Must Follow Habits To Succeed As A Software Engineer At FAANG

Must Follow Habits To Succeed As A Software Engineer At FAANG,It is such a typical thing once we receive our well-deserved from a tech company we start to worry again if we can even live up to the expectations. So, some habits are essential to be successful as a software engineer at FAANG. Let us know Must Follow Habits To Succeed As A Software Engineer At FAANG.

Must Follow Habits To Succeed As A Software Engineer At FAANG

To become a successful software engineer, we must possess at least these four habits.

  1. Understand the problem: First thing we should get good at is being able to understand a problem in-depth and one essential part of this is to understand who will use the thing you create you should ask a lot of questions because the problem is normally assigned to you & you are not as clearly defined as they could be.
  2. Ask what we trying to achieve here and who are the users of the system, so that could be another service calling whatever you built or end-users who do use your UI.
  3. Try to achieve the business goal. This is important because it allows you to make judgment calls on technical problems if they are real and relevant to what you build or know.
  4. Most importantly never make assumptions only about those questions you need to double-check and verify once you have understood the problem in-depth, it’s time to start implementing and a successful implementation is a completed one.


The key is focus & which means resisting a lot of temptations.

  1. Don’t use all the shiny technologies which are out there, more technologies are coming out.
  2. Don’t try to use them all to make deliberate decisions.
  3. Don’t try to fix all the problems in the code at once.
  4. Document bugs you haven’t seen before but move on with your actual task.
  5. If you come across an implementation in code that works fine but you think you are capable of implementing in a way smarter way resist research this is a lot of things you should not do.
  6. The one thing you should do and make your highest goal is to get things done within a couple of weeks after you have been assigned to a new project or just a new task, you are the local expert on the problem behind it.

Communicate clearly:

  1. For example: In the recently used backend architecture, now you are supposed to implement a new feature and you find out that actually, it is not scaling as well as it was supposed to do. Whatever happened it’s your task to communicate the problem to your manager or your tech lead.
  2. First thing is that you communicate at all, if you’re not raising a flag that something goes wrong or has gone wrong that’s a big problem.
  3. This is because you are part of a bigger thing, so your managers need to know what is going on as soon as possible.
  4. This is important because they are reporting to their managers and there are also customers probably waiting for the feature to be shipped.
  5. Your managers also might be able to help you because they have seen tons of problems and maybe they have good advice on “how to fix” these things faster than you.

Don’t create problems:

  1. This is one of the very good habits that people really can appreciate. Just like yourself, your manager and your tech lead wanted to get things done and for them, this means that they do have all their contributors to be as effective and efficient as possible.
  2. It’s good to be the expert on a certain technology and what comes with it is a strong opinion on how things should be done, but you need to be careful to make a strong opinion and expertise not become a problem for your managers.
  3. If you say something like “oh! no I won’t work on the system because it’s java and I am not a Java person”, creates a problem for your manager & it is lacking context. You have not stated why you would not work on this system.
  4. Always provide context that means you can say something like, hey! I don’t want to work on the system because I m not experienced with Java which means it will take a long time for me to get products which affects our schedule.


           The salaries can be complex subjects. Each company has its salary structures for software engineers, ranging from entry-level to higher level. At Google, the software engineer levels start from junior developers to technical fellows.

  • The base salary of around $131,314 per year for Junior Software Engineers.
  • Similarly, For a Senior Software Engineer, the base salary offers around $163,189.
  • And the base salary for a Lead Software Engineer will be $350,000.

The Salary structure may vary differently for different companies. Fundamentally, FAANG companies possess the resources to invent for years to the future.


           To become a successful FAANG software engineer we should follow some little habits. We should know the coding standards. It should be clean and readable. Always we should take a backup of our codes. Set strategic goals, and learn new stacks. As the Software Industry has been becoming technology-driven, the bulk of future opportunities will come from new, innovative & creative ideas.


Q.1) What is FAANG?

A.1) FAANG stands for fi prominent American technology companies: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix & Google.

Q.2) what skills are required for FAANG?

A.2) It required AI skills like cloud computing, neural networks & so on.

Q.3) How can we become FAANG engineers?

A.3) If we want to select a good tech company, we should have a solid foundation of technical concepts. We need to know the knowledge about the technical concepts mainly, the data structures, oops programming concepts, core computer science subjects like DBMS, Networks.

Q.4) How do tech giants hire engineers?

A.4) Employee referrals, Tech events, Off-campus recruitment, On-campus recruitment, pre-recruitments process, screening process, Hiring event process, Interview process, Background check.

Must Follow Habits To Succeed As A Software Engineer At FAANG

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