Quotation Job Titles- Know More

If companies are not strategic about the way they allocate resources and costs to products and services, then one day, they might run at a loss. There are so many factors to be considered in marketing, and this is the role a Quotation Specialist plays. To learn more about Quotations, read on. Know more about Quotation Job Titles

Quotation Job Titles

Quotation Specialists Job has job titles such as Quotation Support Specialist, Project Quotation Specialist II, Procurement Specialist, Customer Service Quotation Specialist, etc. These and many other job titles ensure the planning and management of marketing costs.

Quotation Job Titles And Their Responsibilities 

A Quotation is a kind of document presented to a buyer, which contains fixed prices of goods and services under certain conditions. It allows the buyers to know the cost of the products they want to buy, and also what it costs to have a particular service rendered to them.

The Quotation Specialist takes care of the financial estimates of items for sales. They do this by surveying the market atmosphere, by observing the current law of demand and supply in place, and subsequently, they gather information and analyze the cost of materials and jobs.  

The Quotation Specialist job titles have different responsibilities in coming up with costing and marketing plans. However, they work towards the same end of ensuring that companies provide adequate goods and services that are cost-effective and also meet up with their initial intentions. 

Some Quotation Job titles include the following:

  • Quotation Support Specialist
  • Project Quotation Specialist 
  • Operational Procurement Specialist
  • Customer Service Quotation Specialist
  • Proposal Specialist
  • Sales Support Specialist II
  • Quotation Specialist

Quotation Support Specialist 

The Quotation Support Specialist provides market and business areas stakeholders with proposals or quotations. The Quotation Support Specialist does this to ensure the proper installation of services, as well as other Global Field services (GFS) that support the needs of customers. 

The Quotation Support Specialist also ensures that a form of competition exists among proposals. But at the same time, the specialists make sure that the consumer’s interest is not far-fetched. 

Project Quotation Specialist 

A project Quotation Specialist is always ready to answer the questions of customers. This shows that this specialist must have a good customer service quality. Some of the questions they answer involve prices of products and services, product availability, how to use the products, and what credit term applies.

The Project Quotation Specialist also equips him/herself with the customers’ interests so that the right products would be recommended to the customer by the Project Quotation Specialist. This specialist also advertises products to customers.

Operational Procurement Specialist

The Operational Procurement Specialist is a member of the team that ensures the timely delivery of orders that have been purchased. This team also ensures that accurate receipts are given out on time during purchase orders. It does this within the delivery terms and conditions of the EP Product Lines Orders.

The Operational Procurement Specialist ensures that orders delivered are accurate in terms of price, products, address, contact, and so on.

Customer Service Quotation Specialist

The Customer Service Quotation Specialist attends to any kind of request, especially those relating to quotations. The Customer Service Quotation Specialist handles incoming requests from customers and ensures that these requests are promptly attended to thoroughly.

This customer service agent also ensures that it gathers enough information from the customers that is enough to tell what their interests are, or where their interests lie. 

Proposal Specialist

The Proposal Specialist is a member of a team that goes the extra mile in understanding the personalities and interests of their customers. This team researches their customer’s limitations, environments, politics, etc. All these factors determine the likes and dislikes of customers, therefore, they can use these factors to their advantage and the advantage of the customers. 

The Proposal Specialist also gives feedback regarding the research the team has made. This research adds up to the current and anticipated Proposal Documents and is submitted to the sales managers, account managers, and directors. 

Sales Support Specialist II

The Sales Support Specialist II is a team leader who ensures that daily sales run smoothly. These sales must be monitored to ensure that customers’ interests are met and that the aims and objectives of the business are also achieved. 

This team leader also defines what the business priorities are, and mobilizes the members of the team to carry out activities that result in the smooth running of sales, good customer service, good delivery of orders purchased, etc. All these add up to the important daily tasks of the business. 

 Quotation Specialist

The Quotation Specialist is a member of the team that interprets customers’ requirements, ensures that customers’ products match their specifications, etc. 

This team also communicates with the Sales Engineer to know how to go about various business projects. The sales team know everything about the various sales project that would be ongoing, and this is why the Quotation Specialist must work hand in hand with the sales engineer to carry out sales projects. 

The job titles stated above and many others help a business manage its products planning, designing, marketing, and sales accurately. It is not enough to just produce goods and offer services, it is also important to evaluate what the marketing strategy should be, how the cost should be planned, how the materials and resources match with the original intention of the business, and the best way to enable customers to get maximum utility from the products when they buy it. 


Quotation job titles are the various teams that work together to ensure the production, costing, planning, marketing, sales, etc., of products, in such a way that would satisfy the customer, and also meet up with the aims and objectives of the business. Many businesses understand the technicalities associated with this, and this is why they hire or employ Quotation Specialists. So, if you have an interest in the technicality behind product sales, you might want to consider being a Quotation Specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What are the qualities of a Quotation Specialist?


A good Quotation Specialist must have good communication, time management, and analytical skills. 

2) What is the average salary of a Quotation Specialist?


The salary for a Quotation Specialist ranges between $61,764 and $83,175. A Quotation Specialist also earns on the average, the sum of $72,510

Quotation Job Titles- Know More

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