Can I Be Fired For Job Restrictions?


People get Job restrictions for various reasons which could be as a result of some minor disability, it could be pregnancy, state of health of an employee, religion, and so many other reasons. There are people in the US that have had to go through unfair treatment from employers due to job restrictions, and their employers fire them unjustly. There have been a multitude of cases of illegal treatment and discrimination of employees with job restrictions in America in the past and in recent times. Let us know can you be fired for job Restrictions and the job Restrictions applicant’s rights and laws protecting them are discussed in this article.

Can I Be Fired For Job Restrictions?

Can I be fired for job restrictions?

Working under job restrictions which could be because of disability, pregnancy, health challenges, etc. can not get you fired from your job. The US government has ensured that there are laws that have been created at the various levels of government for the protection of individuals with job restrictions from their discriminating employers. People applying for job restrictions should not be scared of being intimidated by their employers.

If you are an employee who has lost his or her job because you were working under job restrictions then you can sue such an employer for damages. It is an unlawful act for an employer to relieve you of your duties, discriminate and treat you unfairly due to your job restrictions. The affected person can seek legal help.

Job Restrictions applicant’s rights and laws protecting them

Employees that are working under job restrictions have certain rights which are backed up by laws and they include the following 

  • ADA: this means the Americans With Disability Acts

The US government has established various laws that protect people applying for job restrictions which include the Americans With Disability Act. This law is solely for the protection of employees suffering from physical disabilities. This law protects disabled employees from being discriminated against and also guides against unfair treatment toward these employees, such as an employer denying a disabled employee the right to enjoy privileges given to other employees. Disabled Employees have the right to sue for damages against an employer who treats them badly due to their disabilities.

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  • Fair employment and housing act

This act protects people from carrying out certain activities due to health challenges such as back injury, leg injury, hand injury, or other health challenges. The employee is protected from carrying out certain activities that could be detrimental to his health, gender, and religion. Employees with such issues have the right under this law to request accommodation and work in safety, although an employer who can not afford such treatment, such as employing an employee who has problems with his legs when the job requires that the employee would need to climb or use their legs often can fire that employee 

Damages entitled to job Restriction holders fired illegally 

An employee unfairly fired for having a job restriction by an employer in every case wins the trial and is entitled to

  • They will be entitled to medical fees
  • Financial compensation from the employer
  • The employer will face punishment to prevent the reoccurrence of such unfair treatment towards people with job restrictions in the future
  • The employer will be asked to pay the lawyer’s fee of the victim
  • The employee that was victimized for working under job restrictions will be thoroughly taken care of by the employer in the situations where by the victim suffered from mental and psychological trauma due to the discrimination and unfair treatment 

Employees working under job restrictions due to some reasons do not have to bother themselves or fear that employers will reject them for having a job restriction because an illegal firing of employees with job restrictions is a crime in America. Victims can sue an employer and be entitled to medical and monetary compensation. The American government have carefully drafted out laws that protect employees that are working under job restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can someone find a lawyer that can take up the case of an employee fired for having job restrictions? 

Yes, an employee with job restrictions can find lawyers that will take up their case in the court

2.Can I win a court case against my employer for firing me for having a job restriction?

An Employee fired for having a job restriction has a higher chance of winning a trial or court case against the employer

3.Can I fire my employee that has job restrictions?

No, employees should not be fired by employers for having job restrictions

4.Can I ask my boss for a day off over the phone ?

No, you can not ask for a day off over the phone from your boss except you have a close relationship with your boss or you are working under a job restriction and need the off day because of your health issues. 

Can I Be Fired For Job Restrictions?

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