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Job titles are identifications that define an individual’s position in a workplace. In different work areas, there is a variety of titles used in the corporate. These job titles are however categorized into various levels as per the job description. let’s get to know about Zety Job Titles.

Zety Job Titles

An example of an industry is the marketing and communications industry where you will find job titles like content specialization manager and communication manager of the company’s name.

A job title helps an individual in formulating their resume to seek a job. By including a job title in your resume or a cover letter, it’s easy for employers to know the type of job you are seeking and what position you’re fit in. It’s through the job title that one gets to understand the responsibilities and requirements needed by a specific job or company hiring clients. Let’s get into more details concerning the requirements. 

The Meaning of a Title on an Application

By including a title on an application, it indicates that that is your current or most recent title in a job. Mrs. Ms. or Mr. can be your job title but, in most cases, it refers to your career. 

Job titles are normally classified for example Business titles or job titles. An individual should identify which group or category of job title your career falls under. 

Business Titles of Jobs

Job titles that fall under the category of business are numerous. Marketing firms and manufacturing companies have the same job titles because they both fall under the category of business job titles.

They include; 

  • Receptionist 
  • Office Manager 
  • Business Manager 
  • Branch Manager
  • Administrative Manager
  • Business Analyst 
  • Secretary 
  • Program Administrator 
  • Administrative Analyst
  • Program Manager

Defining a Business Title

A business title is a title of a job in an organization, firm, or company. It stipulates and defines an employee’s position, responsibilities and duties. 

C-Level Titles of Jobs 

These are titles of leaders in business-related jobs. The “C” in most cases refers to “chief.”

The common “C’s are;

  1. CEO– Chief Executive Officer 
  2. CFO– Chief Financial Officer 
  3. CCO– Chief Customer Officer 
  4. COO– Chief Operating Officer 
  5. CIO– Chief Information Officer 
  6. CPO– Chief Product Officer 

What it means by the Desired Job Title?

The desired job title on a curriculum vitae shows the job rank that an individual is applying for. It also identifies the person’s grit to develop and grow with their new employer.

 Ways In Which To Find A Suitable Job

  • Finding a Job through Search Engines

There are various search engines for example chrome, firefox, and Wikipedia. You search by typing the type of job you’re interested in for example content writing jobs and it will show you a list of job positions to choose your desired field position. It will give you more options to apply for that job or read through the job requirements and give you guidelines where applicable.

  • Finding a Job through a Company’s Website.

To search for a certain job under a specific company, one has to Google the name of that company, Google will display the company’s details, contacts, address, location, and email for interested clients to get the required information they need. One will be able to get the company’s social media platforms through links or contacts they have given. 

  • Finding a Job through Apps.

There are common apps for searching for Jobs. For example, LinkedIn, Brighter Monday, and Indeed apps. You just have to download the app, search through the list of job titles advertised there and choose the one you’re fit in and qualify for. 

“Cool” Job Titles

  • These job titles are usually referred to as weird titles. Any company can come up with its job title. Not everyone can understand the real meaning of such job titles in a business as the profile is hidden for only social media “pros.” They can include;
  • Chief Robot Whisperer
  • Culture Operations Manager
  • Software Pro 
  • Director of Ethical Hacking

What Are the Examples of Job Titles?

There’re several job titles available for job seekers and employees to use and includes;

  • Administrative assistant.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Project manager.
  • Sales.
  • Customer Service.
  • Data analysis.
  • Human Resources.
  • Account Manager.
  • Marketing management.
  • Store manager.
  • Office management.
  • Financial Analyst.
  • Business Analyst.
  • Chief Executive Officer.
  • Customer Agents

Which is the Top-ranked position in a Company?

  • The top-ranked position in any company is a CEO, the Chief Executive Officer position. This is a position of a leader and their responsibilities are to make strong and perfect decisions, gather all the necessary resources and drive the management of the company to tremendous growth. 
  • The CEO appoints his management team who will help in running the company. The hiring of clients is sometimes done by the CEO and in some cases the executive management officers who are under the CEO hire clients according to the required credentials that the company has put forward for ease always.

What is the Lowest Level Position in a Company?

The lowest level position in a company is the intern level. Interns are under the lowest hierarchy of job positions. They’re mainly hired for the training of skills whereby they get promoted as per the terms and conditions of a company

Are There Job Levels in a Company?

Yes, there are job levels in all companies that include;

  • Executive or senior management.
  • Middle management.
  • First-level management.
  • Intermediate or experienced (senior staff)
  • Entry-level.


To find a suitable job for you, you must design a suitable attractive resume for an employee to identify your ambitions. You must include the job title you’re applying for. This is because a job title in the career section clearly shows your working experience and your relevance to that particular post. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is a Supervisor Title? 

A supervisor title is a position of a leader between a manager and an employee who’s at the front line. 

  1. Who is a Sales Associate?

 A sales Associate is a person whose duties are to give the best services directly to the customer to determine the needs of the customer and any questions a customer has about any product. 

  1. What does it mean by a Current Title? 

 A current title is the most senior title an applicant holds 180 days before any application. 

Zety Job Titles -Know More

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