Enneagram Type 2w3 And Best Jobs For Them

There is no greater satisfaction than finding a career that speaks to you, that harnesses all your potentials and gives you that wonderful sense of fulfillment. You can easily find out the type of jobs and careers that best suit you by discovering your personality type. Let’s learn about ‘Enneagram Type 2w3 And Best Jobs For Them’.

Enneagram Type 2w3 And Best Jobs For Them

Enneagram Type 2w3 And Best Jobs For Them

The right personality test will help you tremendously in understanding yourself better and allow you to grow by realizing both your limitations and potentials which in turn can help you recognize the best jobs for you.

Before we dive into the perfect jobs for Enneagram type 2w3, let’s have a small introduction to the Enneagram, the different nine types of personalities and how can someone be a type 2w3.

What is the Enneagram of personality?  

It is a system that describes human personalities. It states that there are nine different personality types. In fact, the term Enneagram comes from the Greek words (ennéa) meaning “nine” and (grámma) meaning something “written” or “drawn”.

According to the Enneagram, People have different ideas and understandings of how the world works. They also have different motivations and fears that drive them and all of that basically can shape a person’s perspective of the world and determine how they interact with people around them.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Discovering our Enneagram type can help us learn more about how we perceive everything in life. It can guide us to a path of growth where we can approach situations more efficiently with a wider perspective.

Knowing a person’s Enneagram type helps us understand their behaviors and why they make certain decisions.  

What are the nine types of Enneagram personalities?

All of the nine types are divided into Heart Types, Head Types, and Body Types.

  • The Heart Types. They understand the world through their feelings. They are guided by their feelings and react with emotions first. 

They are:

Type Two: The Giver

Type Three: The Achiever

Type Four: The Individualist

  • The Head Types. They understand the world by observing. They connect with other people intellectually and react with analytical thinking first.

They are:

Type Five: The investigator 

Type Six: The Skeptic 

Type Seven: The Enthusiastic 

  • The Body Types. They understand the world by sensing physically what is happening around them. They connect with people based on a physical sense of comfort and react with instinctive feelings first.

They are: 

Type Eight: The Challenger 

Type Nine: The Peacemaker

Type One: The Perfectionist 

What is your Enneagram type? Take the test here https://www.truity.com/test/enneagram-personality-test

What are Enneagram wings?

To understand exactly what Enneagram type 2w3 means, we need to understand what Enneagram wings are.

From the Enneagram diagram, we can see that it consists of an outer circle and nine points that outline each of these nine types which helps to demonstrate how the types correlate to one another.

The types on either side of each type are called wings. Wings represent similar or matching personality styles which sometimes people tend to transition into. In addition to their core type, many people can identify with the character of one or both of their wings. Wing types can add more definition and make someone seem different from others who share the same type. Think of it as adding spectrum to the type. For instance, type 2 can feel that sometimes they have some of the characteristics of type 1 and 3. Those who have core type 2, but have some traits from type 1 are called 2 wing 1 for short (2w1), and those who share some traits from type 3 are called 2 wing 3 for short (2w3).

Now that we have determined that people with type 2w3 have core type 2 and a little bit of type 3 or they lean towards type 3, let’s talk about type 2 and type 3 personalities and from there we can have a good sense of how the 2w3 type personality looks like.

The Enneagram Type 2 personality

Type twos known as the Givers or the helpers are considerate, nurturing, and caring towards others. They appear to be kind, compassionate, and always helpful. They are deeply empathetic and put others’ needs above their own. They can anticipate and understand the emotions of others and support them. They make people feel special and that makes people love to be around them. They find happiness in being there for others through thick and thin. They make great companions and friends. Their sole desire is to belong and to be loved by others that motivates them to express love toward others in their words and actions.

Twos fear being alone and unworthy of love. They cope with this fear by making others’ needs their center of attention. They are eager to involve themselves in people’s lives and sometimes too much to a point where they neglect their own needs. They constantly desire to feel that they are always needed otherwise they wouldn’t feel valued. They tend to depend on the appreciation and affections of others to get their sense of self-worth. Some twos feel that in order for people to love them, they need to become what people want them to be, which makes them feel pressured all the time. They believe that they are not valuable as they are. They can lose themselves in taking care of others and put their needs to sleep because they feel that somehow voicing their needs makes them selfish. So, they suppress their own needs and heighten the needs of others. Twos live with the assumption that there are two kinds of people in the world, those who love them and those who don’t know them well enough yet to love them, so they look for the needs and concerns of others and are committed to meet those needs to win everyone’s love and affections. 

What twos need to learn is to take note of their feelings about everything and accept their own emotions. They have to start practicing self-love and learn to love who they truly are. Because twos are known for giving more attention and energy to others than they should, this can leave them feeling depleted so setting healthy boundaries can help twos grow and be more focused on their needs. Twos also need to share their true self and be more open and honest about what they truly feel and think because people surely value authenticity more.

The Enneagram Type 3 personality

Type threes known as the achievers or the performers are confident, ambitious, and passionate. They are charismatic, enthusiastic, and goal-oriented. They can be highly resilient and willing to adjust to achieve their goals. They value achievements and aim to be the best in everything whether it’s a career goal or a task. They become motivated by a need for attention and admiration. Threes are hard workers, driven and principled. They make good first impressions and their dedication are always admired by others and can motivate them to take action. Achievers can be incredibly productive and busy all the time. They like getting things done and hate wasting time. They tend to dress well and like to project an image of wealth and success. They are efficient-minded with big goals and dreams. They pretty much know what they want from life. Three tend to have brilliant and creative ideas that can inspire others. Their core desire is to be significant and to distinguish themselves through their accomplishments.

Therefore, their deepest fear is being a failure and feeling insignificant or worthless. They cope with this fear by finding ways to succeed in life. They base their sense of self-worth on what they do, rather than who they are. They think that they need to prove their reason for existence so they make it their life ambition to accomplish what gets more recognition in life. When threes fail to receive approval from others, they tend to feel discouraged and become lazy. Sometimes threes can appear obsessive and over-competitive and are so focused on their achievements, they often ignore their feelings. 

Threes have to recognize their thoughts and feelings more and stop ignoring them. What threes need to learn is to slow down and try to enjoy life. They need to relax and appreciate every moment. Threes need to realize that there is no shame in embracing vulnerabilities and it is okay to allow other people to see who they truly are, not just the perfect successful side, but the raw vulnerable side as well. Everyone is of worth, so threes have to understand that whether they are accomplishing something or not, they are still of worth and value.

The Enneagram Type 2w3 personality (The Host/The Hostess)

Type 2w3s are known as the hosts. People with this personality type are more success-driven and more outgoing than type 2. They have type two’s passion for serving and type three’s passion for inspiring people. They are more energetic and sociable than type 2 and enjoy the company of people. Not only do they enjoy caring for others, but they also enjoy entertaining people. 2w3s can easily build deep strong personal connections due to their ability to communicate clearly and efficiently. They can win people over with both their charm and their empathy. 2w3s always appear optimistic, charming, and engaging. People definitely enjoy being around them. They often like to be the hosts or the hostesses and welcome people into their homes. Unlike type 2, they are more attentive hosts than considerate caretakers. 2w3s have a talent for listening to people and can offer great meaningful advice. Because they fall in the Heart type group, they are motivated and directed by their feelings and emotions. 

2w3s are controlled by a deep sense that they need to continue to give and achieve in order to be worthy or loved. Hosts fear being unwanted or worthless. They may struggle to tell the truth because they are afraid to hurt people’s feelings. Just like type three, 2w3s care about their image and they feel the need to be always perceived as desirable. They often lose themselves focusing on building that image that they think pleases people. 2w3s have a hard time acknowledging their own needs because like we have mentioned, type twos are too focused on helping others and often ignore their own needs .2w3s avoid expressing their needs because either they fear being rejected or feel like their needs are too much for others. Similar to type three, 2w3s tend to be over-competitive and sensitive to criticism.2w3s tend to ignore their own negative emotions, which can lead to stress and outbursts. When stressed they often appear to be arrogant and over criticize others.

2w3s need to learn how to treat themselves the way they treat others, with love, care, and compassion. 2w3s should remember that it’s impossible to get everyone’s approval and should stop worrying about what might other people think. They should work towards giving themselves more credit.  2w3s must know everyone deserves to be loved regardless of what they achieve in life.

What are the best jobs and careers for Enneagram type 2w3?

Let’s first look at what 2w3s can offer 

1.People’s person: They are sociable and have great communication skills.

2.Positive attitude: They are optimistic. They have an amazing talent for motivation and are capable of making others feel good about themselves.

3. Empathetic: They have great emotional intelligence, which can help them understand people’s needs.

4. Leaders: They have great leadership skills and can inspire people.

5. Team-oriented: They are excellent team players. They are extremely charismatic and love working around people.

6. Persistent: They are resilient and dedicated to any tasks at hand

Certainly, People with the Enneagram type 2w3 personality can work well in jobs that require dealing with people. They find joy by being around others and being asked for help. They should be in a role where they feel appreciated and valued. 2w3s need to work in jobs where they can implement a direct impact on others. So, they are likely to flourish in these roles: Nursing, Personal trainer, social worker, Therapist, Public relation specialist, Motivational speakers, Customer service representative, Real estate agent, Teacher, Entertainer, human resource manager, religious leader or non-profit leader.

A brief look at a few jobs and careers suitable for Enneagram type 2w3

  • Nursing: Nursing is a great career option for the Enneagram type 2w3 because they are caregivers who help manage the physical needs of patients. They are responsible for monitoring patients’ health and are passionate about helping and caring. To be successful in this job, one has to be kind, gentle, alert, and extremely observant and most of those qualities are found in the Enneagram type 2w3 personality.
  • Personal trainer: Because 2w3s can naturally see potentials in others, that makes them perfect for this job. 2w3s are also great listeners and understand people easily, which can come in handy when dealing with clients who simply need to be heard. 2w3s are optimistic and positive, which is ideal as a positive attitude and the ability to be optimistic are important in succeeding in this career. Clients frequently need reassurance that their goals are reachable. they are constantly in need of motivation and 2w3s are exceptional motivators.
  • Social Worker: What makes a competent social worker is the ability to actively listen and pay attention to what a client says. The ability to communicate and convey important information is essential in this line of work. It is crucial to be able to communicate properly with clients, team members, and supervisors. Conveniently, type 2w3’s communication skills are exceptional. Because social workers usually work with different types of people, particularly the disadvantaged, weak, and the poor. Only the ones with a sense of compassion and kindness can understand their struggles and connect to them.
  • Therapist: People with Enneagram type 2w3 personality have remarkable emotional intelligence, which makes them highly qualified as therapists. Therapists actively listen to people and reflect their thoughts back to them. They have the ability to understand and identify with another person’s experiences. A good therapist can empathize with a wide variety of people and can understand their feelings and choices even if they do not describe them explicitly.2w3s are emotionally tuned to others’ needs, which makes them perfect for this kind of role.
  • Motivational Speakers: Having confidence is a key factor of motivational speaking. Public speaking can be terrifying and 2w3s have the courage needed to speak in front of large audiences. A great motivational speaker can take charge and direct people toward success, which is fitting because 2w3s can absolutely command events and lead people. They can upturn the atmosphere with their bright and charismatic personality.
  • Customer Service Representative: This is definitely one career path where a 2w3 can thrive in. 2w3s have great communicating skills and communicating effectively is one of the most important skills needed for this job. 2w3s are always helpful and they enjoy assisting people, which makes this job perfect for them .2w3s can provide a great customer experience and service. They can manage difficult customers by listening attentively and offer solutions to problems.
  • Teacher:  A great teacher is a great leader. It’s essential to possess leadership skills because it’s important to effectively earn respect from not only students, but parents, school management, and the community. The education process is a team effort. 2w3s work well in and with teams. Because 2w3s are exceptional motivators, students can easily grasp each and everything they teach.
Enneagram Type 2w3 And Best Jobs For Them

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