Video Editing Job Titles

Video Editing is an occupation or profession that involves the use of creative and technical initiatives and skills to bring recorded materials together to form visual content that is appealing to the eyes. Video editing is for film-minded people, video editing provides them the opportunity to pick a career in advertising (tv commercials), animations, motion pictures, and all sorts of video. Let us know about “Video Editing Job Titles”

Video Editing Job Titles

Video editing can also involve putting images and clips together, and getting the right soundtrack to convey a message or information to your designated audience. These videos could be entertainment videos, advertisements, educational topics, and lots more. Video editors use video editing clips and tools to edit the videos to the director of the company’s taste.

Responsibilities/ Job Functions Of A Video Editor

A video editor has the duty of assembling short recorded materials and videos, image clips, and whatever else they need to make a video look appealing.

1. Crosschecking unprocessed cut-outs.

2. Using tools and editing to organize the video.

3. Negotiating with the film director to completely understand what they need the end product to be.

4. Adding/fixing film and sound effects, music, graphics, slide transitions, and convos to increase the quality of the video.

5. Ensuring that the final/end product meets the client’s taste.

The following are job titles in video editing

Here Is The List Of Job Titles In Video Editing

1. Animators: when you hear animator/animation what comes to mind is cartoons. An animator can also be called a cartoonist. They use tools to create animations or cartoons by representing them with moving images and objects. Animations usually have a storyline. Animators have the responsibility of creating sceneries and characters got their animations. To create these animations, they often draw their characters as images and then capture the image as an animated one. To create these videos, they usually use video animation editing tools and motion pictures. Some popular animations are Ben10, Cinderella, The Simpsons, Barbie, etc

2. Film Editor; a film Editor usually works on the editing of films and movies. They work hand in hand with the sound editor, cinematographer, and director. The film editor ensures that all the scenes are gathered and edited together to form a story, pa clearly, the story it is supposed to tell. Oftentimes, film editors are among the crew of a movie set to understand the purpose of each scene. Understanding the purpose of each scene helps in editing the videos with the right sound effects and transitions.

3. Marketing Video Editor: Marketing video editors usually work for marketing brands and teams or companies working to introduce their brand to the marketplace. They usually make categories of educational, instructional, informational, and promotional product videos for a specified target audience. They also create/edit ad campaign videos, product review videos, etc. For a marketing Video editor to produce a clean video for a company or brand, they are required to understand the brand’s image and guidelines.

4.  Broadcast Engineering Technician: this one involves the use of specialized software and tools to control and strengthen the sound system and clarity of images on Tv shows and news broadcasting channels. Their job is a very vital one in the video editing industry. A broadcast Engineering Technician works hand in hand with sound engineers, they study and conduct tests to ensure that the end product has high quality. Tools like Audio mixing consoles, frequency analyzers, and satellite receivers are used.

5. Television Studio Editor: they often assist in overseeing the lighting and sound, design, and camera angles for shows. This is to ensure that their “going to edited videos” aligns with final edits. Usually, they work for video production companies, they gather different footage and other necessary things to make it more delightful to watch. The sort of videos they produce includes music videos, documentaries, etc.

The salary yearly pay range for a video editing job is

Animator- $51,421

Broadcast engineering technician- $56,316

Television Studio Editor- $70,000

Skills Required Of A Video Editor

– Knowledge of editing software and tools:  It is a must for video editors to have proper knowledge of editing tools. They should not only be able to identify these tools, but they should also know how to use them. Some of these editing tools include Lightworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Apple Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, etc.

 Creative skills: A video editor should be creative. Video editing is a job that involves brainstorming and creativity. To be a good and efficient video editor, you have to open up the creative part of yourself. You should be able to come up with creative ideas that will make the final product of a video superb.

– Ability to pay attention to detail: As a video editor, your job requires keen concentration and focus. You should be able to spot loopholes in your edit (if any) and make adequate adjustments. 

– Patience: This isn’t a skill, but it is a virtue that every video editor should have. Most creatives at times encounter creative blocks that make them unproductive. In times like that, it is important to exercise patience and not beat yourself up about it.

– Ability to understand stories: As a video editor, it is vital to understand the storyline of whatever it is that you’re going to project into a visual element. It is easier to portray or depict the message a story is trying to convey if you understand the story.

– Great listening and communication skills: This is a necessary and highly-demanded skill in every industry. Ensure that clear communication with your clients is a priority, listen to them and their needs, and communicate with them cochlear that the idea is or isn’t the best.

Who Should Take A Career Path In Video Editing?

If you’re enthusiastic about capturing videos to tell a story, you should consider picking a career path in video editing. If you have creative abilities or you’re a creative thinker, this job is almost perfect for you.

If you would like to pursue a video career, you can also take a course in cinematography and film production. You can also take a course in sound and video editing.


The need for video editors increases day by day and in every industry. Every organization has realized the need to interpret their stories and message into videos. Video editing jobs are getting popular more than before and this is a good time to kick start your career in video editing. To be a good video editor, you have to possess the essential skills demanded of a video editor and have an in-depth understanding of video editing tools.


-Can an online course prepare me for a career path in video editing.

A: Yes, you can take an online course on video editing software.

-Which online websites can I take the courses on?

A:  Coursera, Udemy, Alison.

Video Editing Job Titles

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