What Is Class C License In PA?


Transportation has not only become an important part of our lives now but an essential one at that too. Decades ago, it would have taken us days, if not months, to get from one place to another by foot or by using some animal, but since the invention of motored vehicles, that has changed fully. Now it only takes us from a few minutes to a few hours to reach our destination via a vehicle like a car or a train. But the thing with vehicles, as of now, is that they require a driver to control and drive them and drivers in turn need a license to have permission to drive. Let us know about what is Class C License In PA and the ways to get a Class C License in PA are given in this article.

What Is Class C License In PA?

What is Class C License in PA?

Class C license in PA is a category of license that gives the citizens of Pennsylvania the permission to drive vehicles of category C. Class C vehicles includes vehicles of maximum weight of 3.5 tons to 32 tons, or a weight rating of more than 26,000 pounds, or a vehicle that can carry more than 16 passengers. They are the most basic and common kind of license that private citizens get. They can be of both commercial and non-commercial types. With non-commercial licenses, you can operate your private vehicles and with a commercial license, you can use it for commerce purposes. The age limit for getting a Class C license is 18 years. You will need to pass a knowledge test to get the learner’s permit and then a skill test and a pre-trip inspection to get the actual license.

Class C License

Class C license is a class of license one requires to drive a vehicle that has a capacity of more than 16 passengers, such as a large passenger van or other types of vehicles. It can also be used for delivery through delivery or warehouse trucks, tow using towing trucks, or even delivering hazardous products. Vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons can be operated through this license, but the weight cannot be more than 32 tons.

The age limit for getting a class C license is 18 years. It is a very basic and common type of license that private citizens in Pennsylvania get to drive category C vehicles or more commonly called rigid-body vehicles. Drivers having Class C licenses have permission to operate two-axle vehicles with a maximum of 26,000 pounds. It can also be used to drive three-axel vehicles but the gross vehicle weight rating for them reduces to 6,000 pounds. A person cannot drive Class A, Class B, or class M vehicles through this license. Type C driving licenses are also known as Class 2 licenses.

Class C License in PA

 Class C license is a category of driver’s licenses in Pennsylvania. There can be commercial and non-commercial types of class C licenses. With a non-commercial Class C license, you are authorized to operate private vehicles only. You can also drive SUVs, trucks, and vans too with it. The vehicles can not be of more than 50-cylinder capacity, including three-wheeled motorcycles. It is provided after the age of 16. A commercial driver’s license is given to people of the minimum age of 18, for the purpose of work, such as commerce. With this, you can drive any combination of vehicles, but not those that involve motorcycles. 

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Sometimes endorsements are also needed to operate some vehicles, such as school buses or passenger trucks. The maximum weight can be 26,000 pounds for this one. In Pennsylvania, a commercial driver’s license is necessary for any commercial transportation.

How to get a Class C License in PA?

To get a Class C license, you have to fill out a form and pay the fees to get the knowledge test authorization for the license, as well as any endorsement you need. Next, you will need to pass the knowledge test to get a learner permit, through which you can start learning the skills you need for the license physically. 

You will have to answer 50 questions in the knowledge test, additional 50 questions for passenger endorsement, and a set of 20 different questions for school bus endorsement. After 15 days from the issuance of the learner permit, you can take your skill test. You will need the same vehicle for this test for which you are getting the license. Your driving knowledge will be tested and you will also need to qualify for a pre-trip inspection to get a class C license.


 There are various kinds of licenses and the type of license someone needs depends upon the type of vehicle and purpose of their getting a license. To drive a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,000 pounds or a vehicle carrying more than 16 passengers in Pennsylvania, a Class C license is required for that. But one has to be at least 18 years of age to get a classy license.


1. Can one drive a standard lorry with a class C license?

Yes, one can drive a standard lorry with a class C license. 

2.What is the age limit to drive a commercial motor vehicle on an interstate with a class C license?

The age limit to drive a commercial motor vehicle on an interstate is 21 years, even with a class C license.

What Is Class C License In PA?

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