Zumiez Jobs Titles-Know More

Interested in working at Zumiez? Check out our current Zumiez job titles, and determine if you meet the qualifications. If a job title looks appealing to you, save or apply online. Lets know about Zumiez Jobs Titles.

Zumiez Jobs Titles

Zumiez Jobs Titles

Here are some of the jobs titles of Zumiez.

Visual Display Artist

A visual display artist is responsible for creating and maintaining the appearance of retail stores.

This job description may vary depending on the company, but usually, a visual display artist is expected to:

  • Create and maintain store displays
  • Design new displays as needed
  • Work with salespeople to ensure that they are satisfied with their assigned display space and that it’s meeting their needs


As a key holder, you’ll be responsible for the inventory of the store. This means that you’ll be responsible for keeping track of everything that comes in and goes out of the store. You’re also responsible for making sure that all merchandise is accounted for and organized properly.

As a key holder, you will have to make sure that the security system is working correctly. If there’s an alarm going off at night and no one else can respond to it because they’re all asleep in their beds, it’s your job to spring into action!

As an employee with this title, you will be expected to keep track of who’s coming in and out of your store at all times—and don’t let anyone go through without paying first! (It happens.)

In addition to this task, which can get tedious after a while unless we hire enough people around here…you’ll also need to keep track of who has keys within each department as well as overall company policies regarding customer service standards like refunds or exchanges.”

Sales Associate

As a sales associate, you will be responsible for helping customers find the products they want. You’ll take their order and locate the item in question, then ring it up and make sure everything is running smoothly. This can include:

  • Helping customers find what they’re looking for;
  • Pricing items accurately;
  • Presenting products in an appealing way (including promotional displays);
  • Monitoring inventory levels; and/or
  • Offering advice on how to wear clothes or shoes that are purchased from your store.

Assistant Store Manager

As an assistant store manager, you’re a supervisor who manages all aspects of the daily operations at your Zumiez store. You’ll be in charge of hiring and firing employees as well as maintaining inventory. This position requires exceptional customer service skills and an eye for detail, so make sure you’re prepared!

Loss prevention specialist

Loss prevention specialists are in charge of keeping track of inventory, preventing shoplifting and other forms of theft, and making sure that store policies are followed. They work closely with security guards and police officers to ensure that the store runs smoothly.

Associate manager

The associate manager is in charge of a specific department. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of that department and its employees. They hire, train, and schedule all personnel in their department. They also review employee performance to ensure that it meets company standards.

Stock Room Clerk

As a stock room clerk, you’ll be responsible for sorting, stocking, and receiving the merchandise. This means that you’ll move around the store to put things back where they belong or place them on shelves for sale.

You may also be asked to wrap and package items; count inventory to see if there are enough of each item; keep records of what goes out and what comes in, or even issue these products to customers when they’re purchased.

When working as a stock room clerk, it’s important that you keep track of everything going on around you so that nothing gets lost or damaged by accident. It’s also important that you follow all company policies regarding product storage and inventory control in order to maintain proper organization throughout your workplace!


What are the skills required to become a cashier?

You need to be comfortable talking to people and be able to engage in small talk when needed. The job also requires basic math skills, as well as an ability to multitask. You must follow company policy and procedure, including safety regulations.

What is the job outlook like for cashiers?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be more than 300,000 cashier positions open by 2022 (about 10 percent growth). That’s because older workers are retiring while younger workers aren’t interested in taking their place.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you want a job with low-stress levels and good pay as soon as possible after graduating high school or college (or even before), then becoming a cashier could be your best bet!

ECommerce Order Fulfillment Lead

An eCommerce order fulfillment lead is the person in charge of the warehouse, shipping, and packaging. The job title is used for any position that oversees a team of people who are responsible for fulfilling orders from online shoppers.

Store Manager

As the store manager, you are responsible for managing the staff and running the day-to-day operations of your store. This includes everything from hiring employees to organizing promotions and inventory management.

You’ll work closely with your district manager and other managers at Zumiez headquarters, who will help you develop a plan for how to make your store more successful.

Learn About Zumiez Jobs Titles

There are many different types of jobs at Zumiez and each position has its own responsibilities, tasks, and salary. From visual display artists to loss prevention specialists, we’ve outlined some of the more common positions below.

Visual Display Artist – As a visual display artist, it’s your job to ensure that products are merchandised in a way that helps sell them to customers. You’ll learn how to design displays based on trends or seasonality as well as provide customer feedback regarding existing displays or ideas for new ones.

Key Holder – Key holders are responsible for ensuring that all doors stay locked and secure during store hours, including after-hours events when all employees have left but the store is still open for business (for example, late-night skate sessions).

These duties include opening/closing registers; cutting keys; cleaning restrooms; restocking shelves with products; stocking printers with paper supplies like ink cartridges or toner cartridges.

Key Holder Manager – The keyholder manager oversees other key holders in addition to having their own responsibilities such as processing payroll checks and tracking employee attendance records (timecards).


Zumiez is a retailer of action sports-related apparel, footwear, equipment, and accessories. At Zumiez, we take great pride in hiring people who are passionate about our products and know-how to have fun.

We’re always looking for talented individuals who can help us to continue growing as we expand across the globe! There’s no better time than now to start your career at Zumiez!

Zumiez Jobs Titles-Know More

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