company. The role of the scientists is to collect and analyze the data using advanced Technologies and tools such as machine learning.

Aside from different technologies,  data scientists should also need to know different math skills and data calculation techniques which can help them to work in critical situations.

As a data scientist you can make up to $100,910 in the US and it is one of the most demanding skills of the 21st century.

3. Security analyst

Security analysts are responsible for safeguarding the information and computer systems of a company from malware and other types of Cyber attacks. After covid-19 the demand for this job is increasing as every company needs the security of their computer systems.

The work which is included in this job ab is to plan and execute the safety measures, monitor different networks, investigate the breachers and maintain the defense security. You should need a very good command over cyber security concepts and Technical theories.

As a Security analyst in the US, you can make up to $112,600 which is a very good start for any fresher.

4. Computer network architect

Computer network architecture is one of the most technical opportunities you can find in the US. They are possible for maintaining and constructing communication networks for different companies. They also use WANs, LANs and intranets for their work.

They are responsible for the whole backend and Network operations of a company and build the detailed plan for the management of networks through Hardware and software.

To apply for this job you should have skills like networking Technology, an understanding of IT, general computer knowledge, and knowledge about network administration.

5. DevOps manager

DevOps managers are the people who are fully responsible for the operational and development problems related to any software. These engineers manage the full code-related issues by working with the developer and analyst team. 

DevOps managers know how to implement code and successfully solve issues by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the whole software. These people are also experts in managing different automation tools for digital pipelines and the continuous delivery of networks.

As a DevOps manager in the US, you can make up to $119,700 which is a very good start for any fresher.

How can a person find new jobs in the US?

In today’s world, people have several opportunities to find new jobs and easy methods to apply for them. Below are some methods which you can use to find new jobs in the USA.

Through Networking

It is one of the ideal methods to get a job in the US. If you have a network of people in different companies Then you can easily get a job through a referral system.

With the help of your network, you can pitch your resume to the company’s hiring manager and can easily get an edge over the other competitors for the same position.

Through Career Pages

Applying through career pages and portals of companies is also one of the safest methods to get a job. Every company has their career page in which they frequently post job openings for freshers.

You can subscribe to the company’s newsletter so that whenever there is an alert for a job you get notified and you can easily apply through their website.

Cold email

If you do not get any job-related alerts, then you can directly email the recruiter of the company you are interested in. You can provide them with your skills as per their requirement and can pitch about your strengths.

Chances of yours to get recruited through this method is not always possible. You need to be patient enough to get a reply from the recruiter.

Through job portals

Job portals are websites where every company lists requirements as per their specific designation and positions. Any person who seeks opportunities can easily get the list of companies that are open for vacancies.

Through this method, you can easily pitch and fill out the application form for the specific designation you are interested in. 


Over the years there are many new jobs created in every sector of the USA. Even after covid-19 pandemic due to the mass resignations from employees, several vacancies are created for the people who are skilled enough to get that positions.

You just need to have enough skills to apply for a specific role in any company and every company praises people with polished skills. People who are capable enough to get a job and have enough skills can easily get a job in the USA.

  • How many jobs did the US add in 2022?

According to reports in 2022, Every month there are on average 2 lacs new jobs created including in the Private and public sectors. In every sector like health, Government and IT, several employees get hired.

  • How much of the US population has a job?

According to a survey of national reports, The employment rate in the USA is around 55%. It means that out of every hundred people 55 people have a job.

  • How many unfilled jobs are in the US in 2022?

The number of vacant openings reduces by 601,000 to 10.2 million up to June this year.

How Many Jobs Are In The U.S?

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