PJ Mask Headquarters And Locations- Read More About It

PJ Masks is a computer-developed superhero anime/cartoon featured on children’s television all around the world. The series is produced by Frog Box, Entertainment One UK Limited, Walt Disney EMEA Productions, and others. Let us know more detail about ‘PJ Mask Headquarters And Locations’.

PJ Mask Headquarters And Locations

PJ Mask Headquarters And Locations

The TV series is based on the Les Pyjamasques book which was written by the French Author, Romuald Racioppo. It is one of the most-watched Disney Junior shows and also the most-watched children’s show broadcasted on many TV channels all over the world.

The mysterious thing with this movie may be their headquarters and other locations the scenes are set in as they are kind of confusing. And so, in this article, our exploration will range from the headquarters of these heroes, what the play is about, and Frequently Asked Questions about the show.

As acted in the series, the PJ Masks have their base of operation which they call ‘HQ’ at the city park. This city park is located on a small island enclosed by a moat and accessed by a bridge. The HQ is in form of a totem pole to hide it from the public.

PJ Masks Headquarters ‘HQ’

The HQ is where the three superheroes meet at night to analyze the problems of the day, the villains causing the problems, and how to face them and have their problems solved. It is home to their vehicles which they use to go on their missions, their compartments, and much more. The HQ looks smaller on the outside than the inside for unexplainable reasons.

HQ is in form of a totem pole located at the city park to camouflage it from civilians. The series’ current location is a place named Tarabiscoville.

How Is HQ And What Does It Look Like Inside?

The Headquarters for the PJ Masks activities known as HQ is majorly a totem pole for camouflage. For reasons unknown, the HQ appears small on the outside giving the impression that it only contains the PJ Masks’ mission vehicles but looks bigger and contains more on the inside.

It consists of three sections for each of the superheroes with Catboy’s section at the center. These sections rotate independently from each other. There are also three symbols on the entrance of the HQ which can open up like doors for the heroes and their vehicles. It can also be accessed from a door on its side, underwater, or from an opening on the roof.

In one of the episodes, it was revealed that the basement where PJ Seeker is kept was built into the underwater rock that formed beneath HQ making it an even more interesting base for the superheroes.

The HQ can also be launched like a rocket when the little superheroes want to go into space or in cases of severe emergencies. It transforms from a totem pole to a spaceship with its control panel in Owlette’s room. At their meeting point, there’s a PJ Picture player which they use to surveil the environs, control the super vehicles, and catch villains with ease.

There are also inbuilt defense mechanisms like the Fire Furball (launches balls of fire when needed), the Mega Meow (an upgrade to Gecco’s Glider), the Owl Beam (an upgrade to Owlette’s Glider), and the HQ Spin which activates the HQ to spin mode when fighting.

The PJ Crystal is a statue that is the source of the PJ Masks’ powers and it is hidden away in a room in HQ. The energy from the statue was what PJ Ribot used to build the PJ Seeker.

The HQ also has PJ sensors, PJ Vault, an Energy Blast, and more. It loses its appearance during the daytime to keep its identity a secret from the others and its physical appearance was inspired by the Titular comic book series of Fantastic Four.

All About The PJ Mask Tv Series

The story is a science fiction hero story where the heroes and villains are children of school age. The heroes of the story are three kids namely:

  • Connor who transforms into Catboy.
  • Amaya who transforms into an owl called Owlette, and
  • Greg who becomes a lizard known as Gecco.

These three children go about their day-to-day activities acting like normal kids, going to school, and playing with friends. As they mingle with the rest of the kids, they happen upon problems or issues that would affect the city if not solved.

Then, they transform into their superhero forms at night to ‘save the day.’ The kids also have a robot named PJ Robot. Most of (if not all) the problems they solve are caused by their antagonists/supervillains who are also kids. These kid villains are Romeo, Night Ninja, and Luna Girl.

  • Romeo is a scientist obsessed with his scientific prowess.
  • Night Ninja is a ninja-villain who has minions at his beck and call.
  • Luna girl, on the other hand, has her abilities from the moon (hence her name) and is also techy.

The superheroes’ popular mantra when they transform at night is this ‘PJ Masks we are here again. In the night, we save the day!’ and is proof of their nocturnal wonders. They each have their vehicles or easier transport. The vehicles are:

  • Cat car: This is owned by Conor (Catboy) and is a high-speed motor vehicle that he uses for easy transport while fighting crimes.
  • Owl Glider: A red aircraft owned by the red Owlette (Amaya) for gliding during fights as the name implies.
  • Gecco Mobile: A big green car with special ‘lizard’ abilities like clamping safely on walls and running underwater. It is owned by the green Gecco (Greg).

They also have a large rescue van for special occasions and emergencies and a submarine for underwater missions known as PJ Seeker (owned by PJ Robot) and PJ Sub respectively.


Now we have learnt ‘PJ Mask Headquarters And Locations’. Nearly all kids all around the world are fans of this TV show. The show is not just entertaining, but enlightening and thought-provoking too. And to understand the show more, important attention must be paid to the base of operation of the heroes ‘HQ’.

In this article, the features of HQ have been discussed in detail including FAQs around the topic.

Frequently Asked Questions About PJ Masks
  • Who Owns The TV Series ‘PJ Masks’?

Hasbro Inc. has recently purchased the company in control of the children’s TV Series ‘Peppa Pig’ and ‘PJ Masks’. They made this move in 2019 to acquire Entertainment One LTD.

  • What Is Night Ninja’s Real Identity?

The villain’s identity remains unknown as he only attacks at night and with his mask on. His headquarters is a Hidden Temple where he operates with his minions.

PJ Mask Headquarters And Locations- Read More About It

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