Billing Job Titles- With Descriptions

Billing Job Titles

Someone who wants to build their career in billing would be intrigued by the different job titles related to the billers. So this article is a sum-up of all the different billing jobs that one can do. Some jobs require basic courses and experience while others are just open for entry-level people. Let’s know about Billing Job Titles.

Read this article to find further about the billing specialists and where they work and How much they earn, etc.

Billing skills

Some of the billing skills that an employer looks for in candidates are listed below. These skills will be required to find almost any job related to billing.

Invoice review and approval– preparing systematic invoices, and sending them ahead to process payments.

Data entry– ability to efficiently update the data into the particular organization’s data-entry software.

Stakeholder management– it involves coordinating with the stakeholders and managing their needs. This skill helps in easing the processes of getting updates and other information from stakeholders.

Customer service– managing the customers and providing them with the information that they want. For instance, medical billers help the patients in claiming insurances and communicating with the respective companies.

Some of the additional qualities billing specialists should cultivate are as follows:

Computer literacy – billing professionals regularly deal with data entry and other software for which it becomes crucial to have basic knowledge of typing, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.

Coordination skills – To collect financial data, these professionals have to deal with many individuals including their colleagues, other businesses, sometimes insurance companies, and most importantly the customers. To deliver the work smoothly, one has to coordinate with others and fulfill the tasks.

Communication skills – listening to the customers or patients and their problems. Clarifying customers about their bills and other financial queries etc.

Different billing job titles

Billing specialist

A billing specialist supervises the billing procedures for customers or patients coming to them.

The job of a billing specialist involves various tasks like accounting, customer service, and organizational duties to maintain the financial data of the organization. Other duties of a billing specialist are listed below.

  • Checking or rechecking the financial documents to look for any error or inconsistency.
  • Pointing out and resolving these billing errors coordinating with other people.
  • Creating invoices and billing materials to send customers.
  • Filling in all the financial data of a particular customer in their accounts.
  • Assist customers in making payments.
  • Notifying customers about their payment deadlines.

Educational qualifications:

Entry-level roles require a candidate to have a high school diploma or GED.

For complex roles, candidates are expected to have some certificates or diploma or bachelor’s degree in subjects like bookkeeping, accounting, business administration, etc.

For the individuals applying in the medical sector, some background or certification in healthcare administration, medical billing, or medical coding is needed.


According to Glassdoor, a billing specialist earns $45,812 per year.

Medical biller

Medical billers handle patient claims and insurance issues. They act as a bridge between healthcare professionals, insurance companies, and patients.

The job a medical biller

  • Filling the information about the patient’s insurance in medical codes.
  • Submitting insurance claims to the respective companies.
  • Sending invoices to patients on the remaining payments after the insurance.
  • Contacting insurance company’s representative to track payment and insurance coverage information about the patient.
  • Filling in all the updated information about money in the medical system.

 Educational qualifications.

  • Medical billers are required to have some sort of certificate after higher secondary education.
  • Basic computer literacy so that they can update the information on the computer.
  • Certificates like CMRS (Certified medical reimbursement specialist) are accepted in most healthcare organizations in America.


According to Glassdoor reviews, the average hourly salary of medical billers in the U.S. ranges between $15-25.

A/R Specialist 

The account receivables specialist is an individual who collects payments for the organization’s services or goods from the clients. They help businesses in recording systematic financial data.

The job of an account receivable specialist.

The duties are listed below:

• Remaining in contact with the clients to get payments.

• Recording the updated data into the system.

• Preparing the documents, calculating the profit and loss of the organization.

• Updating client information, including their contact and payment information.

Educational Qualifications

  • Basic education is the associate’s degree or training in accounting and billing.
  • It’s good to have some extra training and certifications in an area related to bookkeeping or accounting.
  • Organizations also provide training to entry-level professionals.

Salary expectations

According to Glassdoor, the average hourly salary of an account receivable specialist is $17.

Some of the similar job titles are Appeals specialist, billing coordinator, Denial specialist, claim processor, etc.

How much do billing professionals make?

The general salary offered to bill jobs in the U.S. ranges from $30k-$40k annually. There can be salary variations based on experience, employer, and qualifications.

Where can billing professionals work?

All these professionals can find work in various work settings like businesses, medical settings, insurance companies, general stores, etc.

How can you get these jobs?

To get jobs involving billing or account and related work, the overall requirements are almost similar. A higher secondary diploma or GED is compulsory for any billing job. It is good to have extra certificates related to accounting, data entry, data management, etc. To get work in special settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, or business courses or diplomas or certifications that provide basic industry knowledge can help in easily getting jobs.


This article can be used as a guide to finding career opportunities in the industry. This article will also be helpful to someone who wants to know more about their industry. Getting a billing job may be easy, but it requires guts to fulfill the job expectations. The titles also change depending on seniority, like an account receivable biller becomes an account receivable specialist gaining industry experience. So one should make a decision only after thoroughly researching the industry and one’s capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: What is the salary of a medical biller?

According to the Glassdoor reviews, a medical biller’s earnings range between $15-25.

Q.2: What is the job title of the individual who collects payments from customers?

The individual who collects payments is the ‘Account Receivable Biller’.

Q.3: What is the educational qualification required to become an account receivable specialist?

One should complete a bachelor’s degree or diploma in a field related to accounting, bookkeeping, or data entry and further certifications can increase the chances of getting a job easily.

Billing Job Titles- With Descriptions

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