Ridiculous Job Titles | What Are They?

What are Ridiculous Job Titles? 

In this modern era we are still not aware of many types of job .We are still limited upto the  same job we are looking all over the world in our daily life. So in this article we will know about many types of ridiculous job titles.

Ridiculous Job Titles

List of Ridiculous Job Titles

1.Chick Sexer

Someone who determines the sex of chickens . sexing is a job performed by person to  distinguish between the sex of chicken to clarify whether that chicken is male or female .It is practiced  in poultry farms . Many companies hire those people in order to perform these activities in chicken.  Sexing a person , separates a male cockerels from a female or puppets. Many female puppets are killed  after their birth due to their inability of producing eggs and also because they mean no benefit for  poultry. 

2. Beverage Dissemination Officer

Bartender- Is someone who brings us the drink when we visit a pub  .The person we say “ hey come here and serve me glass of drink’’ is none other than a Beverage  Dissemination Officer. He is a person who serves people alcoholic drink and he works in pub or bar.  Female version for the same is called bartendress . Classy looking dresses is expected by the bar owner  and customers to be worn by bartender. 

3.Digital Overlord

Website Manager is someone who manages website performance and look at the  overall performance of website and assist the counterpart people to run the website in the most  efficient manner . Hosting for a website is always facilated by the manager . An update is important  element for a website which is always managed by manager or Digital Overlord . Negotiating and  influencing it is something which can be performed by a manager in most wonderful way. 

4. Retail Jedi

Shop Assistant is someone , who helps the shop to run and assists people and the  customers in the outlet. Retail Jedi is someone who arranges the products on the shelves , he mainly  assists the customer process and the payment and help the retailer in many ways .He also helps in  keeping the shop clean. 

5. Problem Wrangler

Counsellor or Problem Wrangler is someone who has clear vision for what we  are searching for . He is someone who advises us and guides us in our way to get out of the problem. He  must be experienced as someone who has a great experience can easily pave a good way for us .  Counsellor helps the client to find their professional and personal goal and also help them to solve  various problem that they are facing . Counselling could also be of personal type ; one could hire a  counsellor for their personal wellbeing like anyone could hire a counsellor for their personal reason like  there are marriage Counsellor and career counsellor in the market.

6. Chief Chatter – Call Centre Manager

He is someone who operates and manage the daily operations of an Call Centre organization . His work  includes forecasting and scheduling . Employees are often Trained for reporting and interacting with the  customer by the supervision of a chief chatter or call centre manager . Some of his roles are customer  service and feedback. He also empowers others and monitors and trains the employees . A manager is  also good at emotional intelligence. He is also called Master of problem solving for a call management  organisation. 

7. Animal Colourist

This is a bit sophisticated job . A person here is instructed to dye animal for  marketing or for a movie . He is paid to paint animal bodies in various colour to emphasize the body in  the movie . In movie animals are required to shine so the colourist is hired in order to make the scene  with more greenery and colour . This is the best example of odd jobs . Yes an animal colourist can do  various types of things like painting a horse with not a brown body but with body coloured with all the  seven colours of rainbow. A goose whose neck has fringes of Giraffe’s neck. 

8. Twisted Brother

Balloon Artist this is one of the most unusual and ridiculous job you have ever  imagined of someone who would be moulding balloons and making balloons of different shapes . so  here it’s someone known as twisted brother. Actually he is a balloon artist he does modelling of balloon  and makes balloon of different shapes he makes balloon of weird shapes. He makes balloon with  pumpkin shape or mango or even a dog shaped balloon.  

9. Digital Dynamo

Digital Marketing Executive also known as Dream Alchemist . This is one of the  most demanded job. A dream alchemist is someone who helps you to change the way of your physical  and mental thinking . He can help you to transform yourself from whom you are at your present state  into a fitness gold .The Alchemist helps you to do these things with the help of certain meditation and  practices. 

10. Light Bender

In this job a person mainly makes neon light effect. This is a high-tech job. This job is  highly creative .This way sounds simple but this is a bit sophisticated . A person doing this job must have  great experience .Light Bender is a person who creates a neon light blending effect in order to create  awsome pieces of work that is highly demanded in industries. 

11. Cheese sprayer

He is someone who coats popcorn or similar food product with melted cheese  Dumps salt with the help of salt-sprinkling device. He also Measures out specified quantity of cheese  and coconut oil into temperature controlled melting and mixing jars or kettles . He Starts drum rotation  and pump that melted cheese through spray nozzle onto popcorn Then they transfer filled containers  to packing room, using handtruck or manually.

12. Machine icer

This is someone who operates froster machine . Icing-machine operator Tends  machine that coats baked products with premixed icing and then loads machine hopper with icing, using  scoop. He then starts machine and places products to be iced on the conveyor belt and then Turns the  valve hopper to regulate flow of icing. 

13. Professional Cuddler

A professional cuddler is a person who is paid to provide non-sexual physical  touch, such as hugging, holding, and snuggling. This service is typically offered to people who may be  experiencing touch deprivation or who simply want the comfort of human physical contact. Professional  cuddlers may work in a variety of settings, including spas, wellness centers, or as independent  practitioners. They may also offer additional services such as massage or counseling. It’s important to  note that professional cuddling is not considered a form of therapy or medical treatment and is not  intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. 


So, In this article we learned about various type of ridiculous job titles which we come around in  our daily life but don’t know about it and about their names .We learnt about chicken sexer ,we learnt  about retail Jedi we learnt about animal colorist ,twisted brother, chief chatter and many more. 

Frequently asked questions 
  • Who are chicken sexer? 

Someone who determines the sex of chickens . sexing is a job performed by person to distinguish  between the sex of chicken to clarify whether that chicken is male or female .It is practiced in poultry  farms . 

  • How are retail jedi different from shopkeeper? 

Retail jedi is someone , who helps the shop to run and assists people and the customers in the outlet.  Retail Jedi is someone who arranges the products on the shelves , he mainly assists the customer  process and the payment and help the retailer in many ways 

Ridiculous Job Titles | What Are They?

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