Kmart Job Titles- Know More

Looking to work in Kmart is a smart decision. The majority of people that know about this wonderful retail company say it’s a wonderful place to work. It’s expected that you’d love to know the kinds of jobs available at Kmart. Guess what! You’re reading the right article for that. Here we will see about Kmart Job Titles.

To mention a few, Kmart job titles are retail sales associate, customer service representatives, and sales associates. It’s expected that a company with over 323 stores will have several job positions. So, as you dive into this article, you’d see more Kmart jobs, and what they entail. 

Kmart Job Titles

Jobs Available At Every Kmart Store And What They Entail

You’re in real luck if you live in Australia & New Zealand because you’d see Kmart stores at every corner. Kmart stores in New Zealand and Australia alone are 323! 

However, the story isn’t the same anymore in the United States. At the moment, only three Kmart stores exist in the US. 

But guess what! It doesn’t matter if there’s only one Kmart store left in the United States, you can be employed doing what you love in the remaining one. So keep reading. 


The responsibilities of a cashier aren’t strange to anyone. The cashier is the nurse of the customers. He/she takes care of customers’ purchases and payments. And grants answers to most of the customer’s questions.

A cashier in Kmart may have to handle inventory management, supplies, and stocking of supplies. Someone seeking this position must be vast in maths and know how to relate with people.

Stock Clerk

Don’t let the title of the job confuse you. The person working as a stock clerk makes sure everything is always perfect in the sales compartment. 

The stock clerk takes care of the products. He/she can help stranded customers find the products they want. Kmart needs someone who’s very agile and with a strong personality to handle this position. 

Salesfloor Supervisor

This is a more complex and important job in Kmart. A salesfloor supervisor watches and inspects the works of the sales floor associates.

This person is an overseer that makes sure other members are doing their best to create a wonderful experience for the customers. He/she achieves this by offering training, guidelines, and directions to its associates. Especially in soft line areas.

Loss Prevention Manager

Kmart stores all over hire only strict and Intelligent people for this role. The top priority of the loss prevention manager is to call the other employees to order when something goes wrong.

A loss prevention manager practices and mandates discipline among workers. If something goes wrong or the company suffers losses, he/she holds everyone responsible. 

This person trains other employees and carries out investigations. As well as find solutions to every problem at the store. He/she is accountable for backing the loss prevention five-play strategy. 

Service Desk Associate

A service desk associate in Kmart is responsible for replacing required supplies. Processing returns continually plus calling associates as required so they’d return stray supplies to their destination. 

This person must abide by the procedures and policies for exchange transactions and efficient refunds. A service desk associate’s daily responsibilities include;

  • Registering operations. 
  • Assisting customers patronizing the store.
  • Doing and finishing business transactions.
  • Answering the telecom and speaking friendly in a professional manner. 

Warehouse Assistant 

Every activity related to the delivery of equipment is meant for the warehouse assistant. This includes collecting copayments, pulling, delivering merchandise, and confirming delivery of merchandise. 

This person also loads the company van, collects signatures, and educates customers on equipment usage. As well as giving them receipts for purchased supplies. 

The person in charge of this duty must always alert the warehouse manager of any trouble related to delivery. Above all, he/she must possess strong stamina to carry and push heavy supplies.

UI Designer 

Everything that has to do with designing and beautifying is the sole work of a UI designer in Kmart. This means they get to design attractive and engaging websites capable of pulling customers to purchase products in Kmart. 

Additionally, it entails developing and updating UI design patterns to boost standardization and reuse. UI designers work with the developers and the research unit of Kmart. They work together to make sure new UI design patterns are perfect and easy to use for the store products.

Customer Insight Analyst 

Anyone aspiring for this position must understand that they need to possess unique qualities for them to stand a chance in Kmart. The person must be;

  • A technical person who enjoys solving tough problems.
  • Self-motivated and very creative. This qualification is important for proffering solutions to problems.
  • The applicant for this job must have a degree in engineering, economics, and marketing. Plus information technology and other analyst-related fields of study.

The work of a customer insight analyst work is mainly to assist in the development and discovery. As well as in the distribution of strategic insights and meaningful tactics for marketing supplies. 

Customer Service Representative

The most important job function of a customer service representative is to take care of any need customers may need. This ranges from giving advice, listening to their problems and dissatisfaction, and finding a way to help them solve them.

Customer services representatives are in charge of being the first point of contact for customers both in person and on phone. The person must possess a friendly and relatable personality and service-oriented behavior.


Are you passionate about working in Kmart? Then you’re welcome at any Kmart store around you. Keep in mind that Kmart prioritizes providing an awesome working environment for their workers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age requirement for working at a Kmart store?

Anyone who wants to work at Kmart must be 16 years and above.

Do I need to write a resume while applying for a job at Kmart?

Yes, the applicant needs to write a unique resume letter that’d convince them they’re the best fit for the position you want.

Kmart Job Titles- Know More

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