ExxonMobil Relocation Package – Benefits & Eligibility

ExxonMobil is a leading oil and gas company known for its commitment to providing high-quality products and services to its customers. The company is also known for its competitive employee benefits, including a comprehensive relocation package for new hires. In this article, we will take a closer look at the ExxonMobil relocation package, including the benefits offered and how to take advantage of them.

ExxonMobil Relocation Package

ExxonMobil Relocation Package

ExxonMobil has designed a relocation package to assist newly hired employees with the financial burdens and organizational challenges associated with moving to a new location for their work. The package includes reimbursement for some expenditures, such as those associated with relocation, accommodation for a short period of time, and travel expenses. Additionally, aid is provided in securing long-term housing and adjusting to a new community as part of the services provided by the company. As the dominant company in the energy industry, ExxonMobil is justifiably pleased with the innovative goods and exceptional support it provides for its clientele. The company provides its employees who are relocating for employment with a full relocation package to ease the transition.

Aid with temporary housing 

The relocation assistance package provided by ExxonMobil includes financial assistance for interim accommodation, such as reimbursement for hotel or short-term rental expenses. This may be of assistance to relocating employees in their hunt for temporary housing while they continue their search for permanent housing.

The benefits of having a permanent abode

Assistance in locating long-term accommodation in the new area is part of the ExxonMobil relocation package. This can involve guidance on how to navigate the local housing market as well as help finding homes, apartments, and other forms of accommodation. 

Support for travel 

Assistance with travel costs like airline and rental vehicles is included of the ExxonMobil relocation package. As a result, employees can find it simpler to relocate and begin their new positions. 

volunteers providing assistance

ExxonMobil also provides help in integrating into the neighborhood. This could entail advice on where to locate neighborhood facilities like schools, childcare centers, and other institutions. Additionally, the business typically engages the services of a relocation professional who can counsel staff members during the entire process. 

Help with rent

As part of the relocation aid it provides, ExxonMobil helps with finding suitable accommodation for employees and their families. The process of finding communities, schools, and the rental and home-buying procedures may fall under this. Additionally, the employer could offer a housing allowance to assist with short- or long-term housing costs. 

Assistance in housing transactions

ExxonMobil assists with house purchases and sales as part of its relocation services. Help with locating real estate agents, listing houses for sale, and settling purchase and sell pricing might be included in this. 

Help for the family and for the spouse

Support for employees’ spouses and families is also included in ExxonMobil’s relocation package. This might involve aid in finding childcare facilities and schools in addition to assisting partners and spouses with employment searches. ExxonMobil may further offer counseling and support services to assist personnel and their families in transitioning to their new location. 

Aid in buying and selling a house

ExxonMobil assists with the purchasing and sale of staff houses as part of the relocation package it provides. Help with locating real estate agents, listing houses for sale, and settling purchase and sell pricing might be included in this. 

Financial Assistance

ExxonMobil’s relocation package also includes help with taxes. Help in filing tax returns and comprehending local tax rules and regulations may be required. 

Assistance in moving the spouse and family

ExxonMobil is cognizant of the stress that relocation may cause for both the employee and their family. As a result, the organization provides additional assistance to help couples and families adjust to their new community. This help may include locating local educational institutions, childcare facilities, and other community services. To assist employees and their families in overcoming the challenges of migration, ExxonMobil also provides counseling and support services. 

Relocation incentives and bonuses

ExxonMobil also provides relocation assistance to qualified workers to assist with shifting expenses. The bonus sum may vary depending on the employee’s role, location, and other elements. Employees may also receive storage and temporary housing allowances from the employer to assist them with the move process. 

Assistance with the final move and unpacking

The relocation package from ExxonMobil also includes assistance with unpacking and a final move. This can encompass aid in arranging for movers at the new address, packing and unpacking assistance, and so on. 

International Assignments Relocation Guidelines

Employees who are relocated to overseas assignments can take advantage of ExxonMobil’s unique relocation program. This policy provides additional support for acquiring visas and immigration papers, as well as support for locating homes and integrating into the new community. Additionally, it gives dependents and families additional help throughout the transition. 


The relocation package offered by ExxonMobil is intended to assist staff members with the expenses and inconveniences associated with transferring to a new employment location. In addition to support in locating a permanent house and acclimating to the area, the package includes reimbursement for relocation fees, temporary accommodation, and travel expenditures. The employer wants to make the process of relocating and settling in for employees as easy as feasible. 


1. How do I know if I am eligible for the ExxonMobil relocation package?

Eligibility for the package is determined by the company and will depend on factors such as your role and location. New hires who are required to relocate for their job may be eligible for the package.

2. Can I get reimbursement for the cost of hiring a moving company?

Yes, the ExxonMobil relocation package includes reimbursement for moving costs, including the cost of hiring a moving company.

3. Does the relocation package include assistance with finding permanent housing?

Yes, the package includes assistance with finding permanent housing, as well as temporary housing.

ExxonMobil Relocation Package – Benefits & Eligibility

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