EXPO Logistics Job Titles | Roles And Responsibilities

“Transportation” is one of the important things and certainly carries different roles and facilities in our day-to-day lives. Let us know What are the ‘EXPO Logistics Job Titles’.

EXPO Logistics Job Titles

EXPO Logistics Job Titles

It makes our lives easier to work and super-efficient. Traveling from one place to another including our things, goods, etc is kind of hard, hence at such times what comes to our rescue are different transportation services providing companies. 

One such company is Expo-World-Class LTL Freight and Logistics Services. They provide transportation services with world-class facilities. 

Xpo logistics job titles: – 

There are several such job titles included in expo logistics. Being a huge company, they have increased their number of employment profiles to increase their services worldwide. 

Operations Manager:

the role of an operations manager is to conduct all the given activities and ensure a smooth flow of work. They’re responsible for managing operations related to their department. 

  1. they have to train the employees and give them the exact work according to their profile. 
  2. they have to look at the process from production to its delivery. 

Supply Chain Project Manager:

Role of this manager is to go through the different portfolios and management structures related to delivery services and carry them out efficiently. Supply chain management is all about governing and checking the entire process with exact coordinates and details. 

-leading teams and guiding them throughout the projects. 

Senior IT Program Manager:

his/her work is to prepare a rough framework for the program, add and subtract things, implement them, and oversee the work of employees. 

-They look up the technical part of the company. Providing designs and roles, analyzing data, prepare final reports regarding the projects. 

Finance Planning and Analysis Manager:

he is responsible for the planning of the financial activities of a company. He is given the responsibility for heading the budgeting process and preparing financial statements about the business activity. His supervision is important in accounting and the preparation of financial reports. 

Account Executive:

they’re responsible for increasing sales by increasing new prospects related to businesses from their existing clients or new potential clients.  They help in managing relationships with clients from different firms. 

  1. They’re required to have good communication, and organization skills, in handling clients. 
  2. they have to deal with deadline pressures, relationships with clients, and work stresses. 


their role is to manage the daily activities of different departments. Implementing safe working environments. Implementing policies for the company. 

Their direction across an organization is valid and needed.  He needs to prepare plans for reducing amounts and increasing the quality of services.

National Account Executive:

responsible for establishing connections with well-known stakeholders.

  1. they particularly work not only for the organization but at a national level. 
  2. their duties include the development, servicing, and inducing growth of national sales accounts. 

Manager Internal Audit:

they need a verified CPA certification.

  1. They need to have multi-tasking skills along with handling the client’s power. 
  2. Main responsibilities include: – they are given a job to look into the internal matters of the company and work throughout them. The auditor is responsible for checking the reports and editing them. 
  3. They need to be prepared for crisis management of the company.  

Human Resource Manager:

plays a vital role in taking interviews of new employees and hiring them for the job. 

they act as a bridge between an organization and its employees.

Some responsibilities and roles of HR Manager:- 
  • 1. Human Resource Planning
  • 2. Job Analysis 
  • 3. recruiting Candidates
  • 4. Training of employees and Development
  • 5. List organizations’ rules. 
  • 6. checking the graph of performance. 
  • 7. Maintenance of Work Culture
  • 8. resolving issues.
  • 9. Ensuring the Health and Safety of Employees
  • 10. Rewards and Incentives

Senior Manager:

responsible to exercise powers and overlook activities of the organization.

  1. participate in business strategy and business development.
  2. they require years of experience to be the best at this job as the title suggests so. Also, it is important to be apt like a senior manager should be. 
  3. Manage the managers
  4. Set organizational objectives
  5. Maximize employee performance
  6. Well-developed soft skills like leadership and active listening skills.  

Sales And Operations:

sales representative checks for increments and decrements in sales. 

  1. They need to pay minute attention to the company’s sales. 
  2. They have to bear enough pressure every month as the sales can be in an excessive or descale graph

Senior Network Engineer:

They’re responsible for establishing a networking environment by installing, configuring, testing, and preparing the network systems according to the design and specifications needed. 

  •  They should have an experience of 5-10 years. 
  • Job role also includes increasing networking connections with as many clients as possible. 
  • Company’s technical work is also looked upon by them. 
  • The person needs to gain experience in technology, system management, and troubleshooting, and make sure that they are proficient in coding languages, communication protocols, and network operating systems.

Legal Manager:

the legal manager is responsible for taking up the legal matters of the organization and handling them whenever needed. 

Looking into corporate matters, procurement, safety, security, insurance, and sustainability issues.

Customer Accounts:

this job role includes handling customer accounts and reading their needs. It is a very important aspect of a company to always keep a check on their customer’s satisfaction. 

The person applying for this job role needs to have good communication skills, handle customer pressure and behave well with them.  Being loyal to old customers and comforting new customers should be the primary goal of a customer accounts manager. 

Brokerage Operations Director:

he/ she needs to engage employees and educate them about the pricing of goods and services. 

Manager, Weight, and Inspection:

this job role is responsible for checking the exact measures and weights of the goods to be transported.  The person needs to focus on the smooth transportation of goods from any given place. 

  1. They’re given the coordinates of the delivery place and how to be delivered it. Getting the work done is their responsibility. 
  2. It is important to check if no such suspicious materials are being found during the transportation of products. 

Digital Marketer:

he/she is responsible for marketing their companies providing services to a large audience to increase sales and connections. 

Senior Software Engineer:

they are appointed for supervising a team for the company’s software department.

-they should be well known for web codings like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. 

Manager Commercial Collections:

they’re responsible for establishing relationships with various business partners to drive strategic performance.  

  1. Work with the team on accounts to identify areas of potential risk to avoid escalations.
  2. Coach, develop, and motivate the team in reaching new skills, knowledge, and effective communication.

Conclusion: – 

Now We’ve learnt about ‘EXPO Logistics Job Titles’, Xpo is one of the top 10 companies providing transportation services. Employees who want to work at the expo are expected to have good interpersonal skills and time management tricks. 

If you need a company with different managing styles for working, then expo is the one. Also, XPO is the 3rd largest LTL carrier in the U.S. People review 3.5 out of 5 for expo logistics which makes it a good transportation to be chosen upon. Expo logistics have their subsidiaries in different parts of the world which makes it a good option to be chosen as well as keep on increasing their business. 

FAQS: – 

  • What does the expo company offer to employees?

They provide a list of health insurance that includes every aspect of human body assurance. Also, they provide the opportunity to participate in the company’s incentive plan. 

  • Which is the best post to work for in xpo company? 

HR might be the best post for working for employees who can handle their teams. 

  • Is the company’s work culture good? 

Yes! The company’s work culture is quite good and environment friendly. The company tries to put forth its customers first. 

EXPO Logistics Job Titles | Roles And Responsibilities

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