Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree

Is it possible to succeed in this rapidly changing world without the advantage of a traditional educational system? As the global rate of unemployment continues to increase yearly, people are constantly advised by governments to step out of the box and begin setting up businesses of their own. This article focuses on some great paying jobs that can be done, earning some big bucks, without necessarily having a college or university degree.

Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree

Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree

Some of this high paying jobs that do not require any type of degree to begin include;

  • Police Officers 
  • Web and Software Developers 
  • Firefighters 
  • Athletes 
  • Executive Assistants 
  • Electricians 
  • Social Media Influencers 

List Of Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree

1. Police Officers

Almost everyone wanted to be a police officer at one point in their childhood. Watching those action movies and seeing your favourite actor as a police officer destroying the bad guys, was an amazing experience. Interestingly, it doesn’t take so much to get a spot in this profession. Major requirements for this occupation involve; being above the legal age requirement, having a clean enough record and some academy training.

Police officers are important parts of our society, as they provide support and protection to citizens, making it a renowned profession. These professionals rake in over $69,000 annually asides from other amenities and advantages attached to this career.

2. Web and Software Developers

The roles and duties of a web developer and a software developer can be very different. Web developers make programs specific to the web. They are the architect of the things we see and interact with on most websites online. Software developers, however, make apps and software that powers our devices, and different tech products.

Both careers are very important to this generation and are respectable in the contribution made globally. Both jobs also do not require any form of university degree or certification for entry. The software engineering field has a total average annual salary of $120,100 while web developers earn $122,090, making them one of the highest-paying jobs without a degree.

3. Fire Fighters

Firefighters are known as fire heroes. They extinguish fires and salvage burning properties and items from the damage of fires. For this career type, a requirement for becoming an active member of the workforce here is, completing a firefighting academy where you learn the different requirements of becoming a firefighter.

The only downside to a firefighting job is the high-level risk attached to the work involved. However, these professionals smile home each year with an average of $59,550. Also, the flexibility of the job — seeing that you do not have to put out fires every single day, can be of huge benefits for earning extra income and flexibility of schedules.

4. Athletes

The term Athlete is a broad one, and includes almost all kinds of sporting events and careers. From golf, soccer, car racing and even boxing, the range is wide. All over the world, we all know at least one athlete performing at an elite level, people such as; Messi, Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant, and Serena Williams, etc, are all examples of the various athletes out there.

This career path requires zero degrees to function in, however, a high level of physical fitness, mental fortitude and regimentation to go through the rigours of training for events are the unspoken requirements. Athletes remain one of the highest-paid professionals in the world. The range of earning potential is very wide, with the bottom percentile earning around $60,000 and the top earners ranging at $300,000 per annum.

5. Executive Assistants

Before the rise of AI and robots that came to steal everyone’s jobs, top executives had assistants. An assistant is someone who performed office duties for a high-level management staff. Duties such as calendar scheduling, task organization, office management, etc are all part of the daily functions of an executive assistant.

This profession does not need a degree and although most executives might require some sort of certification and experience, what is a major requirement is possessing great interpersonal skills and a good sense of organization. Executive assistants make the sum of $67,000 annually.

6. Electricians

Electricians are one of the highest earners in the job space without the need for a degree. The demand for these professionals is constantly on the increase because their services are always needed. Electricians install electrical systems and perform wiring for houses. They also repair broken electrical appliances.

Although one can go to a university and study electrical engineering to have advanced knowledge about this profession, this is not always the path for many. Most electricians become certified by going through electrical training where they learn the rudiments of the craft. The average pay of electricians averages $61,245 per year.

7. Social Media Influencers

Social media is the new oil. Social media influencers are people who over time, have built a reputation and a large following across different media networks for their content. Social media influencers create content and express opinions or knowledge on different niches. The different social media in existence today are; Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

To become an influencer, all that is required is consistency in uploading content and constant reinforcement of one’s authority and knowledge in the chosen field. The average salary of social media influencers ranging from; $10,000 to $90,000


It is important to go to school and earn a degree for higher competitive value in the job market. However, it is also possible to scale through, making reasonable figures in salary earnings without ever obtaining a university or college degree. The career field is changing and constantly evolving. As technology adoption continues to increase at a rapid pace, more opportunities are projected to be made available in the job space, most requiring the rigour of self-paced learning as opposed to traditional education. Therefore, it is possible to begin a career and earn good sums without a degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average period of learning a new skill for a career?

Under strict and guided training the average period to learn the skills and discipline needed for most careers is estimated at six-twelve months.

2. What are some popular companies known to hire people without college or university degrees?

Several companies have switched their hiring criteria, from strictly accepting applicants with college degrees to favouring those with skills and competence although lacking traditional educational degrees. They include;

  • Tesla
  • Google 
  • IBM 
  • Hilton hotels and resorts
Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree

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